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Item #: SCP-ES-201

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-201 is currently located in a standard containment cell in the west wing of Site-313. The containment cell is to be equipped with two motion sensors, connected in turn to a series of cameras arranged at different angles, which will take 172 images instantaneously over a 10-second time period. The recording cameras in the cell have been intentionally manipulated to have a transmission delay of 4 seconds, and should only be activated during any experimentation with the subject.

All D-class subjects exposed to SCP-ES-201 should consequently be placed under psychological observation for a period of time as deemed appropriate by the investigator, and then given doses of enough Class B Amnestics to produce the erasure of all their memories since the exposure, inclusively.

Description: SCP-ES-201 is a humanoid automaton of female appearance, with a height of 1.70m. SCP-ES-201 is covered with fiberglass plates of varying four- and three-sided shapes, interconnected by strands of brown cotton threads. The thread joining the plates of SCP-ES-201 protrudes from its hands, feet, elbows, kneecaps, pelvis, neck and head, extending up to 300 120 40 cm in length. SCP-ES-201 presents some features of the physiognomy of the human face, such as eyes, mouth, which are carved on the plates themselves; and ears, which are extensions of the same.

Although the interior of SCP-ES-201 has not yet been rigorously studied, the presence of a tin and lead endoskeleton has been determined, as well as the presence of electrical currents through it. It is noteworthy the existence of human epidermis irregularly distributed around the junction areas of the plates, and essentially at the points of the wire prolongation. The thickness of the tissue makes it negligible to the naked eye, and the samples of genetic material do not seem to correspond to any known subject. If extensively damaged, the skin samples of SCP-ES-201 expand back to their previous extent.

When observed by a human subject, both directly and via video1, the properties of SCP-ES-201 will manifest, progressing through four phases, depending on the exposure time. Notably, the anomalous effects of the entity intensify as the exposure time of the subject increases, even though a prolonged break in exposure results in a complete cessation of SCP-ES-201 activity. Although the activity increases regularly, the effects of exposure to the entity can be divided into 4 phases, the times of which are variable depending on the subject.

  • From the first viewing until 4-6 min of exposure: the object will begin to show uncoordinated movements of its limbs and head, which are initially reproduced slowly and increase in speed as time goes by. Despite the poses that SCP-ES-201 may adopt at this stage, it will never fall to the ground.
  • From 4-6 min to 12-14 min of exposure: the object's movements will be more coordinated, and it will be able to perform actions that do not require a great deal of movement, such as lightly waving its arms or walking. Even at this stage, its physical activity is very reduced, and sometimes imitates some actions performed by the subject.
  • From 12-14 min to 38-40 min of exposure: SCP-ES-201 will mimic the vast majority of physical actions performed by the subject accurately, and with an initial delay of about 3 seconds, which will be reduced. Even if the subject moves in space by means of its legs or arms, SCP-ES-201 will only be able to move if its environment allows it to do so, but in all circumstances it will imitate the movement action of the relevant limbs. In the last part of this stage, SCP-ES-201 will be able to reproduce any sound produced by the subject, including speech, with the same intensity, despite not possessing any type of structure that allows it to do so. Sometimes SCP-ES-201 has been able to secrete the same substances as the exposed subject, such as tears, sweat, saliva or small amounts of blood from a recent wound, whose genetic material coincides with that of the epidermis samples.
  • From 38-40 min to 55 min: the synchrony between the subject's actions and those of SCP-ES-201 will be optimal and without margin of error. During this period, SCP-ES-201 will only imitate the subject's actions, and will be able to anticipate them by up to 0.15 seconds.

Once 55 minutes of exposure has been reached, SCP-ES-201 will cease its movement, and will not be activated again in the presence of the same subject. Experiments with multiple simultaneously exposed subjects have shown that SCP-ES-201 only affects one of them randomly at a time. Even if the subject is restricted from any movement by means of space limitations or application of force by means of utensils, any activity of the corresponding stage that can be reproduced, such as sound production, will be performed accordingly. The minimal delay that the live recordings of SCP-ES-201 may carry do not impact the effects on the subject at the different stages of exposure at all.

Subjects affected by SCP-ES-201 show curiosity towards its performance, seeking to be able to witness it directly for long periods. This effect increases as the properties of SCP-ES-201 progress, and disappears when contact with it is interrupted, or when its anomalous activity ends. Affected subjects whose contact has been interrupted retain this condition to a lesser degree.

Psychological follow-up of test subjects exposed to SCP-ES-201 has revealed some behavioral changes in these subjects. Among the most representative and generalized changes are significant improvements in work performance (essentially to those D-class subjects to whom minor tasks are associated), slight linguistic changes, frequently making use of a language closer to the formal register, and avoiding in most cases rudeness, and improvements in the scores in the Milgram Obedience test, reaching scores of up to 65 points. Aspects such as religion, memories, preferences or other aspects such as irascibility do not seem to be affected.

Addendum 201-01: Interview log (02/08/2003).

Interviewee: Antimemetic Specialist μ ("Odin's Eye")

Interviewer: Doctor Maquiavelo

Foreword: Antimemetic Specialist μ, Pedro █████ de la Barca, is a subject with blindness since birth, who agreed to an extraction of his eyeballs. Due to the total inability to process light under these conditions, the Antimemetic specialist μ is able to counteract the visual cognitohazards. After a 57-min experimental exposure to SCP-ES-201, in his containment cell, an interview and psychological follow-up was conducted to determine the effects of the SCP-ES-201 memetic agent. Note that SCP-ES-201 did not perform any movements during the experimentation.

Doctor Maquiavelo: Good morning, Pedro. It is a pleasure to have you here with us. I am Doctor Maquiavelo, a licensed psychiatrist, and I will be following you during these days in your routine activities. You will not notice my presence.

Antimemetic Specialist μ: Good afternoon you will say, it is past noon. There will be no need to hide, doctor. I know everything going on around me, even more than you do. It is easy to see what is going to happen, everything is always very predictable.

Doctor Maquiavelo: You have quite an acid sense of humor. Well, let's get down to business. Relatively recently, you were placed in a room, and you were given movement orders over the public address system. Were you alone in there?

Antimemetic Specialist μ: Not at all. There was someone in front of me. A woman if memory serves me correctly. She certainly never moved at any time. I should add that I did not feel uncomfortable at any time, it was a familiar presence.

Doctor Maquiavelo: How do you know there was someone with you?

Antimemetic Specialist μ: As soon as I entered, I could faintly hear strings brushing the floor over the breeze that had blown in. Initially I thought it would be the restraining measures for a random object, but at a certain point I heard someone breathing, almost at my own pace. I know it was a woman by the voice in which she spoke to me.

Doctor Maquiavelo: Did she speak to you? We have no indication of any vocalization in the auditory records. What did she say to you?

Antimemetic Specialist μ: Yes, she was talking. More than talking, she stuttered, but in a really low voice, so low that even I was surprised to be able to hear it. She was very slowly repeating two meaningful sentences… (Pause. Move your head with short but quick movements for a few seconds. Breathe in) I could not tell you what it was that she was stuttering. I feel that if I heard it again I would be totally able to identify it. I am an Antimemetic specialist of visual, not auditive, agents. Why have I been brought here?

Doctor Maquiavelo: There is no evidence of vocalizations of antimemetic nature in the object, Pedro. Hold still, I'm going to get you some water.

(Doctor Maquiavelo leaves the room)

Antimemetic Specialist μ: (Invariably identical intonation and low voice) I do not move. I do not move. I do not move. I do not move. I do not move. I do not move. I do not move. I do not move. I do not move. I do not move. I do not move. I do not move.

(After 113 seconds, Doctor Maquiavelo enters the room with a glass of water. Note a tremor in the specialist's lower jaw).

Doctor Maquiavelo: Here you are, Pedro. (Pause) You are shaking. Are you all right?

Antimemetic Specialist μ: Yes. I feel fine. Thank you very much for the water. Is there anything else you wanted to know?

Doctor Maquiavelo: Fantastic. Well, tell me, how did you feel in that cell?

Antimemetic Specialist μ: The same way I feel right now with you.

Doctor Maquiavelo: You were not curious or afraid of the person in front of you?

Antimemetic Specialist μ: I do not remember any person in that cell. It was just a puppet. It did not move. I had no reason to be afraid of it. It was easy to know what was going to happen.

Doctor Maquiavelo: A… (Pause.) Puppet? But you yourself claimed that you felt a human being. You even confirmed that you felt its breathing, and that it spoke.

Antimemetic Specialist μ: Talking? (Laughs) Sure, that makes sense. Did you know that there are two types of puppets?

Doctor Maquiavelo: Excuse me, just answer the que-

Antimemetic Specialist μ: (Interrupts.) There are those of ventriloquist, which have a firm hand inside. A hand that controls them, that moves them, because they cannot move. And it is that hand that speaks for them. Then there are those of strings, which still cannot move, because everything that is a puppet, does not move. But it does think. And it is connected by a sharp thread with the hand that moves it, and speaks with it, and reasons, and meditates. They are one, and they think in unison. What kind of puppet are you, doctor?

Doctor Maquiavelo: I am no puppet, Pedro.

Antimemetic Specialist μ: Did you write all your questions? Or did you program this interview and put me in that cage with that puppet? You are also entangled in a tangle of strings, as I was, or as they all are. Remember, you are a puppet. You do not move.

Doctor Maquiavelo: That's enough!

Antimemetic Specialist μ: (Shouting) You are a puppet. You do not move. You are a puppet. You do not move.

Doctor Maquiavelo: I said that's enough!

(Doctor Maquiavelo presses a button on his desk. Three security guards enter the room and immobilize the specialist).

Doctor Maquiavelo: I am a puppet. I do not move.


After a period of confinement in an observation cell, no mental condition or behavior different from their usual behavior was detected. No behaviors similar to those of other subjects were identified after his exposure to SCP-ES-201. The Antimemetic Specialist μ did not provide any explanation or justification for his reaction in the interview.

Addendum 201-02: On 06/02/2005, Site-313's chief researcher for memory and cognitohazardous anomalies, Researcher Maquiavelo, ordered to perform 4 consecutive experimental exposures to SCP-ES-201 using D-Class personnel. Note that no experiments were previously performed on the object since 02/08/2003 due to a [DATA REDACTED] order.

The videotapes after the exposures were reviewed by 7 security personnel individually, who did not confirm any motion on SCP-ES-201. Similarly, the motion sensors did not detect anything unusual. Additionally, Researcher Maquiavelo requested the review of the tapes by three professional antimemetic anomaly investigators: Dr. Truman Burbank, Dr. Alejandro Petrocchi and Dr. Augusto Perez. They stated that the analysis of the images denied the presence of antimemetic agents, both audibly and visually, thus negating the hypotheses drawn in the interview held with the Antimemetic Specialist μ2.

To the Director of Site-313,

The following communication is intended to suggest a change in the object class of SCP-ES-201, currently placed in the memetic anomaly wing of the site. Thanks to the latest experiments performed on the object, a lack of anomalous ability has been determined. It is a puppet, it does not move. In the first instance, I suggest changing the object's classification to "Neutralized", after all it is not going to move; and mobilizing the security personnel and containment measures used to other more beneficial purposes.

Additionally, I request the use of personnel licensed in mechanical engineering and mechatronics for a partial dismantling of the object in order to conduct an in-depth study of its alleged motive structure. Finally, I would like to be able to personally interview any subject who had been exposed to SCP-ES-201 and is currently still alive (according to my database, subjects D-2191, D-3514 and D-8050, as well as the Antimemetic Specialist μ if possible).


Bernardo Maquiavelo.

The proposed procedures were rejected, although it was accepted to change the classification of the object to "Safe", without changing the current containment procedures.

Incident 201-01: On 02/05/2006, a commando made up of 7 male individuals broke into the Site-313 facilities and stormed the containment cells of 12 anomalies in the west wing of the Site, without causing containment breaches in any of them or casualties to the personnel present. The only damage recorded was structural damage to the cells in question by plastic explosives. Additionally, the assailants ransacked the containment cell of SCP-ES-201, seizing the entity.

An investigation process has been initiated to locate and recover SCP-ES-201. The patterns of action do not match the current modus operandi of the Chaos Insurgency. A disciplinary action has been imposed on the Site-313 Memetic Containment Wing security personnel for their ineffectiveness during the process3.

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