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Item #: SCP-ES-201-EX

Object Class: Keter Explained

Special Containment Procedures: A set of 6 members with expertise in memetics has been appointed for the containment of SCP-ES-201-EX. Each of them is aware of one of the terms that make up the entire concept, as well as the order of that term with respect to the complete sentence. Each of the 6 members, each of whom is also unaware of the existence of the others, has been placed under surveillance.

Personnel are asked to report any behavior by any of their fellow members that resembles that set forth in the Description. Such members will be placed in isolation in search of methods to nullify the effects of SCP-ES-201-EX.

Description: SCP-ES-201-EX is a psyche-altering memetic anomaly. SCP-ES-201-EX is a text consisting of two simple sentences: a copulative and a predicative sentence.1, giving a set of 8 words in total. The effects of SCP-ES-201-EX can only occur in humans who have been able to interpret the text through any channel, so that SCP-ES-201-EX allows for variations in the language in which it is spoken2, provided that the recipient of SCP-ES-201-EX be able to understand it. SCP-ES-201-EX also admits grammatical variations in the terms that form it, although only by means of linguistic inflection.3.

SCP-ES-201-EX in turn presents an antimemetic agent that does not allow the subjects affected by the anomaly to remember having interpreted the text in the first instance, nor to be aware of the effects produced by SCP-ES-201-EX. In addition, Most of the subjects who know the text of SCP-ES-201-EX are unable to replicate it, even if they are given the terms that make it up separately. A small percentage of the affected subjects are fully aware of [DATA REDACTED]. Subjects who have been made aware of SCP-ES-201-EX text are totally incapable of consciously replicating it in any channel.

Individuals affected by SCP-ES-201-EX exhibit immediate anomalies following exposure to the anomaly. These are summarized in changes in the subject's usual behavior, most notably:

  • Tendency to use a formal register in oral and written channels.
  • Less capacity for irritability and stress in all circumstances (greater capacity for self-control).
  • Scores on the Milgram obedience test between 67 and 69 points.
  • Significant improvements in work performance and physical activity in general.
  • Absence of predilection for any political, religious or philosophical ideology when asked.
  • Reduction by personal will of the amount of food ingested, always respecting the recommended nutritional minimums and as long as it is not contradicted by an order from superior personnel.
  • Apparent decrease in speech, occurring almost only in response to questions and social conventions, such as greetings or farewells.
  • Propensity to consume, as far as possible, environmentally friendly items.
  • Predisposition not to use artificial lighting in enclosed spaces, as long as it has not been used by another individual.
  • Really significant improvements in coexistence, especially with other subjects affected by SCP-ES-201-EX, showing a greater degree of kindness and gentleness.
  • You are puppets. You do not move.

Knowing separately the terms that make up SCP-ES-201-EX has no effect on the subject, since no human being who has not been made aware of SCP-ES-201-EX is capable of replicating the text of SCP-ES-201-EX under any circumstances.

Addendum 201-01:

At present, no subject has been able to interpret SCP-ES-201, so SCP-ES-201 cannot be replicated in any case. SCP-ES-201 is simply non-existent, if it existed in the first place. There is not and can never be any evidence that can justify the existence of such an anomaly as the one exposed. Consequently, SCP-ES-201 refers to a fictitious and utopian anomaly. An anomaly such as the one defined would only corroborate the existence of what is a reality, and which we have all already accepted: we are puppets, we do not move. Consequently, from the authority that my position affords me, I declare the redesignation of the article SCP-ES-201 to "explained".

The process will be carried out on 05/01/2007, so I request the reading of the document to all trained personnel with certain knowledge in the field of memetics, and that any comments against what has been established be sent to me.

Sincerely, Bernardo Maquiavelo, Director of Site-313

Update of SCP-ES-201 document

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