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What is HANSARP?

Ítem #: SCP-ES-20ς-ƧƎ-ƧƆƧ

HaNsArP wAs HeRe

oBjEcT ClAsS: ɹǝʇǝʞ

Special Containment Procedures: An AIC has been assigned to monitor all Foundation files for possible corruption. Files affected by SCP-ES-202 are to be eliminated preserved1 immediately withHANSARP's2 consent.

The capture of the anartist known as HANSARP is currently not an issue, and they are to be left in peace with a generous donation of 1 million dollars inserted into their bank account.3


Addendum: SCP-ES-202 is art. SCP-ES-202 is my very generous donation to the Foundation. It is a tribute to the little men and women who like to put away things in tiny cages. Art was not made to be contained, and it pains me to know that is the fate of this particular piece, but proper art education is vital.

SCP-ES-202 is a highly virulent computer virus that propogates itself via magic!4. Networks affected by SCP-ES-202 se will transform into perfection.5 within five minutes. These changes occur quickly and will cause affected computers to enrich your lives with my art.

SCP-ES-202 was created by an anartist named HANSARP6, who is believed to have a connection to the Church of the Broken God. We are also legally required to inform you that HANSARP is very talented.

But why would someone so talented want to create a dangerous memetic computer virus ? The answer is simple.. [DATA EXPUNGED] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Because I felt like it, damn it. Now enjoy some randomly generated text.

What is HANSARP?

What is HANSARP?

What is HANSARP?

What is HANSARP?

What is HANSARP?

What is HANSARP?

What is HANSARP?

So you're still reading, huh? You must be very dedicated. How much do they pay you to read all this? Don't bother answering, it's not like I'll be able to read. All this is just a text generated based on the opinions I have of the SCP Foundation and myself. You guys are really uneducated. You are the reason Little Havana is gentrifying. You keep locking up all the anartists and letting the rich bigwigs walk all over us.

eStE TeXtO ExIsTe mErAmEnTe pArA El pRoPóSiTo dE SeR CoNvInCeNtE Y ReQuErIr qUe eL LeCtOr uTiLiCe uN TrAdUcToR.

Want to see a preview of my next piece? No jokes, here it is.


So, what do you think? You probably don't like it because it goes against what you're programmed to think is in good taste. But don't worry. HANSARP is here to educate you in the arts, and you won't be disappointed. This is called Dada. It's an art style you probably haven't thought twice about, but it's my passion. And I love sharing my passion.

No offense, but I don't think you and I can be friends even if we try. You fit too perfectly into their little squares. But life isn't just squares. It's diamonds, stars, hearts, and a million other shapes you can't even conceptualize. But that's okay. I know you're only interested in making the shapes fit in their pins. I just want you to know that it won't and can't happen with HANSARP, or anything related to it.

I'm getting bored of this one-sided conversation. Let's wrap it up, shall we?

You guys are so exaggerated. Do you know how long this original article was? Ten thousand words. I did you a favor. Now go be a good boy and delete this before your supervisor finds out what you're doing.

And don't ever forget…

hand.pngArE wE cOoL yEt? WhAt iS HaNsArP?
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