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Item #: SCP-ES-214

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force ξ-3 ("81 Days in the Sphere"), disguised as air traffic controllers and pursers at Cardiff Airport will sedate passengers in case of an SCP-ES-214 event be checking jet engines on a daily basis. Any positive identification of SCP-ES-214-1 will be recorded and reported as an engine malfunction.

Description: SCP-ES-214 is a phenomenon that manifested during take-off of Airbus A350 jet airplaness at Cardiff Airport, Wales. Passengers on these airplanes will perceive certain anomalous effects, which include:

  • Sensation of delayed inertia, as if the airplanes were accelerating at short intervals.
  • An "sliced" movement of the landscape visible through the windows
  • On rare occasions, passengers will feel frozen in space while the rest of the aircraft accelerates.
  • From the outside, the takeoff will make a very faint noise. The jet wake will be inconsistently broken. The motion of the aircraft will remain unchanged.

The effects of SCP-ES-214 only affect the passengers on the flights, having no effect on the technical crew on board or on the pilots and their measuring equipment, although it is possible to detect them with externally calibrated ontometric equipment. This effect has caused a considerable drop in flights on airlines using this model of commercial jet.

Addendum 1: Origin

While using ontometric equipment around the Cardiff Airport, a specimen of Juglans regia/ was found hidden in a dimensional fold, with a door. Inside, there was a house, with dimensions inconsistent with the exterior, inhabited by an individual.

Interviewer: Agent Víctor Penz

Interviewee: Merwyn Glas Woodward

Foreword: M. G. Woodward belongs to a local Welsh Are We Cool Yet? cell, whose works are mostly based on semantic and chromatic anomalies. Upon interrogation, he confessed to being the creator of SCP-ES-214.

<Begin Log>

V. Penz: What's the artistic purpose behind SCP-ES-214?

M. G. Woodward: I have lived here for almost fifteen years. I just wanted a quiet place to rest during the sunsets. The airport didn't help much, but at least more people came and I could exhibit my work there. Airplanes make a lot of noise, you know?

V. Penz: (Taking notes.) Okay, go on.

M. G. Woodward: But nothing like those damn jets. They wake me up at all hours, those fucking engines disrupt my brainstorming sessions. They don't let me work.

V. Penz: Haven't you thought about… moving?

M. G. Woodward: I have my life's work in this house. It would take me years to go and plant another tree, get it conditioned, and risk being robbed in the meantime. There are very unscrupulous anartists, not friendly at all, not cool. But you guys got me, so I guess it doesn't matter anymore. At least it was fun to hear the complaints from the passengers.

V. Penz: Aren't you concerned about the people suffering its effects?

M. G. Woodward: It's art. Maybe not that fancy, but I thought it could be a fun experiment. I love puns, exploiting them. With this, I was hoping that jet lag would make people stop using those damn jets and the airlines would replace them. I just want some peace. I don't want to scare anyone to death.

V. Penz: Good. Due to our protocols, I'm afraid we won't be able to let you go, but collaborate with us and we'll give you a good deal.

<End Long>

Closing Statement: M. G. Woodward reversed the effects of SCP-ES-214, so he was only given Class-F amnestics and was successfully reinstated into society..

Addendum 2: Further incident

5 weeks after the arrest of M. G. Woodward, jets at Cardiff Airport began to experience an anomalous cooling of their fuel, which prevented them from taking off, occurring at an incidence of 1%, designated SCP-ES-214-1. The following flyer was found among the magazines in the duty-free store at the airport:1

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