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The following file describes an anomaly capable of retroactively modifying reality. Unauthorized access to this document will be penalized as deemed appropriate by the Lead Researcher or Site Manager.


Assigned Site Site Director Lead Researcher Assigned Mobile Task Force
Site-15 Esteban Alejandro Suárez Figueroa Marina Codetta García N/A

3/ES-216 LEVEL 3/ES-216
Item #: SCP-ES-216


Special Containment Procedures: All entries into SCP-ES-216 must be sealed and placed under surveilance. Any variation in the local thaumatic wave characteristics should be immediately investigated for a drop in length or frequency that may indicate a generalized drop in thaumatic energy.

If no test is done with SCP-ES-216, a minimum of 5 Scranton Reality Anchors1 distributed throughout the SCP-ES-216 area must be activated to stabilize Hume levels, and no staff member will be allowed access to SCP-ES-216.

Additionally, 16 instances of SCP-3258-2 have been dispersed in the area of SCP-ES-216 as a safeguard system. MTF Omega-12 ("Double Daggers") is authorized to release more instances of SCP-3258-2 or SCP-3258 if deemed necessary.

Description: SCP-ES-216 is an abandoned building located in Veracruz, Mexico. SCP-ES-216 occupies an area of 500m2, and is mostly unoccupied. The interior of SCP-ES-216 shows signs of fire damage, particularly in the vicinity of the central wing.

The central wing, designated "ORCHESTRA HALL" according to its single entrance, consists of a small auditorium, with scarce and fire-damaged furniture. A number of instruments (violins, saxophones, etc.) are scattered throughout this room, apparently abandoned in a hurry. Remarkably, no specialized equipment for the production or amplification of music has been recorded. A series of burned posters are located outside this room. Although their contents are not completely discernible, it can be noted that they have been handmade, and appear to have been used as warnings.

Once every 16 hours, an unkown piece of music2 can be heard, coming from an indeterminate point of SCP-ES-216. Remarkably, the tempo of SCP-ES-216-1 is usually quite erratic, going out of tune several times around the 7th second. Each repetition of SCP-ES-216-1 is identical to the previous one, and causes a minimum peak in the thaumic energy levels of SCP-ES-216.

Any individual inside SCP-ES-216 will acquire the ability to modify the length and frequency of thaumic waves3 at will.

It should be noted that these qualities only remain active while the individual is inside SCP-ES-216; however, the effects generated by it will remain even outside its area of effect. Once the individual leaves the area of SCP-ES-216, their táumic qualities will stop manifesting, usually leaving physical and/or psychological sequelae in the subject, depending on the amount of time he has remained in SCP-ES-216, as well as the nature of the alterations made.

Addendum 216-01:

The following is the record of tests performed with SCP-ES-216:

Incident 216-01:

    • _

    Following the events of Test #7, all personnel present at SCP-ES-216 were immediately evacuated. Radar analysis of the outside of the building showed no signs of latent animal life inside, because it was presumed the 9 test subjects used were thought to have died during the experimentation. However, subject D-9990 was still alive, although in an unconscious, presumably comatose state. The continuous feedback of the intensity of the thaumic waves caused by the involuntary manipulation of the waves by the subject, due to the events of Test #7, meant an exponential increase in the altering capacities of the individual's own surrounding reality.

    The area was closed for two weeks, after which it is believed that the subject woke up and entered into such an anxious state that he totally lost control over his actions, which would justify the enormous variations in the levels of Hume inside SCP-ES-216. Consequently, all the mobile detachments present at Site-15, the closest facility to SCP-ES-216, were moved to the area with orders to eliminate the subject and prevent an expansion in the effects of more waves outside SCP-ES-216.

    Attempts to externally neutralize the individual through firearms proved futile. Approximately two hours after the detachments arrived at the site, the subject tried to knock down the structure of SCP-ES-216 by means of a magnitude 9 earthquake in the area occupied by it. It should be noted that the surrounding land was not affected in any way. Finally, D-9990 tried to cross the main door of SCP-ES-216, and when leaving the space affected by SCP-ES-216, its molecular structure was abruptly normalized. After a few minutes, the Hume levels were restored, although the emission of thaumic waves was interrupted for approximately 16 hours.

    During the incident, D-9990 was initially categorized as a Green Type, according to the classification models of the Global Occult Coalition. However, due to its capacity to manipulate the space-time continuum, not only the space occupied in the basal reality, but also in the corresponding space of other theoretical realities, it was designated as a White Type. A Scanlan's Transdimensional Anchor prototype was installed5 at 30 meters from SCP-ES-216, which was destroyed after the incident.

    After what happened, Dr. Codetta asked the Global Hidden Coalition for permission to obtain a Maretu-Carling Quantum Stability Anchor. After permission was granted, Dr. Codetta proceeded to use SCP-ES-192 to modify the Quantum Stability Anchor, resulting in the creation of a Scranton Reality Anchor. After extensive testing in the area of SCP-ES-216, four more instances of the Scranton Reality Anchor were created and distributed to prevent similar incidents.

Addendum 216-02:

    • _

    PTE-0002-Domum Fender-Kewpie-Pigmalión


    PTE-0002-Dᴏᴍᴜᴍ Fᴇɴᴅᴇʀ-Kᴇᴡᴘɪᴇ-Pɪɢᴍᴀʟɪóɴ.

    Threat Level ID:

    PTE-0002-Domum Fender-Kewpie-Pigmalión "Edificación Taumatológica"

    Authorized Response Level:

    3 (Moderate)


    Abandoned building located in [CLASSIFIED], Veracruz De Ignacio De La Llave, Mexico, created approximately in the year 1894. Any human subject that enters the area of PTE-0002-Domum Fender-Kewpie-Pygmalion will acquire the ability to generate anomalous patterns of EVE, conferring similar qualities to a Green Type Entity.

    Additionally, when a piece of music is played within PTE-0002-Domum Fender-Kewpie-Pygmalion on any instrument, the alterations generated usually become easier to manipulate by the individual in question.


    The existence of PTE-0002-Domum Fender-Kewpie-Pygmalion was suspected after brief negotiations with the Interest Group 'Society of Forgotten Musicians' during June 1930. During these negotiations, the presence of an object or location of possible interest to the Coalition was implicated in the vicinity of Veracruz. However, diplomatic communications ceased abruptly by local SoFM cells for unknown reasons.

    During 1938, a series of large-caliber tatumic fluctuations were observed in [CENSURED], consisting of the first confirmed evidence of the existence of PTE-0002-Domum Fender-Kewpie-Pygmalion. A particularly high peak during July 7 of the same year prompted a small-scale intervention in the location by a local Special Observer and Rapid Response Team. As agents arrived at the location, a sudden fire began to consume the interior of the building, preventing immediate investigation.

    Once the fire was successfully put out by a local fire team, PTE-0002-Domum Fender-Kewpie-Pygmalion could be traced, without finding any evidence of occupation by SoFM.


    Investigación de la Para-amenaza

    Special Observer:

    "Landa" (76435272/1872)


    A building emitting CEE random patterns at unusual levels.

    Evidence of Para-threat:


    ● Establish an exclusion zone for the area surrounding the location of the threat [APPROVED]

    ● Designate a Rapid Response Team in case CEE employers cause unwanted incidents [APPROVED]


    Additional Information


    D espite of my efforts to keep the Acoustics Department focused on the Tower, Management has simply grown bored with it. Useless are my musical skills, so wonderful so long ago, to entertain the bureaucrats and money-addicted office workers who have plagued my passion and work.

    Perhaps the world has moved beyond the need for magic and music. Perhaps she is disappearing, and the court of Muses is flirting with a young god, armed with steam engines and volts, while Apollo and his silver lyre languish in a sinking Delphi.

    I may languish and die insane, but I cannot allow the same thing to happen to the Tower. I do not speak of the image of abandonment and contempt that I still inhabit, but of the strings that flow through it. The eternal pentagram that approaches the Tower today, Istanbul yesterday and who knows tomorrow. I cannot allow it to fall into silence.

    Do you know why I call it Tower, despite its short height? Because that's how I saw her in my dreams. I saw it as a palace to the music that yesterday was and tomorrow will never be. A palace that, by carefully playing the keys of a piano, or the keys of a saxophone, something that was not responsive to the call and becomes creation; a living thing eager to exist. And if music is life, what is silence?

    In truth, it is not a tower, but a Pillar; and that is its name: Lutiya, Pillar of the Empty Sky. Because a path that we are unable to follow extends to the heavens, and nothing supports it, except the sound of music. In times of old, the notes of each octave and each string sounded with the dance that its own music invoked, and the rock became sand just by dancing to the song. Everyone responds to the music, and the music that sounds inside is the music that will sound throughout the world. But it is gone. It is gone. The music is gone, and all that remains is the abhorrent Silence, and my desperate attempts to prevent its arrival at my Tower.

    Translated with (free version)

    Do you understand? There can be no silence. There must never be, because if there is silence in the Pillar, there will be silence everywhere. That was our mission before, and I prayed that it would not cease to be so. That there would never be silence.

    I hear that they plan to leave the Tower to the torch hounds. I will not allow them, never again. They have burned the Sand Book, and the smoke from its pages darkened the world. They have devoured the Zahir, and the ropes are all twisted. But they will not have my Aleph, never again.

    I will burn this building. I am going to burn it down, make it disappear from this place. I hope that where the Pilar will end up next, someone stronger than me will be waiting for it. Maybe that someone will be you. Take care of yourself.

    𝕮𝖔𝖓𝖉𝖊 𝕿𝖎𝖑𝖑 𝕮𝖚𝖊

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