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Photograph of SCP-ES-218-B

Item #: SCP-ES-218

Object Class: Pending

Special Observation Procedures: Due to the nature of the object, containment is unfeasible. The Foundation has concealed SCP-ES-218-B by classifying it within the scientific community as Cyg-4-X, a stellar-mass black hole with no outstanding peculiarities. Any investigation into SCP-ES-218 is to be suppressed.

Description: SCP-ES-218 is a planetary system consisting of three planets (SCP-ES-218-A-1, -2, -3) orbiting an astronomical object designated SCP-ES-218-B in the Near 3 kpc Arm in the Milky Way, 5.2 parsecs from the Sun. SCP-ES-218-B follows an irregular open trajectory contrary to what is expected from other astronomical objects, wich follow the galaxy's center of rotation. Preliminary analysis by gravitational wave detection showed that it was a stellar-mass black hole. However, subsequent investigations conducted via the Penrose-IV probe described the following set of characteristics that distinguish it from other black holes or stellar objects.

  • A dynamic, expandable and contractible ergosphere that envelops the planets for periods ranging from three to seven days.
  • Its accretion disk radiates ultraviolet radiation and X-radiation similar to a main-sequence star, with a golden coloration in the visible electromagnetic spectrum. It shows variable values, as detected in each planet's atmosphere.

It has been theorized that SCP-ES-218-B is a physical response to the information paradox1 and at the same time, it was a white hole.2. Observations and analysis of the data retrieved by the Penrose-IV probe showed patterns and values that would not be consistent with a white hole, nor would they explain the behavior of its accretion disk or ergosphere.

Another phenomenon concerning SCP-ES-218-B was recorded a year after its investigation, when the object ejected what at first sight appeared to be a relativistic jet3, which split into three and impacted all instances of SCP-ES-218-A. Meanwhile, they were being enveloped by the ergosphere.

This resulted in the terraforming of the planets over the following days. Below are the most relevant aspects of the SCP-ES-218-A-1, -2 and -3 instances, as well as their previous status.

Instance Initial status Subsequent status
SCP-ES-218-A-1 Atmosphere with high levels of ionizing radiation and greenhouse gases. Atmosphere free of greenhouse gases and decreased levels of ionizing radiation. Radio signals corresponding to a civilization with a similar advancement to humans have been detected.
SCP-ES-218-A-2 Planet with craters all over its surface. Part of the crust is missing, exposing the inner mantle. Presence of a rocky planetary ring, possibly created by the impact of a former natural satellite. The planet has a natural satellite, all craters have disappeared and the entire crust is now covered by an ocean of water. Probes sent to the planet have detected aquatic life forms, mainly arthropod-like organisms, marine plants and fungi.
SCP-ES-218-A-3 Presence of massive mechanical entities on the planet's surface. None appear to be in operation. Early observations indicated no change other than the disappearance of all mechanical entities. Subsequent examinations and test sampling found a high density of nano-organisms in the air, soil and water of the planet.

Update – 03/01/2022: More planets have been detected orbiting SCP-ES-218-B, and a direct observation is being conducted in order to analyze the terraforming process.

Addendum ES-218.1:

A message from SCP-ES-040 related to SCP-ES-218 was recorded, being repeated once a day at spontaneous periods since 28/03/2022.

Area Five Quarters. Dusk Sector. Arneb Zone. Appearance of an irregular stellar object in the Sector's boundaries. We not only report the absence of Darkness. There are rumors about what happened to the reborn planets. With a light thought to be extinct for millions of eons. Our message does not seek to relive old moments of glory.

We have seen a light beyond the Tripartite nature of our own.

Finally, our souls whisper to us that this is the sighting of the Golden Trail or its companions.

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