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Section of SCP-ES-219. No instances of SCP-ES-219-01 are visible in this photograph.

Item #: SCP-ES-219

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In conjunction with local authorities, SCP-ES-219 has been closed. In addition, in order to prevent civilians from observing and entering the premises, a 3 m high wooden perimeter fence has been installed. The area will be monitored by a system of surveillance cameras and microphones, as well as motion alarms, and all activity related to SCP-ES-219-01 will be documented. For more details on these records, see Document ES-219-T.

In case of unauthorized individuals entering SCP-ES-219, security personnel from the nearest Site will be dispatched to track and apprehend them. Intruders will be interrogated and given Class B amnestics prior to release.

It is forbidden to remove any element from the interior of SCP-ES-219.

Description: SCP-ES-219 refers to the Parish Cemetery of ████████, at ████████, Spain. The site and its elements are indistinguishable from other cemeteries of the time, except for the presence of multiple individual instances of SCP-ES-219-01 near the graves. SCP-ES-219-01 is a series of inflorescences that share characteristics with species of the genus Bellis.1 However, unlike B. perennis, instances of SCP-ES-219-01 grow to about 70 cm in height, and their flowers, about 15 cm in diameter, have unusual pigmentations for the genus.2

A remarkable feature of SCP-ES-219-01 instances is the presence of a morphological alteration in its central part3 causing it to resemble a human face, this configuration being unique for each instance of SCP-ES-219-01. Furthermore, instances are capable of sporadic repetitive vocalizations during day time, but do not show signs of consciousness or intelligence. (See Addendum 2).

Removal of an SCP-ES-219-01 instance from within the premises results in the deactivation of the object and the cessation of its anomalous properties. For a selected sample of the activity associated with these instances, see Addendum 1.

The phenomenon associated with SCP-ES-219 was discovered by the Foundation due to video records disseminated on YouTube concerning "talking flowers". These records were removed and the person responsible was located and amnesticized, after which Cover Story ES-219-H ("Prank via Deepfake") was published, and the appropriate containment measures were put in place.

Addendum 1: Sample of selected records

Instance ID Funerary Inscription Recorded Vocalization
SCP-ES-219-01-3 █████ ██████ (1980-2012) "Stop you bastard and fucking let me get off."
SCP-ES-219-01-5 ████ ███████ (2005-2013) "Please don't hit me."
SCP-ES-219-01-13 ███ ██████████ (1920-2008) "I should've had the courage and been more honest with him."
SCP-ES-219-01-22 ████████ ██████ (2009-2010) Unintelligible words and babbling.
SCP-ES-219-01-56 ████████ ██████ (1975-2015) "My stomach hurts. Do you have an antacid?"
SCP-ES-219-01-63 █████ ██████ (1960-2011) "Of course I know what I'm doing."

Addendum 2: Unusual activity of an SCP-ES-219-01 instance

On 01/11/2016, due to the failure of 3 surveillance cameras located inside SCP-ES-219, Arturo Guzmán, a Foundation maintenance staff member, had to enter the premises to perform the necessary repairs. After carrying out this procedure, one of the SCP-ES-219-01 instances present at the site tried to interact with Guzmán, an incident whose record is shown below.


[Irrelevant logs omitted.]

SCP-ES-219-01-13 (interrupting its vocalization): … Honest with him. Excuse me, young man, but do you know where I am?

Guzmán: Huh?

SCP-ES-219-01-13: I remember I was very sick, I couldn't get out of bed. My grandson came to visit me, we talked for a while and I fell asleep…

Guzmán: What the heck, it's trying to talk to me. The Doc didn't tell me the flowers did that.

SCP-ES-219-01-13: Young man…

Guzmán: Shit, I'll have to make a report, maybe the doctor will even want to interview me when I get back to the Site, no matter how much work I still have to do.

Guzmán: I'd better call him (pulls out a cell phone from his pocket and starts looking through his contacts.)

SCP-ES-219-01-13 (clearing its throat): Excuse me…

SCP-ES-219-01-13 (raising its voice): Hey, are you paying attention to me? Didn't your parents teach you to listen to your elders? Don't you have a grandmother? What a total lack of respect.

Guzmán: Sorry ma'am… (He puts his phone away.)

SCP-ES-219-01-13 (more relaxed): Anyway, I guess I died. It's nice to feel the sun on my face again although I didn't expect Heaven to be like this..

Guzmán: Ma'am, we are at the Parish Cemetery of ████████.

SCP-ES-219-01-13 (in disbelief): I don't understand, it shouldn't be this way. I believe that I had a good life and always followed the Lord's guidance. All my life I was a good Catholic and not even in the worst situations did my faith in the Lord waver.

SCP-ES-219-01-13: I was always kind, treated my neighbor well and went to church every week…

SCP-ES-219-01-13 (sighing): … And although I loved for many years another man who wasn't my husband, I never cheated on my husband even though he was a useless idiot. So what did I do wrong?

SCP-ES-219-01-13: Why am I like this?

[At this point the instance resumed its usual vocalizations, not responding to subsequent communication attempts.]


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