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Item #: SCP-ES-220 Level 2/SCP-ES-220
Object Class: Euclid/Terminal Classified


Picture taken during the events of Addendum-ES-220-B.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-220 must be closed to civilians under the cover of an environmental and cultural preservation plan. Furthermore, a Provisional Research Site will be established above Sima Humboldt. Moreover, the Jaua-Sarisariñama National Park, where AL-220 is located, must be restricted to professional civilian expeditions only, while the local native communities may continue to inhabit the site.

Local native communities have been urged not to come within a minimum of 10 km near AL-220 by using strategically placed delimiting markers, as well as preventing casualties of any kind within this range. Since SCP-ES-220-A has no physical presence within its range of effect, further measures are not necessary.

Description: SCP-ES-220 is the designation for the cave network in the mountainous formation known as tepuy, Sarisariñama (henceforth designated as AL-220), located in the Jaua-Sarisariñama National Park, Bolivar, Venezuela. SCP-ES-220 runs for several thousand kilometers under AL-220, until it reaches the subsoil; its exact extension is unknown. The only access routes to SCP-ES-220 are located in the chasms of AL-220.


Aerial view of Sima Humboldt and Sima Martel.

SCP-ES-220 has anomalous variations in its temperature, illumination and internal pressure, the latter consisting of one atmosphere throughout its entire length. Likewise, SCP-ES-220 functions as a container of a terminal anomaly known as SCP-ES-220-A, which is an unknown phenomenon during which soul entities1 lacking physical existence in a range of at least 10 km radius around SCP-ES-220, will disappear. (See Addendum-ES-220-D).

SCP-ES-220-B is an entity with characteristics of Harpia harpyja (harpy eagle) and Homo sapiens of nocturnal nature inhabiting SCP-ES-220. At the time of writing, SCP-ES-220-B has not been captured. Some of its notable characteristics include:

  • A human skull. It retains its avian characteristics in its eyes, mouth (beak) and ears. Although its face is that of a human of native descent, it remains partially covered by the plumage of SCP-ES-220-B.
  • Prehensile limbs resembling human hands attached to the primary remiges of the wings.
  • Lower human limbs which replace the bird's proper paws. It keeps these limbs retracted when flying.
  • A high-pitched chant written as "sari".

Due to this last characteristic, it is suspected that SCP-ES-220-B is a creature known in the area as "Dimoshi"2, about which little is known. Its hunting habits have not been documented, and although it has been known to fly around AL-220 during nighttime hours, its purpose for this habit is unknown. (See Addendum-ES-220-D).

SCP-ES-220 was discovered in August 2009, after an expeditionary group of biologists reported the presence of moans and strange voices coming from what is now known as SCP-ES-220 (specifically, in the surroundings of the entrance to Sima Humboldt). It is worth noting that one of the members of the group claimed to observe a specimen of Panthera onca (jaguar) cut into multiple pieces and fused with the stone of SCP-ES-220, still moving its limbs.

Addendum-ES-220-A: Initial Expeditions

Below are the initial attempts made by the Foundation to explore SCP-ES-220. Information was abridged to improve its accessibility for new researchers.

Date: 25/09/2009

Foreword: The following log was taken with a Cervantes-Type MK-III drone3 specialized in cave exploration. It is marked as the third attempt to explore SCP-ES-220.

[Begin Log]

[00:00-05:14] (Base) Arrangements for the deployment of the drone. The drone begins to descend through SCP-ES-220. Quartzite caverns, there is visual presence of moisture. No evidence of living creatures..

[05:14-10:31] (54m) Sightings of local fauna are recorded: Steatornis caripensis (oilbird) and Stefania riae (Sarisariñama carrying frog). Noises pertaining to the local fauna can be heard.

[10:31-25:15] (213m) Several vines can be seen forming a ring around the cavern. Upon touching the vines, they fall apart, turning into sand and making noise, without further incidents. A few meters away there is a bifurcation, one way of which leads to a cliff of at least 300m. This route is taken.

[25:15-28:49] (568m) The base of the hole is reached, a crystalline layer similar to that made by water is visualized, but no liquid is observed behind it. The unit proceeds to break through this layer, popping it, making bubbling sounds. The background noise of the cavern changes from that produced by the local fauna and the cavern's own resonance, to that of faint tribal chanting mixed with the sound of a violin playing an unknown piece. This piece has been described as dark and gloomy.


Section of the cavern at 580m deep.

[28:49-34:32] (621m) Appendages begin to emerge from the walls of the cave at 600m deep. These appendages have no vital signs,, yet many of them resemble those of humans and local fauna. Muffled cries are heard from various directions,, as well as grunts from P. Onca. Ambient temperature has dropped to ~19 degrees Celsius, and some vines with blue and green bioluminescence are beginning to appear.

[34:32-36:13] (640m) A strange entity is seen moving horizontally between the walls of the cavern. The entity resembled a snake, with its head replaced with an animal denture, and eight legs of various animals attached to its trunk. Background noise changes to that of a choir and the luminosity of the cavern rises. No further remarks.

[36:13-40:23] (684m) It is possible to hear people screaming at the bottom of the cave, one of them vocalizing the phrase "Here reigns Odosha"4, followed by the total cessation of ambient noise and a decrease in luminosity down to a visual range of 10m. Following this, sounds of earth being dug up are heard, as well as flesh falling from the ceiling of the cave.


Section of the cavern at 700m deep.

[40:23-46:32] (752m) There is a noise similar to a H. Harpyja alternating with various humming sounds usually associated with cheerful musical genres, the sound of burning wood, and a "thank you, come back soon", followed by rat noises. The luminosity rises to a visual range of 25m, and a triple bifurcation is present. The former sounds seem to come from the left cavern, the unit proceeds to take this path.

[46:32-50:06] (780m) There is a rumbling, the cavern enlarges to an average radius of 20m and luminosity rises to a full range of vision. There is a descent of at least forty degrees downward. At the end, a flat area filled with entities similar to that reported during the time lapse [34:32-36:13] is visualized. Then, the entities see the drone and proceed to attack it. An abrupt drop in temperature is detected, falling from 30 degrees Celsius to -2 degrees Celsius. These creatures move in a zigzagging manner, using their legs to perform this movement. A detailed visual analysis reveals that they have a texture similar to ash, and when biting, they screamed with different human voices.

[50:06-52:19] (780m) Upon damage, the connection to the drone is lost.

[End Log]

Due to the latter images, and fearing a possible K-Class event, it was decided to carry out a comprehensive research on these creatures, henceforth classified as SCP-ES-220-C.

Addendum-ES-220-B: Preliminary Research on SCP-ES-220-C

Various samples collected through safe expeditions at 200, 400, and 600 meters deep have revealed a certain presence of elements common in animal and plant ash, being more noticeable the deeper one descends, as well as minerals typical of the region (mainly quartzite). Due to this, it has been decided to take a certain amount of samples from a depth of 600m in order to analyze them, along with a recording camera installed at the same depth by a member of Class-D personnel.

Given the direct correlation between the reactions produced by different analyses and the presence of different SCP-ES-220-C entities recorded by the camera within SCP-ES-220, a record of these tests is shown below:

Test Reaction of the sample SCP-ES-220-C instance
Radiocarbon Dating No reaction. An approximate age was found to be in concordance with that presented by rocks coming from cratons. Four specimens of didelphimorphia, cut into segments and joined together by an unknown force, begin to play in front of the camera. It is possible to see how the cut segments intersect with each other.
Hydration Root growth and water absorption. A severed didelphimorphia specimen. This instance expelled its body parts towards the walls of the cavern, which began to form a broadleaf grassland to then be absorbed by SCP-ES-220.
Incineration Heat dissipation towards the ground. Five specimens of P. Onca begin to walk through the walls of the cavern, exiting and entering the frame multiple times. One of them stares at the camera, then loudly roars, modifying its head to that of a native human who then vocalizes "Today us, tomorrow you. Dinner."
Wind tunnel Dissipation of air flow by generating an aerodynamic body. Four specimens of S. Caripensis were seen hovering in front of the camera. These specimens joined together to form a single specimen of at least 4m wingspan which emitted a human cry and proceeded to burrow downward with its beak. The hole disappeared after several minutes.
Negotiation The sample articulated a series of words similar to "stand back, void grill, swim in the rock me". Human heads rolled in front of the camera, they had ears of P. Onca and eyes of S. Caripensis. They made a negative gesture and retreated.
Aspect Radiation Analysis Scream of at least 90dB. A radiation spectrum similar to that emitted by two types of entities was detected: thanatoteurgical5 and demiurges6. Rolling heads of different species pass in front of the camera screaming, and begin to explode into tissue projectiles, destroying part of the cavern. No damage done to the camera.
Generic Thaumaturgic Work Complete absorption of the work. Backlash up to 100m, a beam of light left those present temporarily blinded. Hundreds of limbs gather around the hole the camera is facing. There is a great variety of sounds overlapping one another, and it is not possible to distinguish them correctly. At the end of the recording it can be seen how these extremities merge into an amorphous mass and disappear.
Theurgical Elimination The sample quietly articulated the words "thank you" and then dissipated. A series of hands connected to a flexible cylinder kept clapping for at least 5 minutes. Then they gathered to knock down the camera and subsequently destroy it.

Addendum-ES-220-C: Progress Report

Date: 01/10/2009

Team: Darío Alcalá (Alpha), Bertrand Casanieves (Beta), Martha Mikelev (Gamma)

Foreword: Following the last test, a group of three agents specialized in exploring local caves was assembled to conduct a deeper exploration through the route shown by the drone during Addendum-ES-220-A. These agents were equipped with a thermal suit, expeditionary gear, an oxygen tank for at least 3 hours, handheld flashlights and helmets with headlamps, 2L of holy water each, a Type-Longuinus Mk II phaneropistic spear each, and food supplies. Before descending, the team was instructed to keep their faith focused on the theurgical instruments at their disposal.

[Begin Log]

(The first 50 minutes of the expedition were omitted. The route remained quiet, with almost no record of anomalous activity, except for distant voices, bioluminescent vines, and changes in brightness and temperature noted in the initial expeditions.)

Beta: Damn it, when are we going to find something?

Command: You should already be close to the place where the last drone we sent was disabled, be on the lookout.

Alpha: Understood. Martha, how do you see things back there?

Gamma: Nothing is hunting us down yet, so we can remain calm.

Alpha: Alright, let's move on.

Gamma: Uh, why does it feel like a roar?

Alpha: What do you mean by "feel"?

(The team arrives at meter 780. From this point on, they begin to whisper.)

Beta: Holy Mother of God…

Gamma: Oh, that was it…

(An entity measuring a minimum of 15m in height can be seen facing away from the team, henceforth SCP-ES-220-C-11..)

(SCP-ES-220-C-11 is greyish, corpulent, apparently muscular, three-headed, bald, and vaguely humanoid. It has no legs; instead, the lower part of its body was connected to the cavern by vines, presumably composed of the same material as that of the samples taken from SCP-ES-220. Organs of what appears to be its trunk are exposed, leaving only its spine maintaining it attached to its lower part; the organs can be observed pulsing while a whitish liquid runs through them. The arms of SCP-ES-220-C-11 are also attached to the cavern by vines.)

Alpha: Guys, keep calm… Damn it's freezing… We have to trust in our weapons.

Gamma: This whole situation is just too grim… Ugh… Hey, why does it smell like barbecue?

Beta: Damn it Martha, can't you think of anything else besides eating?

Gamma: I swear, Bertrand, it smells like meat!

Alpha: She's not wrong, it smells good…

(Human whispers and animal grunts are heard, along with dry leaves being dropped on the ground or being dragged along by something.)

Command: Gentlemen, stay on guard, we don't know what might happen. Get ready for a theurgic attack on our signal.

(SCP-ES-220-C-11 turns one of its heads 180 degrees towards the team. It has no eyes, but a nose on its forehead and a mouth that occupies half of its face. It can be heard laughing a little.)

SCP-ES-220-C-11: (In Yekuana and English) Thousands of years, guarding the caverns that block Odosha's underworld, and finally my secret has been discovered. Thousands of years awaiting the day when we would finally be freed, only failing in our purpose, hoping one day to reincarnate the celestial cone that haunts us. Say, travelers, what destiny do you wish for your souls? First choice, to be forgiven and go back where you came from; or second, to receive an invitation of an unknown nature from us?

(The team starts talking normally.)

Beta: You've got to be fucking with me, this thing's fine here, let's leave.

Alpha: Command, what do we do?

Command: Accept the second option.

Alpha: Understood.

Beta: Damn it, I should've stayed researching Mount Roraima again…

Alpha: (To SCP-ES-220-C-11) We accept the second option!

(SCP-ES-220-C-11 laughs with its three heads.)

SCP-ES-220-C-11: I see, so you're reckless? Good.

(Two minutes of silence.)

Alpha: Well?

SCP-ES-220-C-11: Uh, well…

Alpha: What?

SCP-ES-220-C-11: Actually, I never really thought you'd choose the second option.

Gamma: (Whispering) What?

Alpha: Explain yourself.

SCP-ES-220-C-11: You see, I only guard the entrance of intruders from the surface to… (quiet voice) The Dimoshi's Barbecue.

(5 seconds of silence.)

Alpha: To the what?

SCP-ES-220-11: (Takes a breath and turns its three heads) Be welcome, to the Dimoshi's Barbecue!

Gamma: (Whispering) Fuck me…

Alpha: Are you kidding us…?

SCP-ES-220-C-11: No.

Command: Ask about the destroyed drone and the camera.

Alpha: And what about the things you destroyed? A lizard-like device and a camera.

SCP-ES-220-C-11: Oh, that, the camera was for intimidation…

Alpha: What about the lizard…?

SCP-ES-220-C-11: Haha, it's not our problem that it looked like food. Anyway! Come on in, come on, come on….

Beta: (Whispering) I'm cracking up inside… Really?

Gamma: (Whispering) Same here, Beta, same here…

(SCP-ES-220-C-11 pointed to an entrance alongside the lower part of his body, to which the team entered..)

(After 100 meters, both the floor and the walls began to have a certain artificially carved shape, with several light sources on the sides, consisting of unknown bioluminescent fungi. After a few minutes, the team arrived at a dome of at least 25m radius. The dome was symbolically divided into a kitchen and what appeared to be a dining room decorated with some bioluminescent flowers like those found in SCP-ES-220, as well as multiple concavities in the floor separated from each other in a specific pattern. At least three additional tunnels were observed in this section.)

(On the other hand, a table serving as a bar was placed at a quarter of this dome, occupying half of its diameter. At the end of the dome, some structures with burning material inside them were observed.)

Unknown: Oh my!

(The team is surprised by an unknown entity behind them, which resulted in them targeting it with their weapons.)

Unknown: Hey, hey! Stop, please, I didn't come here to do anything evil…

Alpha: Speak.

Unknown: This is my kitchen, please. My name is unknown, but many call me Dimoshi. What can I do for you?

Command: Alpha, be ready for an interview, you are facing SCP-ES-220-B.

Alpha: Understood.

SCP-ES-220-B: Oh, people from above! I'm glad someone finally made it here, come, have a seat, let's chat a bit while I cook something for you.

(Beta and Gamma look confused. Meanwhile, SCP-ES-220-B clapped his hands and made some seats appear.)

Command: Take a seat, let's get started with the interview.

[End Log]

Addendum-ES-220-D: Interview Log

Date: 01/10/2009

Interviewee: SCP-ES-220-B

Interviewer: Darío Alcalá (Alpha)

Personnel Attending: Agent Jhon Carmichael7 from Command. Bertrand Casanieves (Beta) and Martha Mikelev (Gamma) accompany Alpha.

Foreword: For writing purposes, orders given by Command were not included in the transcribed text of the recording. Beta and Gamma were ordered not to interfere at any time. For a complete version, consult your ASRI department.

[Beginning of Interview]

SCP-ES-220-B: Well, well! Take this, it's been hard to get jaguar loin lately, but you'll love it!

(SCP-ES-220-B gives the team three wooden boards with a slice of lean meat, boiled yucca, and an unknown fungus that reacted to contact by emitting a purple luminescence.)

Alpha: With our hands?

SCP-ES-220-B: Sir, get rid of those formalities in this place. Sa! Then you can clean yourself.

Alpha: How can we trust this not to kill us?

SCP-ES-220-B: Oh, please, people from outside, always so wary. Hey! It's time for my clients to arrive, today they get the same as you, just look and trust.

(A background noise resembling bare human feet can be heard. After a few minutes, at least forty instances of an unknown rodent species8 of human-like size begin to appear, and settle over the concavities in the floor of the dome. SCP-ES-220-B then flaps its wings, creating a stream of hot wind from the ovens to each concavity, distributing a large amount of meat, yucca and the aforementioned fungus. The rodents begin to eat.)

Alpha: (Visibly concerned) … Are they rats?

SCP-ES-220-B: Yes, and please show more respect. They are my guests.

Alpha: Do you work for them?

SCP-ES-220-B: It's hard to explain. Oh, wait.

(SCP-ES-220-B stands up and begins to pick up strange minerals near each concavity. A few minutes later, several of these rodents begin to retreat. Once all the rodents are gone, SCP-ES-220-B returns to the counter, leaving the minerals on it.)

Alpha: So you work to get these things?

SCP-ES-220-B: I'm telling you, it's hard to explain.

Alpha: Is this a drug? If so, we can talk…

SCP-ES-220-B: Uh, no. Definitely not that, you see. Each of these minerals has quite a variety of functions. Many are fun, while others are to make my tools.

Aloha: Fun?

SCP-ES-220-B: Yeah, I mean, sparkles in the sky, sometimes they explode and things like that. They're pretty safe, that's why I spend my time here every day, sometimes there are curious things.

Alpha: … Let me get this straight, all of this, for these rocks?

SCP-ES-220-B: I'm telling you, they're not just any kind of rock.

Alpha: No, no, I'm not talking about you getting the rocks. Why is there a giant golem behind this entrance? Such grotesque things…

SCP-ES-220-B: Ah, well, people from the outside are not really welcome by my guests, besides, if too many of them come I could go bankrupt.

Alpha: So there have been more of us here?

SCP-ES-220-B: No.

Alpha: Elaborate.

SCP-ES-220-B: I'm going to tell you a little story, one that I usually tell to my guests.

Alpha: Hey, didn't you say no one else came here?

SCP-ES-220-B: Of course not, I'm talking about other types of guests. Ah, your food is going to get cold, please.

Alpha: (Sighs) Okay, we'll accept.

(Alpha, Beta and Gamma begin to eat while SCP-ES-220-B begins to speak.)

SCP-ES-220-B: A long time ago, where the light spots reign, in the eternal black of the sky, a strange flow, like a river, descended upon this troubled world, full of war and despair. Back in the years of the great confluence, when all the tribes of the globe fought each other for a handful of the world, certain folk managed to take refuge among the most archaic soil of that time. They discovered the power of this strange flow and unwittingly exploited it, thus building a world beneath the world. An indescribable place, layer upon layer of exuberant beauty that I could tell you about in detail next time.

SCP-ES-220-B: Point is, I'm part of that flow, and that tribe are my guests. They vowed never to come out into the light, never to let the species that fought during that dark time lay an eye on their existence, and I'm here to fulfill their word. I scare the locals and sometimes hunt them down to give them a warning. But I was never born to their advantage.

Alpha: Did you adapt to this life then?

SCP-ES-220-B: Something like that.

Alpha: Continue.

SCP-ES-220-B: Did you see that pile of oddly shaped dirt?

Alpha: We've been recording those things for a while now, what are they supposed to be?

SCP-ES-220-B: Experiences.

Alpha: Don't restrict yourself to just one word, come on, go ahead.

SCP-ES-220-B: They are the memories of those who have already lived, basically, they are souls.

Alpha: And do you do anything with them? Besides perpetrating something quite inhumane.

SCP-ES-220-B: First of all, yes, I do something with them. Secondly, I am not human. As I already said, these souls are experience, and I already said that I was not born to serve them… Do you want to know how I got here?

Alpha: That's why I came.

(The team finishes eating.)

Alpha: Great food, by the way.

SCP-ES-220-B: Oh! Thank you very much… Well, as I was saying… I'm going to tell you… (Whispering to the team) I'm a demon.

Alpha: Huh?

SCP-ES-220-B: That's right, there was a time when I hunted these creatures and the locals because I loved to see them suffer…. But! Then I realized that wasn't quite right, you know? The mountain made me see it.

Alpha: Does the mountain advise you?

SCP-ES-220-B: No, I am the mountain.

Alpha: Excuse me? (Sighs) It would be nice if you finish your sentences, please continue.

SCP-ES-220-B: My apologies, I like to be dramatic. The thing is, me and the mountain are one. The mountain looks for me, and I look for the mountain. Do you like Sarisariñama? I learned it from the people and the animals.

Alpha: Did they teach it to you?

SCP-ES-220-B: They died and I learned it.

Alpha: (Sighing) Continue…

SCP-ES-220-B: Okay! Okay! I know, it's just that you make such juicy sentences for drama. As I was saying, this connection with the mountain made me think again. Apparently as people and animals die, their experiences become mine. With all those human experiences I realized that it's much more rewarding to work for what you want than just to take it. Besides! It's even easier to collect these minerals.

Alpha: Right, and that's why you opened this barbecue, isn't it? I guess you're going to collect some fresh meat.

SCP-ES-220-B: Hey, I'm not going to collect corpses.

Alpha: What then?

SCP-ES-220-B: I help myself directly from their souls.

Alpha: Wait… What are you saying we just ate…?

SCP-ES-220-B: Jaguar souls? Once you know how to use them, they can be a delight. Yes, yucca souls, Drag'ar souls. They are souls, I feed souls to my guests, they give me these little rocks. They are as nutritious as if they were real meat. Besides, where do you think I'm going to collect so many supplies? One soul lasts for many dishes.

Alpha: … I, oh God…

(The team looks visibly shaken.)

Alpha: Do you know what you have here?

SCP-ES-220-B: Oh, yes, of course, a soul farm!

Alpha: All this shit…

SCP-ES-220-B: Sorrowing souls! Yep, that's how they stay fresh, the more they scream, the juicier. And boy, should they be thankful, my brothers could treat them worse. At least the feeling of being eternally crushed by solid rock isn't as bad as what they do.

Alpha: Your… What?

SCP-ES-220-B: Broth- Oh, I think I said too much. Anyway.

(SCP-ES-220-B claps its hands three times and everything in the dome begins to fold back, leaving it empty. Then, the length of the dome is enlarged in such a way that its walls are no longer visible. The team begins to fall into the void.)

Alpha: (Screams) [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

Beta: (Screaming) Dario you son of a biiiiiiiitch-! (Beta's voice is lost.).

SCP-ES-220-B: (In the distance) Come on everybody, dance on this murky river, once again, for the satisfaction of my guests. Come on everybody, hee hee hee! Sari! Sari!

Alpha: [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Goddamn it, you damn bird!

Gamma: (Shouting towards Alpha) I never thought it would end like this. Any last words, Darío?

Alpha: (Screaming. Hyperventilating) Damn it Martha! I'm surprised at your fucking calmness! (Laughs lightly)

Gamma: I already screamed what I had to scream…

SCP-ES-220-B: (In the distance) I like the girl's attitude…. You're next.

Gamma: Goddamn bird, kill me already! Come and eat my goddamn speaaaaaaaaar-! (Gamma's voice is lost.).

(Alpha continues to fall for 3 minutes. Alpha stops screaming after one minute and forty seconds. No sign of SCP-ES-220-B.)

(SCP-ES-220-B appears next to Alpha.)

SCP-ES-220-B: Hey, do you like the fall?

Alpha: You… Just kill me already, won't you?

SCP-ES-220-B: It's been a while since I've had a conversation as good as yours. Tell me, you wanted to know more about me, didn't you?

Alpha: It doesn't matter anymore, bird, kill me! Come on, my only destiny is to be eaten.

SCP-ES-220-B: I thought you had those weapons on your side…?

Alpha: (Laughs quietly) I stopped believing in them a long time ago…. Anyway, say your shit and kill me already.

SCP-ES-220-B: Well, well, ouch! What a dummy. As I was saying… I don't quite know why I'm here, you know? I was born from the earth of this same mountain, and this soul-collecting thing, it's linked to me, I just can't shake it. But I don't remember why I was conceived in the first place, alright? I'm a huge believer that we're all born with a why. Am I made for evil? I mean, look at me, you're falling into the eternal void and I'm still making you suffer with my babbling…

(30 seconds of silence.)

SCP-ES-220-B: Darío, listen to me, even if I have no purpose, but it is my natural course to exist, why shouldn't I do it? In this paradoxical universe, some things don't necessarily have a purpose, some things arise because they do, unlike the causal, they are simply born.

(1 minute of silence.)

SCP-ES-220-B: Come on, Darío, answer me, have you nothing more to say?

(2 minutes of silence, SCP-ES-220-B can be seen eating what appears to be a severed head.)

SCP-ES-220-B: Do you want some? Well, I know you're not going to accept, he's a human. Oh, look! It won't be long before we get to the bottom. Anyway, as I was saying, ah, what was your purpose, Darío? Your role in the universe? Was it given to you at the moment of your birth, or now, on your deathbed? Is your ultimate purpose your true purpose?

(30 seconds of silence.)

SCP-ES-220-B: Ah, sometimes I ramble. My brothers say I'm overexpositive, and they criticize me for it, but it doesn't matter! I like your presence, I honestly had all of this piled up inside me, you're a great listener!

(15 seconds of silence.)

SCP-ES-220-B: Anyway, it's been a long time since I actually talked to someone, thank you so much for everything! Oh… I hope this recording doesn't get lost, I rarely come down here.

(SCP-ES-220-B grabs Alpha's camera. Alpha's body is heard hitting water, probably at terminal velocity. SCP-ES-220-B points the camera at Alpha's headless body.)


Image taken by Alpha's camera.

SCP-ES-220-B: … I like you, Darío.

(More entities similar to SCP-ES-220-B begin to appear on small boats, one of them carrying a severed head of H. Harpyja, which it places on the exposed neck of Alpha and then sews it with an unidentifiable type of fabric.)

(Alpha's scream is heard.)

[End of Interview]

Addendum-ES-220-E: Additional Expeditions

Based on the evidence collected during the last addendum, several expeditions were carried out using drones equipped with phaneropistics weapons and holy water sprays. Several new structures similar to the one discovered during Addendum-ES-220-C have been found in the course of these expeditions, inhabited by at least one instance similar to SCP-ES-220-B (henceforth called SCP-ES-220-B instances as a whole), probably each one of them holding the role of owner of the site.

Some of the different structures found are:

  • (800m) A rectangular hole on the side of SCP-ES-220, two artifacts were observed emitting temperatures between -10 to -30 degrees Celsius. What appeared to be several ice cream cones and popsicles were also observed being dispatched.
  • (930m and 1.1km) An entrance to two domes with a single counter, around which there were different types of herbs, mushrooms, and animal tissue, among other items preserved in glass jars with an unknown liquid, stored in rock cabinets. An instance of SCP-ES-220-B was observed preparing and dispatching a mixture with some of these items.
  • (1.2km) A perfectly cylindrical and illuminated cavern at least 40m long and 100m wide, with several rows of goods arranged on the floor and stacked according to their type. An exchange between an instance of SCP-ES-220-B and an instance of R. Abissos was observed involving these goods and unknown minerals.
  • (1.5km) Railway tracks built from rock and thanatocomposites9.
  • (Entre 800 y 1.4km) Diez cavernas pequeñas con despacho de alimentos de rápida preparación.
  • (1.7km) A complex network of suction pipes composed of thanatocomposites to deliver small shipments. An instance of SCP-ES-220 was observed sending through these several papers given by an instance of R. Abissos.

None of these structures and their respective services appear to be intended for the SCP-ES-220-B instances themselves. Due to the fact that some of these structures extend beyond the SCP-ES-220-A zone, further extension of the SCP-ES-220-A zone is highly suspected. Reclassification to Keter pending.

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