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Item #: SCP-ES-226

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Discoveries made through SCP-ES-226 will be brought to Site-01 and Exclusion Site-08. Afterwards, all information on SCP-ES-226 will be removed from all historical, religious and folkloric records.

If an Exclusion Site-08 or Site-01 staff member submits a false event related to SCP-ES-226, they will be disciplined at the discretion of the Overseer Council.

Update: In order to preserve the normalcy status, the Ennui Protocol will be implemented when 10% of the world's population is aware of the occurrence or effects of SCP-ES-226.

Description: SCP-ES-226 is a ritual whose performance allows an entity or group, conceptual or otherwise, to achieve the status of divinity. The sequence of steps to perform SCP-ES-226 varies according to the predominant culture in the area where it is practiced, but it follows the following patterns:

  • The entity or group must be imposed a culture that is contrary to their own.
  • The entity or group must engage in a war against the predominant culture.
  • The entity or group must perform acts of bloodshed against the predominant party. Although not specified, it is believed that a greater amount of bloodshed ensures a higher prevalence of SCP-ES-226.
  • The entity or group must worship solar or luminous elements.

The successful performance of the ritual associated with SCP-ES-226 will result in the death of its participants, producing a burst of Akiva radiation that will cover the territory controlled by the predominant culture.

It was believed that the entity or group would also trigger a CK-Class Restructuring Event. However, further studies have concluded that this is a non-anomalous integration, consistent with baseline history.

The events caused by SCP-ES-226 that are considered true are listed below.

Period Deity Territory Description Notes
Middle of the 14th Century B.C. Aten Ancient Egypt An attempt to establish a theocracy to undermine the power of the clergy of Amun, due to power disputes with the high priests of Amun. Upon his death, it is believed that an unknown individual related to the clergy of Amun performed SCP-ES-226, restoring the cult of Amun. First instance of SCP-ES-226 being used to restore a previous deity.
Hellenistic Period/Latter Roman Empire Apollo/Sol Invictus Greece/Roman Empire Although the exact reasons for the progressive replacement of Helios by Apollo as a result of SCP-ES-226 are unknown, centuries later several worshippers of Sol Invictus, under the patronage of emperor Aurelian, successfully performed SCP-ES-226. However, Aurelian tolerated the existence of other cults. First instance of SCP-ES-226 coexisting with other cults.
Early Middle Ages God Carolingian Empire An attempt to establish a theocracy to unify the remnants of the Roman Empire. It partially failed after his death, but slowly re-emerged more powerfully in Europe during the following centuries. First instance of SCP-ES-226 that remains constant over time.
The Enlightenment Goddess of Reason France Created to prevent the rise of atheism, the National Convention established the Cult of Reason. Despite being replaced by the Cult of the Supreme Being and the prohibition of both by Napoleon Bonaparte, its ideals continued to expand without a divinity. First instance of SCP-ES-226 with no currently existing divinity.
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