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A golden tiger roamed the rooftops. It must have been more than ten meters long and taller than two men, its golden glow making a hypnotic play of light with the cool colors of the neon signs. Tourists gawked at the great beast as they filmed and took pictures. The animal roared with great power, managing to overcome the bustle of the crowd. Then it simply began to run through the air, as if chasing some unseen prey, leaving behind the crowd laughing at the holographic spectacle.

The Japanesetown was always a busy one during the holidays. Not to be outdone, many residents from the other districts of the city or from other nexuses managed to travel to Butai to be part of the festivities in the Takeshita district. Even for residents accustomed to such massive celebrations, this year there were even more people, as the 21st century was over and the 22nd century was just a few hours away.

A human tide flowed through the streets and alleys of the district, flooding with people every bar, club, restaurant and karaoke bar they came across. Men and women with metallic limbs or faces, children of cybernism of all ages and races crowded together to celebrate on that cold night the end of one era and the beginning of the next. Among them was a man made of nothing but flesh and blood, a rarity in a world where technology reigned supreme, a red drop in a sea of silver. That man had nothing remarkable to the naked eye because he hid his "alterations" under the heavy coat.

He was moving against the current since he had left the INRS station. He felt suffocated by the large number of people, the shouting made him dizzy and all the lights of the city made him dizzy. It was not his first time in Butai, but it was his first night in Butai. He was not used to so much movement and noise. He wondered if one could get used to the hustle and bustle. Then he wondered, after cold, metallic arms pushed him, what the world would have been like when the natural body was the norm rather than the exception.

Item #: SCP-ES-229 Level 1/ES-229
Object Class: Safe Classified

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-229 in its crude state should be stored in 3 L steel containers sealed to prevent degradation and with AZ-567 internal coatings so as not to cause reactive effects with the alloy. SCP-ES-229 should be handled following the indications for handling low risk chemical-toxic substances. In case of direct contact with the substance in its crude state, wash the contact area as quickly as possible and contact the nursing wing of your facility immediately. Do not attempt to clean the area with a cloth or similar objects because of the risk of aggravating the wound.

Any quantity of SCP-ES-229 in crude state, or in prosthetics or implants that are confiscated by the Foundation must be turned over to the Manufacturing Department for evaluation. The Manufacturing Department will determine whether or not the confiscated material is recyclable under the quality criteria of Act 343; if the material does not meet the quality criteria, it will be disposed of safely.

Production of SCP-ES-229 for use by Foundation agents is performed by the Manufacturing Department. Requests for implants and/or prostheses composed of SCP-ES-229 for use in field or laboratory operations may only be made by personnel with Clearance Level 4 to the Foundation's Directorate and Resource Management. All agents and researchers with implants or prostheses made with SCP-ES-229 must undergo a bimonthly review to check the level of SCP-ES-229-1 in their body and the condition of the material.

Description: SCP-ES-229 is the designation of a metal alloy commonly known as "biometal". SCP-ES-229 is composed of [CLASSIFIED]. In its crude state this material has a bright silvery hue, is liquid at room temperature and has high electrical and thermal conductivity. By means of a para-metallurgical process, it is possible to alter the properties of SCP-ES-229 and, its most recognized quality, to make it take on different shapes - from blades to firearms - that can be altered with electrical, mechanical or psychic stimuli. Contact with SCP-ES-229 in its crude state with the skin, its ingestion or aspiration can cause burns in the contact area, which can be fatal if they affect internal organs.

SCP-ES-229 is an aggressive oxidizing agent, this implies that it is capable of provoking reduction-oxidation reactions to substances that are normally oxidizing agents such as oxygen or halogens, oxidizing them while the material is reduced. Depending on the quality of the alloy, this reduction process may be minor, but over time the material deteriorates, reducing the quality of its physical properties. The degradation process produces a substance called SCP-ES-229-1 or "slag" as it is also commonly called. This substance is extremely harmful to humans on contact, ingestion or aspiration. SCP-ES-229-1 has different effects on the organism depending on which reducing agent it comes into contact with. The most common, the one generated by contact with oxygen, accumulates in the bone marrow of the person, causing different blood and immunological complications. SCP-ES-229-1 can be removed by chelation therapy using metallophage, but some of the complications can become chronic problems in a minimal number of cases.

The flesh-and-blood man, after overcoming the human tide, was able to reach the subway station he was to take. Most of the subway passengers were getting off at Takeshita to join the human tide and very few were leaving from that district. That was good for him, as he could breathe a little. When the subway arrived, he climbed into the large metal container and sat down in one of the available seats. He checked his watch, one of the few modern technological devices he used daily for its usefulness, and saw that it was almost ten o'clock at night. The man worried that he would not make it to his destination on time.

Appendix A
- Creation and early years -


Old logo of the Institute

The Institute for Human Education and Development (Institut für menschliche Bildung und Weiterentwicklung, abbreviated as IMBW) was a research institute conducting experiments and projects with transhumanist goals from different anomalous and non-anomalous scientific fields. The organization was active from 1972 to 2058. A large number of SCP objects are attributed to this organization through experimentation with abducted civilians and captured anomalous entities. The most recognized anomaly created by this group was SCP-ES-229.

The exact creation date of SCP-ES-229 is unknown, but it is recorded that IMBW developed the material and conducted various tests on civilians in the late 2010s. The first prostheses, although functional, had a very poor quality alloy, degrading very quickly and generating a large amount of SCP-ES-229-1 that poisoned the test subjects. These first cases of slag poisoning were not identified by the Foundation, passing as deaths due to an unidentified non-anomalous condition.

IMBW offered for sale different types of prostheses made with biometal to different paracommercial organizations in 2022. SCP-ES-229 enjoyed great popularity in its first years of commercialization, being acquired by different paracriminal and private groups to improve the combat capability of their soldiers. In the year 2025, one of IMBW's headquarters was attacked by a cell of the Church of the Broken God, which was able to steal the method of creating SCP-ES-229. At first this information was only distributed among prominent people of the Broken Church, but soon this information infiltrated among different paranormal organizations, which began to create their own productions of SCP-ES-229.

During the 2030s, the use of SCP-ES-229-based devices and prosthetics became widespread behind the Veil due to leaks from the Broken Church. Unlike nexuses such as Ancient Eurtec or groupings such as the various Mekanite cults, which had a culture based on mechanical body enhancement, locations of interest where paratechnological development was lagging or there was no interest in it began to adopt SCP-ES-229 enhancements for everyday life.

The main causes of this phenomenon are due to 1) the great adaptability of the biometal-based technology that allowed the common citizen to have a multipurpose, practical and maintenance-free tool; and 2) the little intervention required to integrate the prostheses. This marked a significant difference compared to other paratechnological improvements that implied an intervention in several parts of the body to integrate one or more of these technologies, as well as a great risk to the health of the individual if invasive interventions were made to the central nervous system, which were the most common for the correct functioning of many implants and prostheses. In contrast, the SCP-ES-229-based technology did not require such an aggressive and large amount of intervention thanks to the unique properties of the alloy that allowed it to be controlled by thought alone without internal wiring. Thus, the improvements were more attractive and economically accessible to consumers; causing what was known as "the '30s boom" of anomalous cybernetics, occurring a decade before the cybernetic revolution of the '40s that took place outside the Veil.

The nexuses located in North America and Europe were the quickest to integrate these products into their daily lives. Marshall, Carter & Dark and Prometheus Laboratories became the leading manufacturers of SCP-ES-229 prosthetics and implants for the exclusive and general market, respectively. While IMBW became one of the leading producers of better quality biomental.

Also, the use of SCP-ES-229-based technology by paracriminal groups increased exponentially thanks to the opening of clandestine workshops that created large quantities of biometal and devices with the alloy. The quality of the alloys produced by these workshops was extremely low, so degradation occurred very quickly and slag poisoning became a common ailment in the poor areas of the nexus. Also noteworthy is the creation of new currents of Mekanite thought such as transferenceism which preached the replacement of the organic body by the new inorganic body made with biomental. Provident organizations of this line of thought were the New Church of Transference, founder of transferenceism, or the Order of Transmutation, a paracriminal organization that had a great influence in the European nexuses.

The man got off at the station in the Ulrich district, the closest to where he had to go. Outside the station there were many young people waiting to catch the next train to Takeshita, most gathered at the Bloody Summer memorial square. The bronze walls stretched meters long with thousands of names engraved around a five-meter high moment. The young men were walking around the square with joy or shacking up on the benches as they waited for the rest of their friends to party that night.

The man left the station area and walked into the district. Although the level of technology was as high as could be expected, the use of neon and extravagance was less than in the Japanese area. The more European-style architecture reminded him of the streets of his own nexus, which made him feel a little more comfortable.

Appendix B
- Organic Wars -

The Organic Wars were an event that occurred behind the Veil, consisting of a series of para-terrorist attacks that took place between 2052-2055 and 2060-2064 in different nexuses; developing in parallel to the Collapse. During these conflicts, several paraterrorist groups carried out a large number of attacks on key infrastructures in the main paratechnological nexuses and interest groups focused on paratechnology manufacturing, and, in some cases, urban warfare with the aim of causing a technological regression as sought by neoanarchist and anti-capitalist groups outside the Veil. Much of the motivation for these groups was anti-technology sentiment following the cyber revolution and the widespread adoption of SCP-ES-229-based devices.

For more information, see the attached supplementary file:

Appendix C
- Recent relevant information -

Section intended for relevant information regarding the global status of SCP-ES-229 or stakeholders with access to the anomaly. Please consult the project manager before making any annotations.


The current situation at the time of writing of this section with respect to SCP-ES-229 is considered stable. The level of general and criminal use of the anomalous material does not exceed the parameters expected by the Foundation.

The firework rose into the air. The explosion generated a red light forming the face of a lion that roared before disappearing in the wind. Otto's son laughed at the sight on his father's shoulders.

"Where did you get that?", he asked his brother.

"A dwarf I know knows a dwarf who does gunpowder work. He gave them to me cheap," he replied as he selected the next explosive.

He stuck the firecracker in the ground and lit his fuse. This time the explosion was green, a deer leapt through the air dropping green sparks. The family was enjoying the spectacle along with other residents of the neighborhood. Some had opened their windows first to complain about the noise and then to stay and watch the light show. A couple had come out of the darkness to get closer and get a better look.

"Okay, now for the big one," Gregor declared, pulling the three times larger firecracker out of the bag.

Gregor took a few steps away from the family to stick the firecracker. Then he ran as he lit the fuse. The firework rose higher with a loud buzzing sound, then died to give birth to a snake of fire, which flared up, setting off small explosions that dropped red sparks. At the end, the snake made a circle biting its tail and turned several times until it exploded and covered the sky with the seal of the great karsist Ion. The boy laughed and pointed with a big smile. Some applause and cheering could be heard all around. It was not the show that would be seen in Takeshita but for those people it was more than enough those few lights.

Gregor looked at his brother with his son standing high and his wife beside him and smiled. Maybe that world was dystopian garbage that was advertised to end up happening, but that wouldn't stop people from enjoying life. And who knows, maybe this year things will get better, it doesn't hurt to be positive. In any case, the sarkic took out the stars and sparklers to distribute them among those present.

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