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Item #: SCP-ES-230 Level 2/ES-230
Object Class: Keter Neutralized Classified


Tested amoeba recovered from SCP-ES-230-A-3

Special Containment Procedures: The STELLA-23 surveillance bot has been implemented for the purpose of detecting, reporting and eliminating SCP-ES-230 in the Facility-23 electronic media. Depending on the severity of infection, SCP-ES-230 affected subjects will be terminated or isolated in the North Biocontainment Wing of Facility-23.

Description: SCP-ES-230 corresponds to a series of cognito-hazardous messages received by members of the SCP Foundation through memos, letters or e-mails. The associated investigations have determined that all of the subjects concerned have committed ethical and moral misconduct in the exercise of their functions in the Foundation. After exposure, an alteration occurs in the microorganisms present in the subject, which triggers an abnormal infection whose severity would be proportional to the severity of the misconduct committed by the subject. The affected subjects are designated SCP-ES-230-A and so far it has not been possible to provide treatment to those affected. Below is a table compiling significant cases:

Subject Fault committed Effect
SCP-ES-230-A-2 Arriving late and sleeping on the job. The subject reported symptoms similar to sleeping sickness.1.
SCP-ES-230-A-3 Funneling of Facility-23 funds. The subject's soft tissues were infected by unknown tested amoebae, transmuting these tissues into different minerals such as diamond and quartz.
SCP-ES-230-A-5 Inadequate containment of humanoid entities. Its epidermis produced a cocoon formed from an organic material with a composition similar to chitin, enclosing the subject's body. Attempts to break the cocoon have been unsuccessful.
SCP-ES-230-A-7 Use of an anomaly to dispense with nutritional needs. The subject's microbiota began to produce FH.2, causing internal hemorrhage and later death.
SCP-ES-230-A-10 Use of an anomaly to facilitate their administrative charges Total loss of cognitive functions.


The complete documentation of SCP-ES-230 has been restricted by order of the Latin American Regional Council. If you want or need information regarding this file, you should send a request to the Records of Administration Security and Information (RAISA) office.

— Paola Denisse Almaguer Espídola, Manager of Installation-23

Addendum A
- Documentation related to SCP-ES-230 -

The following files have been retrieved from the Installation-23 database and have been appended due to their relevance to SCP-ES-230.

Addendum B
- First instance of SCP-ES-230-A -

The first abnormality regarding the EAGLE protocol was detected 2 days after its implementation in Facility-23, following an incident in the Medical Wing where Dr. Yaquelin Flores who had knowledge of the implementation of the EAGLE protocol, provided by the director of Facility-23. She reported the first instance of SCP-ES-230-A-1: the food manager of Facility-23, named Jorge Garcia Duran.

SCP-ES-230-A-1 presented with various ailments such as nausea and dizziness, followed by prolonged emesis, killing the subject. A change in the microbiota of SCP-ES-230-A-1 was detected, as previously unrecorded bacteria were identified in the gastric juice of SCP-ES-230-A-1 and subsequently confirmed as abnormal. Similar cases occurred throughout the rest of the day; an attempt was made to contact the director of Facility-23, however, he was found dead in his office (denoted as SCP-ES-230-A-10).

In turn, the Cognito-Hazardous Division deployed the countermeasures established for SCP-ES-230; but due to the series of changes regarding the evolution of SCP-ES-230, they were unable to neutralize the anomaly or inoculate the personnel at Facility-23.

Addendum C
- Consequences of EAGLE Protocol -

The following message was sent to all Facility-23 personnel three days after the implementation of the EAGLE protocol, after the abnormalities in the operation of the cognito-hazard were verified.


To all Installation-23 personnel

A series of cognito-hazardous messages were and continue to be sent to all personnel, now classified as SCP-ES-230. So far, investigations have shown that the only link between those affected is that they have committed ethical and moral misconduct during their service at the Foundation. Several security teams are currently escorting the possible victims to the North and South Biocontainment Wing.

The origin of the anomaly is still under investigation. While the situation is being resolved, personnel have been deployed to all exits in order to identify those affected. This document will be updated by reporting casualties and faults committed in order to follow up on the behavior of SCP-ES-230. Now more than ever, the ethical and moral codes of our Facility must be respected; may this be the reflection of our values.

Week Casualties Faults registered
First 50 10
Second 30 7
Third 10 2
Fourth 7 1
Fifth 0 0
Sixth 0 0


After 6 weeks of neutralization attempts, SCP-ES-230 was isolated, contained and eliminated for good. There were a total of 97 casualties, resulting in 90% of the Ethics Department personnel and 75% of the Cognito-Hazards Division being affected. All information regarding the event has been compiled and forwarded to our Regional Council.


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