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Assigned Site Site Director Lead Researcher Assigned Task Force
Site-16 Esteban Alejandro Suárez Figueroa Luisa Anacrusa Díaz Tau-32 ("Vinylbreakers")

3/ES-232 LEVEL 3/ES-232
Item #: SCP-ES-232

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-232 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-16 and pre-selected music is to be played through the sound system located in its cell 3 times a day.

In the event of a containment breach, MTF Tau-32 ("Vinylbreakers") shall be equipped with Stilhed Devices1 and deployed at Site-16 as soon as possible. No lethal force is to be applied to SCP-ES-232.

Description: SCP-ES-232 is a Caucasian female of indeterminate age wearing a white shirt, a bow tie, suspenders, and white gloves. Its most notable characteristic is its missing head, being instead a gramophone with the inscription "SoFM"2, later tests have revealed that it was made around 1945. It should be noted that this gramophone is not functional, since it lacks several parts, such as the crank or the brake, and its use is theorized to be merely aesthetic3.

SCP-ES-232 operates similarly to a standard human being despite the lack of a head. The presence of an auditory sense has been confirmed, as well as speech ability, but the presence of olfactory and/or visual senses could not be verified.

SCP-ES-232 is capable of speaking and producing sounds of any kind; more specifically, music, which can slightly influence its current mood. Often, SCP-ES-232 uses it to change from one state to another, although it is more effective when SCP-ES-232 hears it through an external medium.

Recovery Log: SCP-ES-232 was discovered on July 19, 2016, following reports of strange sounds coming from the Former Convent of San Agustín, Mexico, and possible photographic evidence of the entity. Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers") was tasked with confiscating and censoring audiovisual content, while Mobile Task Force Tau-32 ("Vinylbreakers")4 was deployed to contain SCP-ES-232.

Addendum 232-01: An interview with SCP-ES-232 was conducted on July 19, 2016, prior to being contained.


Interviewer: Dr. Anacrusa.

Subject: SCP-ES-232.


Dr. Anacrusa: Good morning, SCP-ES—

SCP-ES-232: Who are you? Where am I? What do you want?

Dr. Anacrusa: Relax, SCP-ES-232. To answer that I first need you to answer a few questions.

SCP-ES-232: No!

Dr. Anacrusa: Pardon?

SCP-ES-232: No, I won't tell you anything! Leave me alone!

Dr. Anacrusa: And why not?

SCP-ES-232: What do you care? You won't get anything out of me! Leave before I—

Dr. Anacrusa: SCP-ES-232, your collaboration is not optional. Answer the questions or else I will take drastic measures. (Dr. Anacrusa takes two steps in the direction of SCP-ES-232.)

SCP-ES-232: (SCP-ES-232 steps back a bit, shaky.) Don't touch me!

Dr. Anacrusa: Don't make me touch you. Answer the questions or—

SCP-ES-232: I said no! (SCP-ES-232 emits a series of sounds at ~85 dB, before two guards equipped with tranquilizer darts enter the room and shoot SCP-ES-232.)


It seems that SCP-ES-232 is still too suspicious of us, and therefore dangerous, to try to get information about it or anything else. It was almost a miracle that I didn't go deaf with her violent reaction. I will spend the next 30 days trying to gain SCP-ES-232's trust so that I can conduct the interview.

~Dr. Anacrusa.

Addendum 232-02: An interview with SCP-ES-232 was conducted on August 18, 2016:


Interviewer: Dr. Anacrusa.

Subject: SCP-ES-232.


Dr. Anacrusa: (Entering the cell) Good morning, SCP-ES-232.

SCP-ES-232: Good morning, Doctor. Nice haircut.

Dr. Anacrusa: Oh? Thank you, SCP-ES-232. I am here for our everyday talk, but I want to introduce you to a little friend I brought with me today. (Dr. Anacrusa proceeds to take out a digital recorder from her pocket.) I will ask you some questions, some repeated, some new, and I would like you to answer them in as much detail as you can. Would you do me that favor?

SCP-ES-232: Questions? Go ahead. I love to talk about me. Ha ha ha.

Dr. Anacrusa: Good. First question: Why were you so aggressive with the Task Force in charge of your… recovery?

SCP-ES-232: You mean the men who caught me and brought me here? I didn't know you sent them.

Dr. Anacrusa: Yes, I mean them, and I didn't send them, but that doesn't answer the question.

SCP-ES-232: Well, I got scared. They came in suddenly and without warning and I was afraid they would see me and hurt me.

Dr. Anacrusa: Why did you assume they would do that?

SCP-ES-232: They came armed and shot me in the leg! Besides, almost every time someone sees me they seem to be afraid of me and try to hurt me.

Dr. Anacrusa: And when that happens, do you behave the same way you did in your recovery?

SCP-ES-232: It depends. If I find myself cornered, yes, although I prefer to run away.

Dr. Anacrusa: I understand. Well, let's talk a little about you. Do you have a name? If so, what is it?

SCP-ES-232: (In Dr. Anacrusa's voice) SCP-ES-232. (With normal voice) My name used to be "Jacqueline", but I never liked it, so I'll settle for any name that doesn't look like that. It would be nice if my name was "Diana".

Dr. Anacrusa: Hey! I didn't know you could do that.

SCP-ES-232: Do what?

Dr. Anacrusa: The, uh… imitating my voice bit.

SCP-ES-232: I thought I told you about that a couple of days ago.

Dr. Anacrusa: No. That time you told me that you could compose and play pieces by yourself without using an instrument, not that you were capable of replicating any kind of sound. Anyway, since approximately how long have you been able to do that?

SCP-ES-232: I don't remember very well, it has… I think that since… 1945—

Dr. Anacrusa: 1945? That's over 50 years ago, you shouldn't—

SCP-ES-232: Yes, I know… I still don't understand how I'm still here.

Dr. Anacrusa: Believe me, neither do I. Now, about your gramophone… It's nice, by the way.

SCP-ES-232: Thanks.

Dr. Anacrusa: Since when have you had it?

SCP-ES-232: Ah, in 1945 in an um… incident.

Dr. Anacrusa: Incident? Could you tell me a little bit about that?

SCP-ES-232: (Trembling slightly.) E-eh… is that I… ahh… I think I'm feeling a little dizzy…

Dr. Anacrusa: Do you need time to relax or something? You know, sit down or something?

SCP-ES-232: Yes, a… a little bit… Uh, could you put some… uh… relaxed music, please? It helps me to… well… calm down a little bit.

Dr. Anacrusa: No problem. Give me a moment, please. (Dr. Anacrusa takes out her cell phone from her pocket.) What kind of music do you like?

SCP-ES-232: Something relaxing.

Dr. Anacrusa: Alright. Wait a second.

(Dr. Anacrusa plays Downtempo music on her cell phone)

Dr. Anacrusa: How do you feel?

SCP-ES-232: B-better. This music calms me down a lot, thank you.

Dr. Anacrusa: You're welcome. Why didn't you tell me before that you calmed down so much with music? You're not shaking anymore!

SCP-ES-232: Well, I just didn't get a chance to say it without sounding out of place. I usually try to calm myself down by playing a little music on my own, but it's much better when someone else plays it.

Dr. Anacrusa: I see. Well, since you are calm, can we proceed?

SCP-ES-232: Ah. I- uh, think so, sure.

Dr. Anacrusa: If you need some more time it's okay with me.

SCP-ES-232: No, no, I'm fine. I think I can.

Dr. Anacrusa: Good. Then tell me.

SCP-ES-232: Well, uh… The truth is that it happened a long time ago and the memories are a bit fuzzy, but I'll try to remember.

Dr. Anacrusa: It's okay. We have all the time in the world.

SCP-ES-232: Emmm… I remember that before everything I, my sister, my mom and some friends of hers were part of a local jazz band. "The D-Girls", I still remember that.

Dr. Anacrusa: "D-Girls"? I've never heard of them.

SCP-ES-232: Yeah, well, maybe it was because more than just being a band of our own we were playing in restaurants or small gatherings. We never composed a single piece, in fact, although my sister always wanted to.

Dr. Anacrusa: I don't want to sound rude, but… Does this have anything to do with the Incident?

SCP-ES-232: Ah. Not really, it was more of a prologue, he, he.

Dr. Anacrusa: I would like to ask you to stay on topic, please.

SCP-ES-232: Sorry. Well, that's what I was getting at. My mom, my sister, and I were part of some kind of secret organization of magicians or musicians. You know, big people stuff.

Dr. Anacrusa: Hmmm, I see.

SCP-ES-232: Well, the point is that my mom was a well-known spy who did private investigations, or so I remember she once told me. The problem was that one day she was discovered and the… the… well, I guess you know what I mean.

Dr. Anacrusa: Sorry to hear that, 232.

SCP-ES-232: It's okay, I think. She took my sister with her and also a bag of things. I just hope Naty is okay.

Dr. Anacrusa: Naty?

SCP-ES-232: Natalia, my sister. Uh, anyway… hmmm. Ah, yes! After that, I was at one of my mom's friends' house for a while, until a very elegant lady came looking for me. She didn't tell me her name at the time, but I found out later that her name was Juliette. I will never forget that name.

Dr. Anacrusa: Seriously?

SCP-ES-232: Of course. Never! I'm not really sure how I feel when I think about her. Somehow she looked and looked and looked until eventually she found me and asked me to walk her home. At first, both my mom's friend and I refused, but after she talked to him privately, he agreed and I had no choice but to go with her.

Dr. Anacrusa: Do you know what they might have talked about?

SCP-ES-232: Not really. When I arrived at her house, I was surprised, because it was considerably large. It wasn't a super mansion either, but it was better than the house where I lived with my mom, or my friend's house. When we arrived, she invited me in and we had a little chat. Maybe to break the ice, maybe to calm down a bit, but we talked. She told me that she was a specialized doctor and very important within the organization, which surprised me a little since I had never heard of her.

Dr. Anacrusa: Sorry to interrupt. What is the name of the organization you belonged to?

SCP-ES-232: Forgotten Musicians Society.

Dr. Anacrusa: I see. Well, go on.

SCP-ES-232: (Nods.) She told me that he knew I had always wanted to be a spy, and that to help me he wanted to try something that, if it worked out, would give me a huge advantage over the other members. I said yes, and she said that I would have to stay at her place for a while. I had a great time with her, so why lie? But everything went to hell afterward.

Dr. Anacrusa: How long were you with her?

SCP-ES-232: I honestly don't know. I was only aware of the year because the months and days no longer mattered to me. I didn't need any agenda, because I lived with Juliette, who, except for a few chores, never put responsibilities on my shoulders.

Dr. Anacrusa: And what happened next?

SCP-ES-232: She took me to a big, clean place where I was put under anesthesia and I didn't know anything else until I woke up as I am now, in a room full of people. At first, I was very frightened and tried to escape and look for Juliette, but it seems that they had already foreseen this because they quickly grabbed me together and prevented me from escaping. And then Juliette came in, gave me a kiss on my… "head"? It wasn't my head, because it was a gramophone, but it was supposed to be a replacement and I don't really like to say "my gramophone". I also didn't know if she did it as a joke or if she did it to reassure me or if she did it because… fuck, I didn't even know whether to feel anger, sadness, nerves, calm, or a little bit of everything. Anyway, Juliette, after that, half explained to me what they did with me, but she told me in a lot of technical words and I didn't really understand her at all.

Dr. Anacrusa: Anything special you remember her saying?

SCP-ES-232: Hmmm… I remember she told me that he had done who knows what, but now my only livelihood would be sound. You know, I wouldn't have to eat anymore because now I would get energy from sound or something. He also told me that I could replicate any sound with relative ease.

Dr. Anacrusa: Anything else?

SCP-ES-232: Not really. She talked to me about what I was supposed to do for the organization but in the end, I never did because a couple of guys who were also from the organization put me on silly shows in a theater and that's it. It wasn't even hard for me, and I got pretty bored.

Dr. Anacrusa: How did you end up in the building you were recovered from?

SCP-ES-232: I ran away. At first, they lied to me that the money from the shows would go to the organization, but eventually, I realized that it wasn't quite true. They did give some of the money, but the rest they kept. So one day I just decided to leave. I took a suitcase with my clothes and I left. I was wandering around for a long time.

Dr. Anacrusa: And what happened then?

SCP-ES-232: One day I came across the former Convent of St. Augustine, so large and lonely, and decided to enter. There was no one there, and those were the most peaceful days of my life. Just the noise of the city, the animals, and me. It was beautiful, you know? Taking walks, listening to the birds' sing, bathing in the rain… If you hadn't found me, I could have stayed there forever.

Dr. Anacrusa: I understand. I would love to spend a couple of months living as you say. Anything else to add?

SCP-ES-232: I don't think so.

Dr. Anacrusa: Ok. Do you know what happened to Juliette?

SCP-ES-232: (A little startled.) No.

Dr. Anacrusa: I understand. Well, SCP-ES-232, that would be it.


Addendum 232-03: Below are documents related to SCP-ES-232, which date from around 1946:

Addendum 232-04: After the statements of SCP-ES-232, it was decided to perform a series of tests to evaluate the effects of different types of music on the behavior of SCP-ES-232. The results are presented below.

Addendum 232-05: On November 16, 2016, an SCP-ES-002 instance was detected at Site-16. Dr. Anacrusa, Dr. Cédez, and Agent Mint were sent to SCP-ES-232's cell to remove a Stilhed Device located inside the cell and use it to neutralize the SCP-ES-002 instance. While Dr. Cédez and Agent Mint moved the Device out of the containment chamber, the instance entered the room and tried to infect SCP-ES-232. Approximately 5 minutes later, SCP-ES-232 expelled SCP-ES-002, which had apparently lost the ability to infect a host. While running the Stille-K8 Protocol, SCP-ES-232 expressed dizziness and asked Dr. Anacrusa to activate the Stilhed device for a while. The use of SCP-ES-232 to deal with SCP-ES-002 is being considered.

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