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SCP-ES-234 during a Noir event.

Item #: SCP-ES-234

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-ES-234, containment protocol is focused on voluntary housing of the instance in Site-34 facilities. It has been provided with a modified humanoid containment cell equipped for housing a small feline1. The instance should receive standard small cat food three times a day, plus snacks as a reward for collaboration in interviews and experimental procedures. Additionally, a maximum of 30 grams per week of dehydrated Nepeta cataria2, having to distribute its use in a minimum period of 5 days per week, not being authorized under any circumstance the delivery of additional quantities.

SCP-ES-234 must interact with personnel participating in the project at least once a day, and must receive veterinary evaluation once every two months. All interactions must be recorded by video or audio recorders.

In order to limit its exposure to the outside world, it will be allowed to travel through certain sections of Site-34, and this travel must be discreetly supervised by personnel participating in the project, in order to prevent it from accessing restricted areas or areas that pose a danger to its own physical, psychological or ontological integrity or that of staff members.

In the event of a Callejero incident, the level of surveillance in the media and on the Internet will be increased in order to search for mentions of uncontrolled Noir events, and response teams will be sent to recover SCP-ES-234 and distribute amnestics to the witnesses, disseminating the corresponding cover stories.

At present, the aim is to reduce uncontrolled Noir events through the application of the Maltese Falcon protocol. For further details see Addendum ES-234-01.

Efforts continue to be made to establish the origin of the information obtained and mentioned by SCP-ES-234, as well as possible uses for it.

Description: SCP-ES-234 corresponds to a conceptual ontogenetic gestalt entity3 of variable appearance, which is currently perceived as a specimen of a male adult domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) of approximately 5 years of age. The most notable anomalous characteristics observed in this entity correspond to its capacity for bipedal locomotion and speech4. The use of human clothing (typically a raincoat and a dark grey hat) has also been observed.

According to testimonies obtained from subjects who have interacted with SCP-ES-234, the entity would be able to obtain information related to its interlocutor, either of a personal nature or in relation to problems that affect them in other areas, information that they make known during the conversation, on many occasions outside a clear context. The mechanism through which SCP-ES-234 would obtain the information has not yet been identified.5


Area affected by a Noir event. In this photograph, the characteristic chromatic alteration associated with the phenomenon is easily visible.

A secondary property associated with the entity is a phenomenon with onto-kinetic characteristics called a Noir event. During this event an area of 10 m2 around the entity is affected, registering a notorious chromatic alteration in the objects and people present in the place, being their characteristic colors replaced by different tonalities of white, black and gray, registering also a decrease in the level of luminosity present in the place. In addition, alterations in the clothing, language and mannerisms of the subjects have been observed inside the area affected by the phenomenon, becoming anachronistic and consistent with those used by SCP-ES-234 during this event6, which will revert to normal characteristics once the phenomenon is over.

SCP-ES-234 has repeatedly stated that it does not know the cause of this phenomenon or the reasons that trigger it.

Addendum 1: Callejero Incidents and the establishment of Protocol Maltese Falcon

The Foundation learned about SCP-ES-234 after a series of reports about the presence of the entity in barracks and scenes of police investigations in the city of ████████████. After the initial contact was established, it was contained, and the cover story was spread that the events observed corresponding to the recording of a television series ("The Cat Detective"), and amnestics were distributed among the subjects directly involved.

Although SCP-ES-234 had voluntarily agreed to stay at the Foundation's facilities, security personnel reported in the weeks following their entry successive breaches of containment by the entity, returning to the facilities after a period of 1 to 3 days7attending ██ Noir events outside the facilities of the Foundation, breaches that were called Callejero Events. When the entity was interviewed about the reason for these escapes and, consequently, non-compliance with the agreement established by the Foundation, SCP-ES-234 limited itself to mentioning that "I cannot fail to comply with my detective duties, crime never rests and neither can I" (sic), further mentioning that "I was not born to be a pencil pusher, it was in the streets and not behind a desk where clues were obtained and crimes were solved. (sic)

In response to these events, the Maltese Falcon protocol was established in collaboration with the Disinformation Department. SCP-ES-234 was informed that as of ██/██/██ it would work in collaboration with the research agency S, P & C, Associates. For the execution of this protocol, personnel from the Foundation in collaboration with external agents carry out representations of police cases, allowing the entity to participate in the investigative processes. Thanks to the establishment of this protocol, the incidence of uncontrolled Noir events was reduced by 80%.

Addendum 2: Interview with SCP-ES-234

Interviewee: SCP-ES-234

Investigator: Dr. Borja Dowell, member of the Regional Ethics Committee

Preamble: This record corresponds to the transcript of one of the interviews conducted at SCP-ES-234 in the context of searching for information about the source of its anomalous properties. It can be highlighted that during the development of the interview a Noir event occurred.

<BEGIN LOG, [Monday, 20th of January 2020, 10:00 hrs]>

Dr. Dowell: Good morning SCP-ES-234, I am Borja Dowell, I have come to interview you as part of a process of general evaluation of abnormal subjects housed in this place.

SCP-ES-234: Morning, Dowell. Not worried about talking to a talking cat? (Dowell denies it) Seems not. You must know others like me. What was I called in for today? A new job from S, P & C? I could really use it, I've been so bored these last few days.

SCP-ES-234 (raising its front right paw): You've come here for information? Seems like that's all they need me for these days. If it's about that file you've been looking for since last week, file ES-162/05-01 is in the possession of researcher Mondragón, who requested it a couple of months ago from your assistant Pérez, who was transferred a month ago, after which he forgot to inform you.

Dr. Dowell (nodding): Thanks, I guess, I'll check back with you later. Since you mentioned it, tell me, how did you know?

SCP-ES-234: It is simple logic my dear Dowell, since from what I have been able to find out the last few months, you, as members of every respectable research group, never allow your folders to leave the place, consequently and associating the area of work with which that file is related, Mondragon was the most likely candidate to have it in his possession, not to mention that you changed your assistant in the last month, so it is very likely that your new assistant had no knowledge about that loan.

Dr. Dowell: On another subject, SCP-ES-234, do you have any idea how long you've had these capabilities?

SCP-ES-234: Are you referring to my detective skills, or being a talking cat? Since I remember it has always been like that, in the litter we were five, three males and two females, we talked among ourselves and with our mother, a beautiful calico. We lived happily until that day…

Dr. Dowell: What happened on that day?

SCP-ES-234: That's when I lost two of my brothers, they were kidnapped and we never heard from them again. It was after that day, without heeding my mother's pleas, that I took to the streets, first in search of them and then seeking to prevent the same thing from happening to others. I always get sad when I tell this, now with your permission, I need a cigarette; I know they are a bad habit but they help me to relax and concentrate.

(SCP-ES-234 pulls out a small silver cigarette case from the inside pocket of its jacket and takes out a cigarette, lighting it with a small golden lighter.8)

(SCP-ES-234 lights another cigarette. Dowell takes out a pack of Malboro cigars from his raincoat and starts smoking.9. They both remain smoking in silence for one minute after which SCP-ES-234 starts talking again.)

SCP-ES-234: Hey, Dowell, I have something to ask you. What happened to the ruski?10 I was hoping to see him today.

Dr. Dowell: What ruski? Russian? You mean Antonov? I think even though his last name sounds Russian he's actually of Polish or Ukrainian descent…

SCP-ES-234 (downplaying it with a gesture): Ruski, Polish, that's irrelevant, they're all [INSULT CENSORED], at least he's not a commie. Whatever, I don't trust ruskis but he was an exception. I was hoping to see him but I'll have to tell you first. Don't trust South Americans.

Dr. Dowell: Excuse me, SCP-ES-234?

SCP-ES-234: That's right, watch out for the South Americans, they're playing a double game. And please stop calling me that, my name is Marw.

(The entity continues to smoke in silence for a few minutes after which the Noir event ends.)

<END LOG, [Monday 20, January of 2020, 10:48 hrs]>

Note: The information relating to file ES-162/05-01 was confirmed shortly after the end of the interview. The others [SECTION CENSORED. SPECIAL AUTHORIZATION LEVEL 3 OR HIGHER IS REQUIRED FOR ACCESS TO THE COMPLETE FILE].

Addendum 3: Pan Incident

On 10/02/2020 SCP-ES-234 started a new Callejero event, losing contact with Foundation staff until 15/02/2020, being found with medium-severe injuries inside a church in ████████, ██████████. Later, the instance returned to appear in a Callejero event, achieving its recovery on 5/03/2020 along with obtaining [REDACTED] . As a result of this event, the security levels of the SCP-ES-234 containment unit were increased, and several of the privileges previously obtained were also revoked. For more details see document ES-234/02-03 Pan

Addendum 4: Further communications in relation to SCP-ES-234

Date: 12/03/2020

To: Borja Dowell

From: Director █████████

Just as it is undeniable that SCP-ES-234's attitude has been problematic on multiple occasions, so has its usefulness, providing us with information of some value on several occasions, and I cannot fail to mention that, as unorthodox as its methods were, they allowed us to obtain [REDACTED] after the Pan Incident.

Consequently, if we cannot suppress their hunting impulses, their inexhaustible curiosity and their desire to investigate and collaborate, why not channel them? I understand that the entity is clearly anomalous and that we still don't know much about its nature, it's a cat that thinks it's a detective or at least // something// that // we see// in that way, however, is our rejection of the incomprehensible so much that we are willing to simply throw it at the bottom of a box and forget it? Furthermore, by giving it a special status and greater participation in the activities of the Site we would diminish the chances that one day it will simply not return, or even worse, that it will be made public or fall into the hands of another organization.

Date: 30/03/2020

To: Director █████████

From: Borja Dowell

SCP-ES-234 being a thinking and non-hostile entity it would be unfortunate to have to perform its termination, moreover, there is so much we must learn about its nature. One aspect that the entity's own research team has tended to underestimate is its capacity to obtain information, something that certainly and even against SCP-ES-234's own beliefs is not the result of its intellectual and research capacity, many times so many pieces are missing that it is practically impossible to obtain a valid deduction. Is it a kind of "radio" that captures information indiscriminately or does it possess metacognitive characteristics that are even more difficult to characterize?

The idea of the research agency S, P & C fits so well with his personal vision of the reality of SCP-ES-234 that even with its abilities it cannot reject it, especially when it is experiencing a Noir event and his paradigm is reduced to a crime novel. Although these events have been self-contained, with a limited scope and duration, what would happen if the entity got fed up with the transitions in its existence and consequently decided on that occasion not to drag a building or a street into that novel scenario but the entire world, or worse still, not to allow us to return to what you know as our reality?

I have discussed this scenario at length not only with members of the associated project and the Disinformation Department but also with experts in anomalous ontology and memetics and together we have come up with a possible solution: to offer you an alternative so attractive that it makes your idealized world of crime novels, mysterious crime scenes, tenacious cops and mysterious blondes who break hearts dull and boring, depriving you of the desire to return. And what better option than our own work? We do not pursue simple criminals but entities capable of murdering even concepts, we do not love mysterious blondes but immortal guardian goddesses. For obvious reasons we cannot give you an agent's position, however, assigning you Class E status and participation in specific tasks would be a good start.

Date: 01/04/2020

To: Borja Dowell

From: Director █████████

Dowell, even though this is fucking crazy and has risks associated with it, I think it can work. Let's welcome Detective Marw to the team.

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