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New Callisto, SCP-ES-245-A, at sunset.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-245 is currently under the effect of the Treaty of Free Anomalous Communities, listed as a Safe Port.

The population of SCP-ES-245-A will be monitored by assets of the Tactical Theology Department until it is determined that the hamartiological principles1 under which they are subjected naturally decay after the operation KARMIC EQUALIZATION.

Description: Discovered in 1971, SCP-ES-245 is a pocket dimension in the southern ice fields of Patagonia, on the border between Chile and Argentina. The method of entry into the interior of SCP-ES-245 is by means of a ritual involving the planting and growth of a specimen of the division Angiospermae2 until germination, from which a portal will be generated. This will remain stable as long as the tree remains alive, and is wide enough for people to enter.

The interior of SCP-ES-245 has the appearance of a Mediterranean plain, surrounded by mountains, with a cold oceanic climate, and a notoriously high soil mineralization. The place is described as "an idyllic paradise", with a wide variety of flora and fauna endemic to the area, but otherwise non-anomalous.

On the coast, lies a town of ~16 thousand inhabitants, under the name "New Callisto" (SCP-ES-245-A). It presents the typical architecture of the coastal towns of southern Chile, with several water canals that run in a branched way through its urban extension, so that only boats or gondolas are used for transportation. The streets consist of a network of stratified wooden bridges over which people can walk. The town operates a self-sufficient economy centered on fishing, agriculture and forestry.

In the middle of the main square is a 103 m high stone building that serves as the town hall and church. The inhabitants of SCP-ES-245 come to this building during the mornings to attend a religious cult dedicated to a deity referred to as "The One". The religion within SCP-ES-245 is based on Abrahamic religions, however, it presents deviations in an apparent syncretism with Druidic practices, which also form a primordial part of the administrative order in -245-A, conforming a theocratic nation-state. The justice system, consequently, implies the application of mortification and repentance in the face of criminal culpability, as well as "offerings of restoration" to compensate the community.

The existence of other settlements in SCP-ES-245 is unknown. See Addendum 2.


Interviewer: Dr. Exequías Weiss, liaison of the Department of Diplomatic Affairs (DpDA).

Interviewee: J. Colmenares, religious representative and head of state of SCP-ES-245.

Date: April 26, 1989

Foreword: During the exploration, an audience was requested with the governmental/religious body of SCP-ES-245 for the purpose of gathering information on its nature, as well as aspects of the single faith in -245-A. Dr. Weiss was sent to discuss the feasibility of a low-profile containment by annexing SCP-ES-245 to the TFAC on a voluntary basis.

<Begin Log>


Dr. Exequias Weiss: Who is "The One"?

J. Colmenares: He is the creator of everything, sir. He is the one who molded our mountains, created the fruits of the earth, gave us the light of the sky, and most importantly, who brought us here.

Dr. Exequías Weiss: I would like to know your story, how you found him, or he found you, and showed you this place.

J. Colmenares: Centuries ago, my ancestors wandered through the frozen lands3, suffering hardship and hunger, losing fingers and toes and succumbing to the cold. The few green plains did not offer much, but one day, one of the field doctors claimed to have heard him. "The One" promised them a paradisiacal land, never to mourn cold and scarcity again, and would offer everyone a home as beautiful as Eden itself.

J. Colmenares: The only thing he asked at that time was the planting of a tree and to entrust it in his name, once its fruits ripened for the first time. Few survived that expedition, but after a few years, this doctor would return with more men, and found his tree, a common apple tree, with large fruits, contrasting with the native flora.

J. Colmenares: The One spoke to the doctor, and from his tree a path was made, where he invited him and his expedition. Inside, He pointed them to this place, to build a city, and He granted them abundance and prosperity. Gradually, more and more people came and made this space their home. Since then, the people here have led long and healthy lives, almost no one succumbs to disease, and everyone lives in relative peace and harmony.

Dr. Exequias Weiss: Wow, that's interesting. And how does he communicate with his followers? Can he talk individually with everyone?

J. Colmenares: He can see us, hear us and even speak directly to the most devout of us, for we have entrusted ourselves to Him body and soul. But I am afraid He is not able to see you, Doctor.4.

Dr. Exequías Weiss: Is he a god… unable to see everything?

J. Colmenares: He can see the whole extent of his creation, but not beyond. We are his flock, and he does not want us to wander out of his sight. He cannot protect us there. He wants to make sure we do well, to allow us to pass on to the true paradise. Just think, Doctor, if this earthly place already is, it is impossible to imagine what the next one will be like.

Dr. Exequias Weiss: And he rules the city with you as intermediaries?

J. Colmenares: That's right, he communicates through us, and dictates his plans to us. We communicate them to our city, and we carry them out. Law and order come directly from His hand, and when it changes, He informs us.

Dr. Exequias Weiss: I have never seen a dogmatic system without fixed precepts.

J. Colmenares: He knows that things will not always be the same. He knows people's minds well, nothing is written in stone. That is why He gave us free will, to evolve at His pace. The landscape changes every day, and so do His laws, all for our benefit.

Dr. Exequias Weiss: Still, guiding the cultural evolution of a population poses great challenges. How do you manage to control it?

J. Colmenares: It is very simple. We teach them properly what to do and what not to do. Obviously staying pure is difficult, but genuine repentance, good works or some mortification may be enough to straighten them out. Eventually there will be intractables, but it is He Himself who separates them from the pure, removes sin from their flesh, and causes them to be reborn as part of our little Eden. There are no hells here, but souls need to purify themselves to enter His paradise.

J. Colmenares: Have you seen why our crops are so abundant and the flora so vibrant? It is a gift from Him, and it is a testament to His heavenly promise. Our land will reward the purity of the flock, and He will extract the sin from those who mend for it.

Dr. Exequías Weiss: I thank you for your time, Mr. Colmenares.

J. Colmenares: Thank you, Doctor. Have a good day. We look forward to the day when you decide to join us and get to know first hand His great glory.

<End log>

Notes: Subsequent to this interview, DpDA, through Dr. Weiss, offered SCP-ES-245 representatives to voluntarily join the TFAC, replying that "they should check with him first, before entering into any outside arrangements". Dr. Weiss' team safely emerged from SCP-ES-245 four days later. "The One" classified as -245-B.


Faced with an escalation of aftermath stirred up by unrelated events in the area, the Foundation was unable to re-enter SCP-ES-245 until 8 years later.

MTF τ-17 ("Carpenters of Ishtar") entered SCP-ES-245 on May 12, and went to -245-A, where they found that the city had been completely remodeled, resembling a walled city, with large banners adorned with an emblem laden with unknown symbols, emanating strong Akiva radiation. -245-A was covered with entry control systems, lift gates, guard posts, turrets and panopticons, although instead of being built for defense, they seemed to ensure the impossibility of escape.

The guards wore combat clothing heavily covered with scrolls, writings, liturgical carvings and symbols, as well as various prototypes of phaneropistic weapons5.

From the Regional Council, they authorized τ-17 to discreetly infiltrate the city, where they then proceeded to gather updated information on SCP-ES-245, in order to update Containment Procedures. Details to follow:

May 15: …I imagined a quieter coastal place, like when I used to go fishing with my grandfather at the summer house. This is more like a miniature feudal kingdom. People here pray almost all day long, when they are not eating or in their work routines. Always grateful to their god. "The One" grants them forgiveness, but mortification never ceases. It is normal to find people with scars all over their bodies.

June 1: It seems that everything changed after TFAC's offer. Normal people did not contemplate the existence of the "outside", and many wanted to explore further, however it took them time to find their way out. They planted a tree and left. Not everyone came back, but that was enough to change things. In the words of the ecclesiastical leaders themselves, "He" is very jealous. And very furious he would have to be, to demand the immediate execution of the fugitives, on their behalf.

June 26: Investigating their sacred scriptures, we discover that those who would have assisted the people to escape were marked with "a greater sin", and the rest of the population would be marked "in a lesser degree" for their complicity. The term "amount of sin" seems to be quite literal in this case. Each individual has a more measured frequency with the Kardec counters. I saw a boy stealing fruit in the market, and that counter was slightly rising. When he was caught, he was taken to a classroom in a school, where he was reprimanded rather fiercely, I must say. When he had repented, his counter went down.

August 13: For such a populous city, few people are seen navigating its canals or walking its layered streets. Despite the beauty of the place, everyone seems depressed or gloomy. Church leaders live only in their church, which looks like an imposing stone fortress. They never leave, and it looks difficult to enter discreetly. We'll think of something later.

August 30: We discovered a curious phenomenon regarding this hamartic counter. People with low counters seem to have much more "fortune" than those with high counters. Perhaps -245-B intentionally devised this to "reward" the purest with good deeds; conversely, the corrupt are condemned to misfortune, making it exponentially difficult to rectify. Almost every sick person in this place has a near-full hamartic meter. The struggle to remain moral is rigged in favor of the House.

September 4: We saw three subjects fill up their hamartic counter. It was risky, but we decided to follow them to see what was going on. Several guards seemed to notice, leading them to the square in front of their church-fortress. They were three boys, starving and sick, just stealing to eat. They are restless, they know their fate. They were tied to three cylindrical iron pillars, and in unison, three bolts of lightning fell on them, vaporizing them completely. The people celebrate; their hamartic counters go down very slightly. The flora is revitalized, the air becomes fresher after this act.


Church-fortress of SCP-ES-245, rear view.

September 20: Foxtrot managed to infiltrate the church-fortress, where he was almost discovered. He entered the inner sanctum, and held a strategic position, where he attached a high duration recording device. Perhaps he could pick up something interesting. On the other hand, we have observed that certain common "crimes" such as robberies, increase the counters more noticeably. It makes me think of an equivalent of "moral inflation."

October 5: Today is an important day, since it is the anniversary of "the redemption of the rebels", an ephemeris of when they executed the fugitives of the city. The ecclesiastical leaders published a new list of sins, apparently given to them by "The One", including such things as "lying about one's identity", even absurd and far-fetched trivialities, such as "eating an incorrectly prepared sandwich". The mortifications that purge such sins are also now higher, confirming "moral inflation."

October 28: During the tape replacement in the inner sanctum, where the recording device was located, Foxtrot was discovered. Apparently, he ate one of the fruits on the table, and could hear the voice of -245-B, informing him of his sins. If we save him, we will lose the facade and we are at an overwhelming numerical and equipment disadvantage. Golf will go to retrieve the device. We will have to leave soon.

On October 29, τ-17 transmitted the recording to Facility-29, also being the last known transmission of the MTF. τ-17 considered Missing in Action. Notable data from the recording below:

Date: October 23, 1997


Unknown 1: …124 souls is too few. (Bowing) But Lord, we cannot harvest more sinful souls without causing an imbalance in the population. Let the herd grow….

Unknown 2: (bowing also) Yes, Lord. It will be done. Common crimes will be aggravated. That should make it easier for the petty thieves of New Callisto to be harvested more often.

Unknown 3: Most troubling is the birth issue. They take too long to commit their first misdeeds. It sounds strange, but perhaps giving them more freedoms might allow us to… (bowing) Sir, every action taken will have reactions that we must gradually measure…

Unknown 2: More souls, Sir, yes, we will provide you with more, but it will need to be gradual.

Unknown 1: Can we not use a more… direct approach to incite people to sin?


Unknown 3: (bowing) That's right, very true Sir. You were too young to remember Old Callisto, weren't you?

Unknown 1: I did not recall that story.

Unknown 3: When you grant too much freedom, people leave, and their sins can't be harvested by Him. Old Callisto was almost deserted. On the second attempt, we became too… authoritarian. And that was our biggest mistake.

Unknown 2: He destroyed the city and its inhabitants. He devoured their sinful souls. The cravings are the same as those of an opium addict. He needs more, but we can't give it to him all at once.

Unknown 1: The Lord is hungry. He has finally succumbed. (bowing, crestfallen) Sorry Sir, we're just looking for a way to satiate you, nothing more.

Unknown 3: Sir, this method will assure us that you will always have souls. We will adjust the punishments.



On October 10, 1997, MTF φ-86 ("Electroventriloquism"), together with the Department of Tactical Theology, presented to the Regional Council possible proposals for the containment of SCP-ES-245, after a thorough evaluation based on the data obtained on the location, under the following premises:

  • Need for direct intervention given the impossibility of theoretically subduing -245-B, based on its psychological instability and its hamartic dependence on the population. Projected to escalate in severity over the next 5 years with catastrophic results.
  • The people of SCP-ES-245, while controlled, are not particularly cooperative with their government.
  • The defense corps of SCP-ES-245 consists of about two thousand individuals equipped with weapons and phaneropistic clothing of unobserved abilities.
  • Due to the events following the Weighted Balance Incident, the risk of infiltration has increased dramatically, with 24-hour patrols and surveillance.
  • Also, the punishments for concealment of actions against the government have been readjusted, increasing their severity.
  • The surrounding walls feature several redundant systems of traps and false trails to prevent any possibility of civilian escape, although they do not feature elaborate defenses against invasion.
  • The dogmatic nature of reality in SCP-ES-245, given its evolutionary character, could allow the insertion and alteration of theological precepts and axioms.
  • Since τ-17 was discovered, it has been observed that the hamartic count acts within a range in the city, affecting anyone close to it.
Proposal Description Risk Assessment
1 Direct intervention in SCP-ES-245 A set of MTFs, including φ-8, will besiege the location and force the surrender of the governing body of SCP-ES-245. Possible unacceptable collateral damage, undetermined enemy warfare/technical capability with preliminary assessment, possible risk of retaliation by the governing body against its population.
2 Evacuation order at SCP-ES-245 pre-bombing threat Use of major war threats as a deterrent to counter possible reprisals, ensuring the liberation of the population. To be considered as a last resort in case of any possible theurgical manifestation.
3 Sedation of the population through the use of mortars Use of 81 mm L16 units for remote administration of hypnotic/amnestic agents. Fading of effect due to inclement weather, long propagation time, possible hostile response to projectile alert.
4 Local theurgical reaxiomatization7 Through analysis of the local Akiva radiation, vulnerabilities in the fideic system will be searched for in order to insert manipulations that may alter the functioning of the hamartic count. Process susceptible to failures, must be done slowly so as not to raise suspicions in the administrative body, side effects difficult to predict.




After consideration of the above alternatives, a plan for a silent containment of SCP-ES-245 has been devised consisting of four phases:

  • Phase 1: Infiltration of a squadron of MTF φ-8 into -245-A, employing maritime deployment and advanced camouflage systems. φ-8 will also carry with them several specimens of Gallus gallus domesticus for employment (referred to as "atoners").
  • Phase 2: Under instructions from TTDp, φ-8 will conduct a ReAx, to alter the local nature of the hamartic count.
  • Phase 3: Completed the process, φ-8 will begin employing the atonements on the at-risk population with high readings on the Kardec counters, and they will be briefed on how to carry out this process, while granting them partial information on the nature of the fideic field they are in. The protection of the population is of the highest priority.
  • Phase 4: Once the population is controlled, we will seek to neutralize the defensive apparatus of SCP-ES-245 and subdue the administrative body for its surrender, backed by MTF ψ-11 ("Finis Orbis").

A submarine will be deployed 5 km off the coast of -245-A with a fideic decoherence warhead, from where the φ-8 insertion will proceed. Each member will carry agnostic talismans and a conventional camouflage system to pass through the phaneropistic blockades. As this process will inherently subject them by proximity to the hamartic count system, they should remain no more than 120 minutes indoors until ReAx is completed. Provisions have been made in case of possible hostile action undertaken by the armed corps of SCP-ES-245. Three squadrons of ψ-11 will assist in the neutralization of the armed forces, employing conventional equipment.

- Dr. Quentin Wackenroder
Hamartiology Subdivision


Transcript of the operation carried out on November 30, 1997. An accelerated, circumferential growth of trees was arranged in an artificial body of water created near the location of SCP-ES-245 to deposit the submarine SCPS Ojos del Salado and allow it to enter an aquatic area, along with the rest of the equipment.

<Transcript start: 01/12/1997 - 06:17 hour at SCP-ES-245>

00:00:00 - Full submergence of SCPS Ojos del Salado at SCP-ES-245, 15 km off the coast of -245-A.

00:12:14 - Stabilization of SCPS Ojos del Salado complete, preparing to float. Periscope views allow lights to be seen offshore. Several frigate-like vessels are observed.

00:14:34 - Deployment of observation satellite using rail propulsion. Commencement of fideic analysis of the area with Kardec equipment on board.

00:18:10 - Start of φ-8 deployment using DSVs8. From Command, they are given guidelines of possible blind spots for insertion. φ-8 Delta and Epsilon stay behind, throwing incendiary grenades through the cam anchor cap of the vessels, as a method of distraction.

00:31:47 - φ-8 begins to circle the shore area towards the channels, between an area of two watchtowers. One of the trees in the area serves as an anchor point for rope-slide insertion through the outer wall. Satellite picks up signals from an old ruined settlement, 10 km N of -245-A. Damage assessment begins at site.

00:33:12 - Signs of combustion on vessels now visible. Coast Guard congregates at that location. φ-8 heads towards the city market, 700 m from their position. Dr. Quentin Wackenroder contacts them via Command to deliver directives for ReAx. Despite being undetected, Kardec meters evidence that their hamartic counters reach 25% of the maximum value.


Part of a countertheurgical sigil used to start the ReAx, traced on the wall of the marketplace.

00:38:51 - One of the vessels gives way to flames, while four others begin to show signs of combustion. The Coast Guard calls in nearby reinforcements to investigate and attempt to extinguish the fires. φ-8 begins ReAx as directed by Dr. Wackenroder.

00:42:15 - Command completes damage assessment of the ruins, concluding that their destruction was from a mixture of factors, including the confluence of large amounts of lightning and concentrated 7.2 Richter seismic activity. Information on potential theurgical capabilities sent to TTDp for countermeasure evaluation.

00:57:27 - Observation satellite refocuses on city hall. Governing body has not been alerted to events on the coastline. Tychotic effects on φ-8 begin to be noticed, showing certain errors in the ReAx that need to be corrected.

01:12:31 - ReAx at 50%. φ-8 manages to insert the "scapegoat" concept into the theurgic law of SCP-ES-245 without major incident, through semantic loopholes and paradoxes. They proceed to use some to reduce their hamartic counters, but their effect is still minor. Refinement of the hamartiological nature of SCP-ES-245 requires a more thorough effort.

01:22:36 - φ-8 creates some redundancies in the concept of atonements to maximize its effectiveness. ReAx at 75%. Remaining vessels begin to combust equally by proximity; three of them succumb and sink. Coast Guard calls for reinforcements.

01:42:22 - ReAx completed. φ-8 employs more atoners to neutralize their hamartic count, and they split up, each in a -245-A zone.


07:45:19 - Each member of φ-8 congregates approximately one thousand people in different sectors of -245-A, and teaches them to use atonements. In the meantime, a new ReAx is inserted: groups of individuals can distribute their hamartic counters by proximity. This process is repeated with different groups at various times of the day. Dr. Wackenroder recommends that these remain together in closed places.

11:25:01 - The governing body of SCP-ES-245 senses these changes, and decrees a state of emergency, requiring all citizens to gather around the church-fortress, while the guard assembles in that position.

11:29:40 - The coast is partially cleared. Members of ψ-11 go there, neutralizing the watchmen of the watchtowers and the remnants of the coast guard. It should be noted that the phaneropistic bolts pass through ψ-11's anti-armor systems without any problems. On the recommendation of Dr. Wackenroder, the banners were burned before continuing to advance.

11:45:18 - 35% of -245-A's guard has been neutralized by ψ-11. φ-8 inserted another ReAx to lessen the effects of the phaneropistic equipment, but that action triggered an alert on -245-B, rapidly darkening the sky and creating thunderstorms. SCPS Ojos del Salado is requested to prepare the decoherence warhead.

12:28:42 - Randomly, the hamartic counters of certain individuals rise for no apparent reason, but are quickly equalized in groups. Plant life and heads of cattle are employed for atonements.

12:41:07 - Signs of combat are heard from ψ-11 as they approach the center. 85% of the guard neutralized, but 50% casualties among ψ-11. Finally, these reach the church-fortress. From there, an amplified voice of one of the priests is heard, giving a sermon before a group of no more than 100 individuals still loyal to the government. Several lightning strikes some bridges and houses, setting them on fire.


Image captured by a member of ψ-11 at 500 m from the church-fortress.

12:51:33 - Numerous bolts of lightning strike around the groups, none of them hitting, but causing fires and havoc in the city. A lone individual is left on one of the pillars, but no lightning strikes him.

12:56:04 - A 6.9 Richter earthquake begins. Five individuals are killed by falling bulkheads. φ-8 detects a hamartic count increasing, but it is not possible to determine where. The earthquake appears to increase in intensity.

12:59:22 - Some buildings collapse, resulting in another ~60 fatalities. The disembodied hamartic counter rises rapidly. The SCPS Ojos del Salado launches the fideic decoherence warhead toward the church-fortress, which detonates after 4 minutes, to protect civilians from a possible localized eschatological event.

13:06:11 - A sphere of energy of unknown nature manifests 400 m above the church-fortress, randomly throwing lightning bolts in the vicinity, presumably a tangible manifestation of -245-B. Dr. Wackenroder orders φ-8, with help from ψ-11, to perform a final ReAx during this event, while civilians are sent to remote areas. Tides in the surrounding channels and collapse of stratified bridges sweep several subjects into the waters.

13:21:37 - φ-8 sedates and leaves three members of the priesthood on the cylindrical pillars, employed as atonements in reverse, emptying their counters and immobilizing them there. The ReAx is completed.

13:27:10 - Lightning strikes the pillars, vaporizing the subjects on them. The outer hamartic count reaches its maximum, generating various irregular effects in the environment, rapid temperature changes and the projection of a deep scream at 125 dB. The Kardec counters reveal that an Aquinas Paradox has occurred9. Shortly thereafter, -245-B dematerializes, and the telluric movements cease.

Note: Subsequent satellite images revealed that cracks and unevenness around the epicenter of the quake outlined a humanoid face, described as "frightened" in appearance.


After the neutralization of -245-B, the MTFs present observed a partially ruined city, its church-fortress cracked, its canals flooded. The banners and phaneropistic equipment were losing their capabilities. The Kardec counters noted a slow decay in the background Akiva radiation at -245-A. Quickly, the population was enlisted for amnestization, and they were told that their city had been wiped out by a storm. We were coming to support them.

The Ethics Committee emphasized from the beginning to save the population. No theurgic entity, even a benevolent one, should have governmental control over human groups at that level. On that day, our Foundation faced a jealous and wrathful god, and prevailed.

Likewise, the individuals living in SCP-ES-245 are human, and they are latinos, just like us. We have assisted them in reordering their government, now free of dogma, to seek their own destiny, while rebuilding their city. Eventually they will learn the truth, and be prepared.

We have again offered them entry to the TFAC, on understandable terms. Those whose hamartic counters finally decay, will be able to leave the city under our monitoring, and get to know the outside world. We will enable a permanent two-way portal to allow this exchange, and will consider them a Safe Port to develop their trade and industry. They will have prosperity through their own hand, and we will mediate through this, in the form of taxes and customs charges.

Word has gotten out that TFAC is oppressive and rigid, but that should not be the case here. Our third mission is to Protect, and we will commit to doing so. We act firmly against anomalous crime, but there are only normal humans here, seeking fulfilling lives where they are. They deserve it as much as any other individual in our domain. Someday, their people will finally be free from the dogmatic yoke of their jealous god, and we, The Foundation, will see to it.

I know we have been going through difficult times and things may not look as bright as we would like. Some of you may not be so happy with our recent results; we understand that, and that is why we are letting you know this today. One of our many victories together, one of many we have achieved, and will continue to be able to achieve as long as we continue to strive together. As long as we are like this, we are as capable as any other region in the world. Never forget that.

— Yerko Venceslao Nemanja Gerbic Jankovic
— Director of the Regional Council of Latin America
— Director of the Facility-57

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