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Due to recent events at the former Site-91, the current SCP-ES-246 file is pending update. The initial containment procedures will be held more rigidly.

— Researcher Maia Ross from Site-34 HQ.

Item #: SCP-ES-246

Object Class: Keter


SCP-ES-246-A instance, found in the home of Kuroki Montaro in Nagoya, Japan.

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation continues to foster investments in institutions dedicated to mental health in the continents affected by SCP-ES-246, with the purpose of its prevention, thus including a larger budget for all Psychology Departments in its facilities. Should any subject affected by SCP-ES-246 be located, the Foundation shall amnestize the social circle of the individual in question after the end of the event, as well as altering the official documents referring to the same, making additional use of disinformation campaigns regarding the disappearance of the structures affected by SCP-ES-246-A. The latter procedures will be omitted in case it directly involves the Foundation.

Any test or raid on SCP-ES-246-A is fully restricted by direct request of the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-ES-246 is the assignment given to a baseline reality-tearing event, which occurs after a succession of a set of specific actions of varying order and nature, with a 0.7% statistical probability that this will lead to SCP-ES-246. The exact nature of the steps, as well as the mechanisms by which SCP-ES-246 occurs remain under study, however, a determining factor is the emotional discomfort that this generates in the subject. Once these actions are carried out, a SCP-ES-246-A instance is created within the wall spaces of the dwelling or living quarters of any type in which the subject who provoked a SCP-ES-246 event resides.

SCP-ES-246-A and its effects are noticeable after two weeks, in which the interior structure of the house will begin to present cracks in its architecture, as well as holes of between 5 to 13 cm in diameter, which will seem to generate a non-Euclidean space through which light is not able to pass. Shortly after the first manifestation of SCP-ES-246-A, the subject will suffer from symptoms of generalized malaise including migraine, fevers, muscle numbness, among others. These symptoms are the result of the cognito-hazardous nature of SCP-ES-246-A, which those afflicted have referred to as "guttural screams", only perceptible to the person affected, or to other people who remain inside the area for more than 4 hours. Major investigations or raids carried out inside the spaces created by SCP-ES-246-A have been unsuccessful, often resulting in the loss of equipment during the missions.

After a period of 7 weeks, the subject's house affected by SCP-ES-246-A will begin a process of assimilation through the termination and disintegration of the subject's Hume units, with a behavior theoretically similar to that of radiation exposure. Once this process is over, the area affected by SCP-ES-246-A will disappear, which may lead to collapse in architectures such as blocks of apartments.

All the cases involving SCP-ES-246 have been reported in different continents, the most recurrent being in Asia and to a lesser extent in the Americas. Despite apparently effective containment attempts that have succeeded in reducing the incidence of SCP-ES-246, at least 10 SCP-ES-246 incidents per year are common.

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