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Item #: SCP-ES-250

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Publicly, the territory affected by SCP-ES-250 has been exposed as an exclusion zone due to a radioactive leak during a land transport of intermediate level radioactive waste in 1975 to the El Cabril nuclear cemetery. Consequently, secondary highways within 500 m of the perimeter of SCP-ES-250 have been permanently closed, with the exception of the CM-110 regional road and all its exits. A total of 20 monitoring points have been established in the area to determine any access to the site.

It is strictly forbidden to conduct any exploration at SCP-ES-250 by human subjects. Only aerial exploration by means of drones or unmanned aircraft is allowed.

Description: A region of, at the time of writing, 69 km2 is designated SCP-ES-250. SCP-ES-250 is located in the interior of the province of Guadalajara, Spain; at coordinates ██° ██' North █° █'' West. Unlike the characteristic cultivated fields of the community, SCP-ES-250 does not have a regular geometric shape, since its perimeter is limited by the surrounding highways.

SCP-ES-250 is inhabited exclusively by a certain class of plant organisms (designated SCP-ES-250-1) that share characteristics with the species Triticum aestivum.1 The size of these individuals is directly proportional to their distance from a point apparently located in the centre of SCP-ES-250. Thus, SCP-ES-250-1 instances located at the perimeter of SCP-ES-250 have an average length of 30 cm, while the instances located in the central area can reach up to 5 metres.

Several traceable mind-altering agents have been identified within SCP-ES-250, which affect the entire enclosure regardless of its surface area. Consequently, no conscious individual who has not previously known about the existence and effects of SCP-ES-250 will be able to perceive or voluntarily enter SCP-ES-250. Continuous surveys of the area show that, while these effects are produced from specific points within SCP-ES-250, the location and number of these is continuously changing.

The area affected by SCP-ES-250 increases arithmetically in certain areas. The surface area of SCP-ES-250 is estimated to increase by 150 m2 annually. As a consequence of this effect, SCP-ES-250 has invaded different highways and even nearby crop fields, which were publicly exposed as burned and monetary rewards were offered to their owners in exchange for their removal. However, SCP-ES-250 does not expand along the CM-110 regional road. There have been attempts to destroy sections of SCP-ES-250-1 by heavy machinery, tools or controlled fires, but SCP-ES-250-1 invariably grows back to its previous height within 3 days. A way to limit the spread of SCP-ES-250-1 is being investigated.

No evidence has been found of any complex organisms inhabiting SCP-ES-250 beyond SCP-ES-250-1 instances. Any attempt to introduce outside organisms into SCP-ES-250 has failed after a short time. In addition, migrating bird species (especially flocks of Hirunda rustica2) have been observed to deviate their trajectory so as not to cross the SCP-ES-250 airfield.

On the other hand, the weather conditions at SCP-ES-250 are often different from those in the outer area, always presenting the characteristic conditions of the area. Evidence of this are significant differences in atmospheric pressure, differences in wind direction and speed and, on rare occasions, the spontaneous occurrence of rain over SCP-ES-250. These changes do not seem to follow a specific pattern. This information has been collected from weather balloon soundings.

Addendum 250: According to the records, the last owners of the initial land occupied by SCP-ES-250 were José Romano and his wife Yerma ████, at the end of the 19th century. The couple had no descendants, and both the location of their graves and the reason for death are unknown. No anomalous properties were determined at that time.

Addendum 250-2: Exploration log

Mission parameters: Exploration of the anomalous capacities of SCP-ES-250 in-situ on human subjects.

Personnel: D-2910 (Alejandro ██████, man convicted of second-degree murder and paedophilia, orphaned at age 3).

Further information: The subject was superficially briefed on some of the capabilities of SCP-ES-250. A GPS tracking chip was inserted, as well as a remotely triggered small explosive, and he was provided with a video camera, headset and spotlight. An A-89 remotely piloted drone was provided for aerial tracking of the mission. The mission was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Santiago Vicario.


[15:25] The subject is escorted by some plainclothes officers to one of the entrances furthest from the main roads, and was instructed to proceed northward with the aid of a compass until the alleged center of the anomaly was reached.

Dr. Vicario: Good afternoon, Alejandro. You can call me Santiago, and I will accompany you during your journey through this vast field. For the time being, keep moving forward.

[15:28] The subject advances a few meters, while looking at the place he entered and nearby areas.

Dr. Vicario: Do not attempt to flee, or we will trigger the device inside your neck. It is just a walk in the countryside. Let yourself be carried by the breeze, many have not been as lucky as you.

D-2910: As you say, boss. At least it's better here than in that smelly cell.

[15:50] SCP-ES-250-1 is already up to the subject's waist. His heart rate is below 60 Bpm.

Dr. Vicario: How are you feeling?

D-2910: Calm. It's been a long time since I've breathed such fresh air. My mind is totally blank, I just look at the wheat. The wheat swaying in the wind. The grains flying as far as I can see.

Dr. Vicario: If at any time you need to take a break, go ahead, you have a long way to go, but try to let me know first. In your backpack you carry supplies and water that could last for several days.

D-2910: No, don't worry. I'm not tired, I can barely feel my legs. It's like I'm floating downstream. This place is picturesque. When I die, because I know I don't have long left, that with you the grim reaper is just around the corner, my only wish, even if I don't deserve it, would be to die with this inner peace. Thanks for bringing me here, boss.

[16:14] Subject pauses, and his heart rate rises considerably.

Dr. Vicario: Is something wrong?

D-2910: I could have sworn I heard something. It sounded like something speeding away for just a few seconds. (turns his head to the right).

Dr. Vicario: I have not heard anything. Maybe it's just a little wind gust.

D-2910: No, I saw something move and disappear in the grass when I turned around.

Dr. Vicario: Yes (after a few seconds). It does not cover too much yet, it must have been a rabbit, there are many in this province.

D-2910: I believed that there were no animals around here.

Dr. Vicario: It is a rabbit, Alejandro. Just ignore it and move on.

[17:02] SCP-ES-250-1 completely covers D-2910, with an approximate height of 2 meters. The subject appears exhausted and his heart rate is 123 bpm. He stops in a small area where there is no crop.

Dr. Vicario: Alejandro, sit down and rest for a while here. You have been walking for almost 2 hours now, and I also need to step away for a few minutes and go get a coffee.

D-2910: Yes, sir. I could use some. With your permission, I'm going to get something to eat.

[17:10] D-2910's camera image is interrupted for a few seconds. His GPS signal disappears intermittently, and finally disappears.

Dr. Vicario: Alejandro, are you still there? (Static) Can you hear me? (Static) Alejandro, respond, it's an order.

D-2910: Sir? Oh, thank God I hear you again.

Dr. Vicario: Something is going wrong with your positioning. Go ahead a little bit and see if I can fix it.

D-2910: Yes, you see…. (Pause. He raises the compass to camera height. The needle spins in all directions). I think it's broken or something, and I'm not quite clear where I was going.

Dr. Vicario: Compasses don't break like watches. It may be a disturbance in the electromagnetic field in the area, we have never seen anything like this before but it will not last long. Let's see, jump with your arms up and try to wave them in the air.

D-2910 jumps repeatedly, but does not appear on the drone's camera, even though the drone was close to its location.

Dr. Vicario: I do not… I do not understand. Did you see the drone while jumping?

D-2910: No, sir. Is everything all right?

D-2910: No… Your camera feed is correct, and the drone feed is correct. If you can get back to the area where the wheat was not covering, I might be able to locate you.

D-2910: You see sir, or I'm sorry but it's not like I've been keeping a close eye on the ground for quite some time now. It gets to be kind of monotonous. I'm not quite sure which way to go.

Dr. Vicario: Okay, give me a second, you see that branch snapped in half to your left? You passed by it before you sat down. Follow it, at least until the wheat no longer covers you to track you. And lighten your pace.

[17:21] The subject has continued to move in the indicated direction.

D-2910: Boss, I think the wheat is a little higher here than it was a while ago.

Dr. Vicario: Well, maybe that means you are still heading in the right direction. Can you see the Sun from your position?

D-2910: No, I can barely see the sky.

Dr. Vicario: (Raising his voice) Then throw your backpack on the ground and try to jump on top of it.

D-2910: (Jumps. Pause) D-did you see what I saw?

As he jumps, the sky is clear, and two suns can be seen: one to the right and one to the left of D-2910, in the relative position corresponding to the time. The mountain ranges are not visible. From the drone image, there is no visible variation in the firmament. At the same time, all nearby SCP-ES-250-1 appears to have the same altitude.

Dr. Vicario: This… (Pause) Calm down, it must be an optical illusion, perhaps produced by an increase in atmospheric pressure and the concentration of some particles in a very specific point of the atmosphere. Do not worry, you just…

D-2910: (Interrupts) Shut up, shut up damn it. You have no idea what the hell this place is, I'm sure I'm the first idiot you've brought here to see what's going on. And now let me be on my way and go look around. I think I saw a bigger plant than usual not too far away.

Dr. Vicario: Alejandro, I need you to calm down. Stop for a while and drink some water. Remember, you're only a few months away from the end of your D-Class duty so you can be free.

D-2910: Free? You think like the rest of them I fell for that bluff too? I killed a fucking kid for fuck's sake! And everyone else, I've killed them from inside. I… (Pause) I didn't want to do it, I didn't want to throw it like that, but what do you care? To you I'm just a piece of meat with legs, and to society, the biggest waste possible. I hope this place will be my grave, but before that, I will advance until my feet bleed. Not as a favor to you, for you are nothing to me, but so that you will not have to bring another like me to die as meat.

[17:35] The subject's pulse rate drops back down to normal values of 80 bpm, but suddenly rises to 140 bpm.

D-2910: Oh, God! No… (Falls to his knees and vomits).

Dr. Vicario: Alejandro, what is going on? Your vitals have gone through the roof.

D-2910: Can't you see?

Dr. Vicario: No, I do not see anything out of the ordinary. What should I see?

D-2910: A goddamn corpse hanging from a pole!

Dr. Vicario: Could you describe it to me, please?

D-2910: Yeah sure, you want me to do an autopsy and everything while I'm at it?

Dr. Vicario: Please, I need you to calm down and do what I order you to do. If communications are still working with the camera and audio, they will also work with the device you have implanted. So, can you tell me what you see?

D-2910: (Pause for 10 seconds. The subject, crestfallen, clenches his fists, and eventually raises his head) I'm sorry, sir. This damn place can get to me, I don't know why. Where's that peace of mind? Let's see… It's a man. He has no eyes, he looks empty. Wait. (Pause. The subject seems to move his arms in the air) It's just skin. He's naked, and all the flesh and stuff is gone. He's hanging on two perpendicular poles like a cross, and he's got some cuts on his arms and legs, but no blood. It looks like… It's like a scarecrow.

Dr. Vicario: Are you absolutely sure about what you are telling me?

D-2910: Of course, it's right in front of me. How come you can't see it?

Dr. Vicario: No, I cannot. (Pause) Listen boy, sometimes there are things that we ourselves cannot see, cannot touch, cannot know. But that do not mean that those things do not exist, only that only some, or no one, should perceive them. You do not need to know more. Keep moving forward.

[18:01] As the subject advanced, SCP-ES-250-1 also appeared to be increasing in height, exceeding 3 meters in height. Many of the instances were bending under their own weight. The pulse rate of D-2910 is 70 bpm.

D-2910: Boss, I think something is wrong. It's like my footsteps are doubling, but there's no one following me. You guys told me, there's nobody here, there's nothing, right?

Dr. Vicario: It must be auditory hallucinations, it is strange, you have only been 20 minutes without talking to me. How are you feeling?

D-2910: 20 minutes? Wow, it's been hours for me, but I won't deny that it becomes pleasant to walk around here. I'm doing the best I can be, trying to take it all in. I've seen about 3 more of those scarecrows, but I imagine that you haven't even noticed… It's getting harder and harder for me to see the sun. (Pause) Excuse me, what did you say?

Dr. Vicario: Nothing.

D-2910: I'm pretty sure I heard something from the earpiece. Wait, there it is again. "No." "We can't." "Playing." "We don't want you." "Nona's coming." (Heart rate increases considerably). It sounds like the voice of a small child. No. What the hell is this? This is your thing, isn't it? Answer me! Talk to me now if it's so funny!

Dr. Vicario: I still have not heard anything. Does Nona's name mean anything to you?

D-2910: Are you turning a deaf ear now? Well, two can play at this game. How I hate you, sir.

[18:01] D-2910 arrives at a wide area where all SCP-ES-250-1 has been cut inches close to the ground, possibly mowed down with a tool such as a sickle or scythe.

Dr. Vicario: This seems to me a good area to make a short stop, I grant you permission.

D-2910: Great, thanks. I'm blown out. I gotta say that in the old days when I used to run a lot my feet used to burn, and now I don't even feel them.

D-2910 enters the field. A resounding thump is heard and D-2910 falls to the ground, passed out. His vital signs are stable.

[22:34] It is still daylight despite the time. The Suns follow a trajectory approaching each other instead of setting. The SCP-ES-250-1 instances around D-2910 begin to gently swing.

Unknown: (An unknown female voice coming from all directions as an echo) I have told you children not to talk to strangers.

SCP-ES-250-1 ceases all movement and remains completely rigid vertically, making it difficult to pass. D-2910 wakes up and runs in an indeterminate direction leaving its equipment behind. For a few minutes footsteps can be clearly heard at the same speed as D-2910 in quite a few directions simultaneously, which eventually stop.

[22:39] The subject stops running and his pulse rate drops to 60 bpm. SCP-ES-250-1 reaches a height of almost 4 meters. SCP-ES-250-1 appears to separate slightly as it passes.

D-2910: I think I've already lost it. Wow, I seem to have cut my arm while running, it doesn't look alarming.

Dr. Vicario: Who did you lose? Did you get a look at whatever it was that was chasing you?

D-2910: No, I did not see anything. But I know for sure it was a Grim Reaper. No, not that Grim Reaper who was the emissary of the end, it was Nona.

Dr. Vicario: What do you mean? I don't understand you.

D-2910: The wheat. (Pause) She speaks to me, she helps me. While I was sleeping, it protected me, you didn't. I've had dreams that were experiences from other lives, demons that you wouldn't be able to understand. Unable to see life. You said it yourself, there are things that some people simply cannot see, and others were bound to see them. Nona… Nona mows souls and harvests them in this field. Nona…

Dr. Vicario: You are delusional. Now you listen to me. Stop, breathe in, breathe out and tell me your name.

D-2910: My name… I… (Pause.) I don't have names, you are the boss, sir. And I… Now I don't remember. Wait, José? My name is José?

Dr. Vicario: Where did you hear that name?

D-2910: The whispers… I'm told they only know that name.

Dr. Vicario: Your name is Alejandro, can you hear me?. Look, I want you to forget all those voices you say you hear. I just want you to listen to me, and do everything I tell you to do. Everything will be all right, now keep walking.

D-2910: Yes.

[23:45] The sky darkens, obscuring the camera image, and it begins to rain. The individual continues walking crestfallen in a straight line until he finds what appears to be a mill. The surrounding SCP-ES-250-1 appears to acquire its expected maximum height. The six blades of the mill are painted different shades of green, simulating leaves, while the center varies between touches of white and pink. In the doorway to this one is a small wooden box with a note on top. The wood is noticeably rotten and there are drops of what appears to be dried blood on the sides. D-2910 approaches and focuses on the note with the camera.

When the child died, he died accompanied by his mother. All that remained of Yerma was a sinister feeling of what would once have been love. Yerma only prayed to God, and God ignored her. The Sons of the Vine came to her burial, to heal her, to blind her. And then her son never left, no one would ever leave from that moment on. The last thing Yerma said before she was blinded was that she never wanted her son to be alone again.

Me, I'm neither dead nor alive, and you who reads this are neither. Just make sure you're the last one to come.


Dr. Vicario: Great! Now if you would be so kind, enter the mill.

D-2910: No.

Dr. Vicario: D-2910, this is a direct order from a superior. Open that door.

D-2910: I said no. Nona's inside, waiting for me, and waiting for you after. Everyone else you bring in here to die. You have nothing more to do here Vicario, let the children rest in peace.

[23:59] D-2910 takes off his hearing aid, throws it on the ground and steps on it. He then advances a few meters into SCP-ES-250-1 with his arms outstretched, tearing them with the stalks. The camera focuses downward, and D-2910's legs can be seen completely torn apart, leaving a trail of blood in SCP-ES-250-1. Next, the camera focuses on the sky, and it can be seen how through the clouds the Suns seem to collide, while the rain continues. Finally, the camera falls, focusing only on SCP-ES-250-1. Dr. Vicario stated that in the camera the skin of D-2910 could be seen on two poles forming a cross. The camera shut down after approximately three more hours of delay..


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