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Item #: SCP-ES-251

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A weekly cleaning team has been assigned to the SCP-ES-251 room. The cleaning processes must be carried out with sterile materials and avoid damaging the tissues of SCP-ES-251-1. The texts released annually by SCP-ES-251-1 will be sent to Dr. Santiago Vicario for analysis and interpretation.

Description: SCP-ES-251 is ███████ G█████ ████, Spaniard, 1.73 m tall, officially died by suicide between October and November 1947, at the age of 43. According to records, he was a medical graduate who never practiced medicine and a narrative writer whose work was censored at the beginning of the dictatorship and of which no record is preserved. Apparently he is in a vegetative state where his only functional systems are the circulatory and nervous systems.

SCP-ES-251 is located in the center of a 40 m2 room in an abandoned building in the ██████ district, Madrid. SCP-ES-251 is naked, completely skinned, with multiple muscles completely torn and presents various bone trauma of different magnitude. All of its internal organs (with the exception of the brain, heart and blood vessels) are atrophied in an advanced state of putrefaction. He has multiple small tumor masses distributed in different areas of his muscle tissue and his eyes, ears, nose, hair and teeth have been removed. Nevertheless, continuous brain activity has been determined in the subject by means of electroencephalograms, which does not seem to differ much from that regular in the population during REM sleep cycles. Similarly, SCP-ES-251 has an almost constant heart rate of 40-45 bpm. According to the medical analyses that have been performed, he does not have any type of cardiovascular pathology and aspects such as blood glucose and oxygen levels, despite the lack of a functional hepatic and respiratory system, are regular at all times.

The subject is elevated 50 cm in height by significant extensions of his radial arteries through his wrists and by extensions of the femoral veins protruding from his knees All of these coalesce into a complex blood vessel system originating from the walls of the room in which he is located, henceforth referred to as SCP-ES-251-1. Apparently, the arteries and veins that support it are attached to a series of muscle fibers that allow enough tension to keep the body elevated. SCP-ES-251-1 occupies a large portion of the room's walls, ceiling and floor; all of which are also covered with layers of dried blood, fecal debris and unusable smooth muscle structures. A total of 14 single-cavity myocardial structures similar in structure to cephalopod gill hearts have also been identified, which appear to cooperate with blood pumping and are coordinated with ~2 second error.

All vessels terminate in capillaries with lymphatic capacity. At 2 meters in front of SCP-ES-251 a three-dimensional net-like arterial and venous anastomosis structure of approximately 1 x 0.3 x 0.3 m is organized from the ground vertically, supported in a similar manner to SCP-ES-251; and in its center is located a non-anomalous functional typewriter.

SCP-ES-251-1 performs small movements very gradually that start in SCP-ES-251 and expand throughout the system. These actions consist of movements of external contraction and rotation of the vessels, being able to move a few centimeters at most by such action. This sequence of movements ends in the structure in front of SCP-ES-251, where the energy accumulated to perform this procedure is used to press one of the writing buttons in an apparently deliberate manner. In a parallel event, some capillaries and minor vessels are organized, again gradually, inside the platen of the machine, systematically denaturing the collagen of its walls to synthesize an object similar in shape to a sheet of paper from its epithelial and muscular tissues. In this process, the impression of the key is captured by means of a substance rich in hemoglobin that mimics ink.1. Consequently, after varying periods of time, coherent sentences in Spanish are synthesized, and between October 25 and 30 the object is released, similar to a sheet of paper containing what appear to be micro-narratives, which are dropped on the floor and have no further effect, nor do they contain any type of memetic or infohazardous agent.

At the time of the discovery of SCP-ES-251 in 2015 none of these structures were found in the room, so it is theorized that they either began to be synthesized upon discovery or had been previously collected by unidentified individuals.

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