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Item #: SCP-ES-252

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The MORTA protocol has been established for transient containment and investigation of SCP-ES-252-1 to try to prevent or control SCP-ES-252 events. The MORTA protocol consists of mobilization of SCP-ES-252-1 to new containment at the beginning of each month. The logistics and containment methods are designated by an algorithm and consequently discussed by the research team in charge of the anomaly. The aim is to study the behavior of those affected by SCP-ES-252, in order to eventually avoid the transition to a new cycle.

The concrete containment of SCP-ES-252-1 during a given cycle of SCP-ES-252 should be discussed with the research team, although if not necessary, no information about the containment of the current cycle proposed by the MORTA protocol will be given.

Descripción: SCP-ES-252 refers to a probabilistic series of events occurring around a subject, hereafter referred to as SCP-ES-252-1. SCP-ES-252 possesses a cyclic character that appears to restart every 25-30 days, and it is believed that it can only affect one subject simultaneously in base reality.

Thus, in each cycle, a seemingly random subject from any area on Earth will undergo a series of behavioral alterations aimed at an assassination attempt on SCP-ES-252-1. Although it has not been possible to establish a specific pattern of subjects affected by SCP-ES-252, subjects between the ages of 14 and 64, female, with a homosexual orientation, in a situation of divorce or orphanhood or with physical or psychological disabilities seem to have a higher relative risk of suffering from it.

SCP-ES-252-1 has the appearance of an elderly Caucasian male. Its actual age could not be confirmed by any of the dating processes performed, but since its discovery in 1965, its appearance does not appear to have changed and there is no record of it suffering from any pathology since then. SCP-ES-252-1 refuses to communicate in any way, although it does not resist the new containment procedures proposed by the MORTA protocol. SCP-ES-252-1 does not require nutrition, water, physical exercise, hygiene, or any form of social interaction, and generally stands without any action.

The course of SCP-ES-252 is different in each subject. It has not been possible to meet any subject or stop their actions prior to the cessation of each SCP-ES-252 cycle, so specific data about the psychological alterations of these subjects is still under investigation. It is believed, however, that those affected are fully aware of the location and characteristics of SCP-ES-252-1, as well as its containment and the methods to overcome it, and of course the most effective form of murder according to the characteristics of the subject, their economic situation and the context in which SCP-ES-252-1 is found.

Each cycle of SCP-ES-252 ends with what, in normal situations, would be a successful neutralization of SCP-ES-252-1. When this occurs, a LK-class Restructuring Event occurs, in which the entirety of the subject's existence is suppressed in baseline reality. In this way, all interactions and actions that the subject had carried out throughout his existence or that in any possible way involved him are replaced by others with the same results in which he would not participate. Similarly, all knowledge about the subject or any aspect related to them would disappear, even from written records.

In parallel, an alternative dimension apparently equal to the one prior to the LK-Class Event is generated, with a time axis that only covers that specific cycle of SCP-ES-252, so that when it ends, that reality is restarted. The subject initially affected by SCP-ES-252 will indefinitely attempt to assassinate SCP-ES-252-1 each time by a different means. Subjects in this state are believed to be aware of each of their previous attempts, and none of the new attempts ever succeed as that reality restarts.

Addendum 252-1: The following are some of the events of the most recent cycle of SCP-ES-252, the 6062nd since its discovery. The containment at the time proposed by the MORTA protocol consisted of a standard containment cell in the basement of Site-34 Block 3, a section corresponding to a cell module for non-aggressive humanoids only accessible by an elevator located on the fifth floor of the block.

Assassination Attempt 133

Subject succeeds in distributing carbon methane gas at a rate of 235 mg/mm^3^ into the ventilation system of Site-34 Block 3, consequently producing a fire resulting in the death of 20 personnel present as well as some of the individuals contained in the facility.

Assasination Attempt 250

The subject manipulates the security system of the cell module, thus initiating an emergency drill. All cell doors open and most of the contained individuals escape. SCP-ES-252-1 pokes his head out of his cell, at which point the subject telematically closes the door and SCP-ES-252-1's neck is jammed and the subject asphyxiates. Seconds later, the subject loses control of the system.

Assasination Attempt 252

The subject distributes a drug of unknown origin in the food intended for the individuals contained in the cell module of Block 3 of Site-34, causing the death by the intoxication of all individuals except SCP-ES-252-1, since it does not require food.

Assassination Attempt ███

Subject gains access as personnel in charge of restraining SCP-ES-252-1, enters their cell and with a piece of glass repeatedly attacks them, creating deep wounds to SCP-ES-252-1's upper extremities resulting in severe hemorrhaging.

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