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Item #: SCP-ES-254

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Protocols: SCP-ES-254 is currently contained within a facade that is visibly represented as a store for sale and purchase. It operates regularly for the public and employs exclusively Foundation staff for periods no longer than 6 months.

Each weekend, a basic charitable activity protocol is to be carried out, whereby staff will be responsible for distributing various supplies of fish and seafood to the population of [REDACTED], Norway. If it is impossible to carry out the protocol, it will be postponed until appropriate conditions are met.

Description: SCP-ES-254 is an ice fishing hole located in the city of [REDACTED], Norway. Whenever an individual attempts to fish inside SCP-ES-254, a random non-anomalous marine species will take the bait within an interval of 3 to 5 minutes. This occurs universally, regardless of climatic variables and specific fishing seasons.

Several studies have been carried out to thoroughly inspect specimens from SCP-ES-254, and they have no differences in any aspect from those a normal specimen would have when fished.

To date, the following species have been identified:

  • Salmon (atlantic, sockeye, humpback, chinook, coho)
  • Koi carp (kōhaku, sanke, showa)
  • Silverside (cornalitos)
  • Tuna (yellowfin, longfin, bigeye, skipjack)
  • Cod (pacific, atlantic, pollack)
  • Octopuses
  • Squids
  • Mussels

To see the complete catalog of fished species, refer to List 328-27.032 at Site Ω7.


Recent image of the perimeter established to protect SCP-ES-254.



One of the original fishermen in the area.

Initial records of SCP-ES-254 date back to 1932. The area was originally occupied by a group of farmers and fishermen, who accidentally stumbled upon the site while looking for a suitable place to fish.

Noticing the anomalous effects of SCP-ES-254, they used it to generate profits within a limited market. However, this lasted only a brief time due to a quick intervention by Foundation agents near the area. The merchants were amnesticized and transferred to a nearby location.

Later on, a proposal issued by agents working in the area, alongside the neighboring economics department, was accepted. This proposal envisioned the creation of a retail store for fishing and hunting supplies, as well as the commercialization of SCP-ES-254 instances determined to be safe. Eventually, activities were planned to give away a certain amount of fish to the local population in an attempt to generate goodwill within the community, something that was well accepted by civilians.

Nowadays, SCP-ES-254 is under the facade of a store. It is considerably successful and is constantly being renovated by the Foundation to keep it up and running.

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