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2/SCP-ES-256 LEVEL 2/SCP-ES-256



Item #: SCP-SCP-ES-256

Object Class: Keter


Vehicle affected by SCP-ES-256.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the phenomenon associated with SCP-ES-256, current containment procedures are focused primarily on prevention of its effects and on cover-up actions for related incidents. Liaison officers with local law enforcement agencies will be responsible for disinformation efforts, attributing incident victims to conventional causes such as hit-and-runs.

Staff members at their private residences are advised to actively participate in local Halloween-related activities, especially the distribution of candy to minors. They have also been instructed to avoid making unfavorable or critical comments regarding the holiday, either verbally or written.1

Transportation in closed motorized vehicles is not recommended during SCP-ES-256 manifestation period, which spans from dusk on October 31 until 3:00 a.m. on November 1. In cases where travel is unavoidable, a thorough check of the transport should be made before use, and it should be replaced if irregularities associated with the anomaly are found, and it is also recommended to postpone the start of the trip until after 0:00 am on November 1.

Description: SCP-ES-256 corresponds to a spontaneous transfiguration event due to which closed motorized vehicles2 become mature fruit specimens of Curcubita máxima3, which, although initially of similar dimensions and conformation to the original vehicle, do not have the previous mechanical and structural properties, which would have caused a series of road accidents. This process can last from a few minutes to several hours, always ending at 0:00 local time on November 1.

Even though no elements have been determined to consider a vehicle as a candidate to be affected by SCP-ES-256, the analyses carried out by the research team associated to the anomaly have allowed the identification of a series of characteristics shared by the subjects involved in these events:

  • Active rejection of the celebration of Halloween, whether for religious, social, cultural or personal reasons. These subjects do not limit themselves to not participating in the celebration but will try to prevent the participation of third parties, showing discomfort with the preparations and expressing their rejection using adjectives such as "satanic celebration", "commercial product", "waste of time", "it's stupid" and "cultural appropriation" among others.
  • Hostile behavior towards minors who participate in the collection of candy associated with this celebration, expelling them from the vicinity of their homes and incurring from insults and threats to aggressions and complaints to local police forces for vandalism.
  • The majority of the subjects have a history of dysfunctional family relationships, including divorce and loss of custody of their children. It should be noted that most of the subjects were not involved in a new affective relationship.
  • Almost all of the subjects do not have addictions or a history of mental illness, and are often described as employees committed to their companies or organizations, working long hours that far exceed the average for other workers.
  • In most cases the subjects owned or frequently used the affected vehicles, although cases of leased or shared vehicles that were affected by the anomaly have been described.4
  • Most of the subjects are men between 35 and 70 years old, living alone, with no pets.

The phenomenon was initially identified due to the incident that affected on the night of October 31, 2019, Ernesto Rojas, assistant researcher at Site-34's Anomalous Materials Laboratory. Although it was initially treated as an independent incident, being classified as SCP-ES-███, subsequent investigations conducted by the Site-34 Analysis Department allowed to relate it to ███ similar events, which have had ██ fatalities.

Due to the breadth of the population susceptible to be involved in events associated with SCP-ES-256 and the ubiquity of the phenomenon, the present containment approach was chosen, dedicating a small annual budget to the search and identification of the cause or causes or responsible for SCP-ES-256.

Addendum 1: Statement of Ernesto Rojas

That day I had finished working around 11 p.m., because of the fucking mass spectrometer that had broken down again and the guys in the technical area couldn't spend a minute on it. Do you know what it means when a delicate piece of equipment like that breaks down and you can't call an outside company to repair it because you work on a project that supposedly doesn't exist in an organization that nobody should know about? Anyway, in the afternoon I got the spare parts and between Rios and myself we managed to get it working again.

To make matters worse, that day that stupid Karen from Human Resources had brought carved pumpkins to decorate the site. Where the fuck does she think we are? A kindergarten? A suburban mothers' club? An insurance company? Because of her the whole damn sector reeked of ripe pumpkins, it seemed to have the smell impregnated in my clothes.

Since you ask, before getting into my car I noticed something unusual in its color but I did not give it any importance, I thought it was because of the poor lighting in the parking lot.

I mention all this because it is possible that in other circumstances I would have noticed that something strange was going on. With a demon, it is my specialty to work with exotic materials. But no, I marked the exit and exhausted and with a strong headache I got in the car and left, the only thing I wanted was to get home soon to sleep.

I had been traveling for a little over half an hour when the body began to vibrate and the tires began to skid, and even though I was going at a slow speed, I began to lose traction and control. I pressed the brake and my foot broke the pedal and went through the floor with a splash and there I thought "shit, I fell asleep and I'm going to have an accident." I tried to use the manual brake but when I grabbed the lever it turned into a liquefied substance in my hand, and it was the wet, sticky feeling that finally woke me up.

At that moment the car had already completely lost control, going into the passenger's side, into the crash barrier. There it began to slide, with a sound closer to a viscous splash than to the noise of metal shattering.

It was then that I realized that if I didn't jump out of the car I would end up crushed against the barrier. I ripped off my seat belt and rather than opening the door, it came off when I pushed it, after which I jumped out. A few seconds later I could see my car crashing and being reduced to a mass of orange pulp.

If before this I hated pumpkins, now I hate them.

Closing statement: Just before losing consciousness, Ernesto Rojas managed to make a call for help to Site-34 personnel. Researcher Rojas suffered multiple fractures in three ribs, tibia, fibula, radius and ulna, as well as a perforated spleen which required surgery and took him three months to recover.

Addendum 2: Note found at the scene of Incident ES-256-Rojas

For not giving treats you got tricked.

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