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Item #: SCP-ES-260

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A series of plainclothes agents have been deployed to San Lorenzo del Añil to identify all those individuals who may be affected by SCP-ES-260. It has been proposed to move any anomaly in containment to within 50 kilometers of San Lorenzo del Añil, to avoid any possibility of any SCP-ES-260 affected individual witnessing an anomalous incident.

Should such a situation arise, the subject should be placed in containment immediately and an investigation should be conducted to try to nullify the effects of SCP-ES-260.

Description: SCP-ES-260 refers to a condition associated with some individuals from the town of San Lorenzo del Añil, whose population is estimated at 4500 inhabitants. These subjects appear to possess an eidetic memory capacity1, to the extent that they are able to recount memories of any point in their lives in great detail. In turn, it is believed that subjects affected by SCP-ES-260 are unable to erase any memory, reasoning or idea.

This capacity has been tested through amnestics of all kinds, hypnotic techniques and drugs of different kinds with the intention of producing an altered state of consciousness, but none of the tests have succeeded in making the subjects forget. These individuals are even immune to the effects of antimemetic agents, showing no alteration in their memories or consciousness.

The specific prevalence of this anomaly is unknown, but cases have only been detected in inhabitants of San Lorenzo del Añil or its vicinity. It is also unknown whether SCP-ES-260 has a genetic character or whether it is an acquired condition at some point in the life of the subjects with the ability to trigger their previous memories.

While SCP-ES-260 poses no danger to the population, the immunity of affected individuals to amnestics could pose a risk to the maintenance of the veil. Currently, 4 cases of affected SCP-ES-260 subjects witnessing anomalous incidents have been recorded. In each respective case, basic containment measures were proposed upon observing the ineffectiveness of the amnestics, while further investigation into the anomaly was ongoing. They were designated SCP-ES-260-1 to 4. After some controversy among those responsible for the containment of the individuals, the Ethics Committee enacted the execution of each of the subjects, under the pretext of veil protection.

Addendum ES-260-1: On 04/21/2018, a 13-year-old girl was recovered from an underground cavern near San Lorenzo del Añil where there was a report of a cave-in. According to records, the structure corresponded to an abandoned coal mine. Because the information she shared with law enforcement officials could correspond to an unknown anomaly, the girl was brought to the Foundation for an interview and was later found to be affected by SCP-ES-260.

Interviewee: Carmen López

Interviewer: Dr. Gascoigne


Dr. Gascoigne: Hi, little girl. What's your name?

Carmen López: My name is Carmen, but everyone calls me Carmila.

Dr. Gascoigne: Wow, what a beautiful name! My name is Andrés, nice to meet you, where do you live Carmila?

Carmen López: I live with my mother in San Lorenzo del Añil. By the way, you don't have to treat me as if I were a little girl.

Dr. Gascoigne: Of course, my apologies. A little birdie told me that you had an accident in a mine, could you tell me a little about it?

Carmen López: There is not much to tell. I was leaving the cave when I heard a loud bang. The walls began to shake and dust began to fall. I ran out and the ceiling started to crumble, and in my stupidity I sprained my ankle.

Dr. Gascoigne: I'm glad nothing serious happened to you, what were you doing there in the first place?

Carmen López: I heard rumors at school about the mine. Stories of ghosts and paranormal events. So I decided to take a look.

Dr. Gascoigne: What kind of stories?

Carmen López: Well, it used to be a very important mine, but at some point some miners began to notice strange things. Voices, lights on the walls, rocks changing places and even…. sharks? That was pretty weird to me, I guess rumors change from mouth to mouth. But that it happened a long time ago, like 15 years ago or so.

Dr. Gascoigne: What a funny story! But that mine was closed because it was very unstable and landslides like the one you know about could happen. Well, could you tell me now about that little trip? Did you see anything before the accident?

Carmen López: Well, I went after school since it wasn't too far away. I was planning to go since that morning so I was already carrying a flashlight from home, although I didn't tell my mom. Come to think of it, I haven't seen her all day. She must be worried, does she know where I am?

Dr. Gascoigne: Sure, don't worry. When you finish telling me everything, we'll give you some medicine for the pain and you'll go home. Can you continue where you were going?

Carmen López: Yes. As I left the school, I drove along the roadside following the road signs until I found the entrance. There were a couple of strips, so I walked underneath and turned on the flashlight. I kept walking for a while. I didn't plan to stay long either, just long enough to tell my friends about it later. Then the path forked. It was very dark, but at one of the exits I could see a very faint light, so I continued in that direction. The intensity of the light increased, and I noticed that there were small blue crystals on the walls. It seemed that the light was coming from there. A little further on I found a large room full of these crystals. It was so brightly lit that I turned off the flashlight. I wanted to pick up a small one, maybe they were diamonds or something, but when I touched a small one embedded in the wall…. (5 seconds pause).

Dr. Gascoigne: Are you okay, Carmila?

Carmen López: Yes, sorry. When I touched it, all the crystals began to glow much brighter, blue. They looked like light bulbs, going on and off. I looked at the crystal I was touching, and my arm started glowing too. My head hurt a little. Then I left the way I had come and the accident happened.

Dr. Gascoigne: That must have been awful, does your head still hurt?

Carmen López: No, I'm fine now. My ankle just hurts a little.

Dr. Gascoigne: Fantastic! Do you remember anything else?

Carmen López: I don't think so. Now I remember it all very vague, as if it were a dream.

Dr. Gascoigne: All right. That's all I need. We're done! That was fast, wasn't it?

Carmen López: Yes. One thing, before I go. Have we met before, Andrés?

Dr. Gascoigne: No. In any case, I enjoyed meeting you.

Carmen López: It must have been a déjà vu.


After the interview was completed, Class-A amnestics were used in sufficient concentration to erase the memories associated with the incident, but had no effect. Treatment with Class-B amnestics was proposed but also failed. Consequently, Carmen was moved to a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-34, exploring the possibility of an SCP-ES-260 condition, which was confirmed after some interviews. The designation of SCP-ES-260-5 was then adopted. Dr. Gascoigne requested to oversee the containment of SCP-ES-260-5 and investigations related to its condition. In addition, a cover was developed for the containment of SCP-ES-260-5, being that it was quarantined due to exposure to a highly infectious disease.

A subsequent exploration of the mine where SCP-ES-260-5 was discovered, after clearing the blocked passage, failed to find any of the elements that SCP-ES-260-5 described in the interview.

Addendum ES-260-2: The following is a transcript of a routine interview conducted with SCP-ES-260-5 on 04/30/2018.

Interviewee: SCP-ES-260-5

Interviewer: Dr. Gascoigne


Dr. Gascoigne: Good morning, Carmilla! Tell me, how are you?

SCP-ES-260-5: Hello again Andres.

Dr. Gascoigne: Okay, well. It's not the first time we've done this so it doesn't take much explanation. I've prepared a couple of questions and tests, we'll do them quickly and then maybe I can get you a new toy.

SCP-ES-260-5: Wait, not yet. Can I know what I've done to have been in juvie for a week already? Okay it wasn't right to walk into a mine without asking, and I feel bad about that, but I didn't think it was illegal.

Dr. Gascoigne: Juvie? Who told you that?

SCP-ES-260-5: No one. Well, it's not like no one talks to me besides you either. It's just that I'm in a white room locked up all day. I even eat in there. I only get out to come to this room once in a while, and then I'm right back in. Well, that and when I have to go to the bathroom, which is awkward enough asking permission from the guy with a gun who walks by every few minutes.

Dr. Gascoigne: No, honey, no. This-

SCP-ES-260-5: (Interrupts.) Do not call me that. That's what my mother calls me, not you.

Dr. Gascoigne: Of course. Sorry, I was just trying to make this a little more familiar. As I was saying, this is not a juvie. You've done nothing wrong, and the incident at the mine was just that, an incident.

SCP-ES-260-5: So, what is this?

Dr. Gascoigne: It is difficult to explain. Understand it this way: we think you are sick. It's nothing serious that will put you in danger, but it's possible that you could endanger others in your town if you go out right now. We are trying to cure you, and that is why I am so insistent with the questions and the tests, I imagine you are fed up with me for that.

SCP-ES-260-5: So, all the people who are locked up in this place are sick? Is that why I cannot see anyone else?

Dr. Gascoigne: Yes, something like that.

SCP-ES-260-5: Are you sick?

Dr. Gascoigne: (Laughs.) No, at least not for the moment. You woke up very curious today, huh?

SCP-ES-260-5: Then why can you be with me?

Dr. Gascoigne: I'm sorry, but enough with all these questions, we don't have that much time. Now, if you like, we'll start with what we came here to do. Ready?

SCP-ES-260-5: (Sighs.) Yes. I cannott do anything.

Dr. Gascoigne: First, how are you feeling, does your head hurt, does your ankle still hurt?

SCP-ES-260-5: No, I'm better now, although I don't think it's because of that medicine you've been giving me. I did wake up a little dizzy today.

Dr. Gascoigne: I understand, we'll put another pillow on you and see if that helps. Now, do you remember anything else about your trip to the cave that you didn't tell me last time?

SCP-ES-260-5: No. I don't think so. (Pause.) But now that you mention it, just tonight I had a dream about it. It's funny, because I never usually remember what I dreamt, but lately I've been dreaming somewhat… clearer?

Dr. Gascoigne: Lucid?

SCP-ES-260-5: Yes, that was it.

Dr. Gascoigne: That sounds interesting. Could you tell me about your dream last night?

SCP-ES-260-5: Yes, although I only remember bits and pieces, and in itself it was quite confusing. Let's see, I think I was sitting in a corner of a tunnel. It wasn't completely dark, I think the exit would be close by. So, every now and then someone would pass by. There were people I recognized: some teachers and friends of mine, people from the supermarket, some old people from the nursing home and so on. They would all pass by and then look at me, pat me on the head and sit down next to me. At one point there were so many people seated that there was almost no room inside the tunnel.

Dr. Gascoigne: Was it the same cave where we found you?

SCP-ES-260-5: Maybe, I really don't know. Everyone looked at me and smiled. Then my mother arrived and, when she saw me, she got scared. She fell to her knees and burst into tears. I wanted to get up and go to her, but my legs didn't respond. Then you came, for some reason. You pushed your way through the crowd to grab my hand and pull me out. But suddenly there was a jolt and the whole ceiling collapsed on us, on everyone.

Dr. Gascoigne: Wow, how sweet of you to dream about me! Now, when people have accidents, it is very normal for them to have dreams, or in your case nightmares, remembering those traumas. You haven't told me about your dreams yet, have you had any similar experiences since you've been here?

SCP-ES-260-5: Well, maybe. I have had dreams where I saw myself from a corner of the room where I sleep, or where I was facing myself while answering the questions you usually ask. Other times I dream of a blue screen, and behind it I see shadows and hear whispers, but I'm not able to understand anything. I'm not afraid of it though.

Dr. Gascoigne: Okay, I think this will be enough. I think that will be enough. Now I need you to come with me, I have a couple of memory exercises for you that I'm sure will be a piece of cake. Will you join me?

SCP-ES-260-5: Yes, I guess so.


Addendum ES-260-3: As of 05/02/2018, SCP-ES-260-5 began to show anxious-depressive episodes. Several of the belongings in the cell where she was confined had been torn to pieces. In the following days, SCP-ES-260-5 refused to consume the various meals offered to her, and various recording logs from her cell show SCP-ES-260-5 whispering under her breath. A session with a specialist from Site-34's Psychology section was scheduled, but Dr. Gascoigne cancelled the appointment to conduct an interview himself.

Interviewee: SCP-ES-260-5

Interviewer: Dr. Gascoigne


Dr. Gascoigne: Hello, Carmila.

Silence. SCP-ES-260-5 looks to the ground and covers her face with her hair on the spot.

Dr. Gascoigne: Carmila…


Dr. Gascoigne: Come on, Carmila. What's wrong? You know you can tell me.

SCP-ES-260-5: No.

Dr. Gascoigne: No? No to what?

SCP-ES-260-5: That I cannot trust you. You have lied to me.

Dr. Gascoigne: Hey, no, listen…

SCP-ES-260-5: (She screams, then bursts into tears.) No! You do not care about me. Nobody cares about me in this place. You think you are my friend, but you are not. To you I am just a girl who is sick, that is why you are dressed in a robe. But I am not sick, that is a lie. All I want is to see my mom and my friends. They love me, you do not.

Dr. Gascoigne: I am only trying to protect you, Carmila.

SCP-ES-260-5: But why? I am not sick. I am no longer a baby, I do not need anyone to protect me.


Dr. Gascoigne: Tell me, Carmila, have you had any strange dreams since we last spoke?

SCP-ES-260-5: You see? You do not care about me. You are only interested in asking me questions and exams. But you are not my doctor, nor my teacher, because they really appreciate me.

Dr. Gascoigne: I care about you much more than you think Carmila.

SCP-ES-260-5: And why does it have to be you? Are there no other weird doctors here?

Dr. Gascoigne: Yes, many, and I don't want to think what they would have done to you by now if they had been the ones guarding you. I chose to take care of you myself. Listen, this place can be very cruel, very unfair sometimes. I'm not trying to protect you from your illness, I'm trying to protect you from them.

SCP-ES-260-5: Really?

Dr. Gascoigne: Yes. It's not that I like you living in that room now, and I'm doing everything I can to get you out as soon as possible, and get you back to see your family.

SCP-ES-260-5: To my mother.

Dr. Gascoigne: Sure, and your friends. I'm sure they already miss you very much in San Lorenzo. I need you to trust me and help me, so I can help you. Now, about the question from before…

SCP-ES-260-5: A couple of days ago I dreamt that it was nighttime, and I was walking around my town. There was no one there, and all the lights in the houses were off. I knocked on the neighbors' houses, but nobody opened the door, and all the doors were closed. I tried to look for my house, but I could not find it, I could not remember where it was.

Dr. Gascoigne: Were you afraid?

SCP-ES-260-5: Yes, a lot.

Dr. Gascoigne: And what happened next?

SCP-ES-260-5: Well, everything started to glow blue, and I realized that it was not nighttime, but everything was under some kind of dome or something. I saw a little hole in the floor of that covering, and a bunch of mice escaped through there. Everything was getting brighter and brighter, and with that I woke up.

Dr. Gascoigne: And that's why you've been so angry?

SCP-ES-260-5: I do not know. I just want to go home. I am sorry about that.

Dr. Gascoigne: Don't worry about it. Now, I don't want you to miss a single meal again, do you hear me?

SCP-ES-260-5: Okay.

Addendum ES-260-4: On 05/19/2018, a containment breach in the wing in which SCP-ES-260-5 was contained resulted in it witnessing some of the contained anomalies. This event caused controversy among some Site-34 researchers. The Ethics Committee made the following statement:

SCP-ES-260 is not an anomaly requiring actual containment. Those affected by this condition are considered civilians in all respects, and by extension SCP-ES-260-5 must also be considered a civilian who has witnessed all that no one beyond these walls should know.

The immunity it presents to the various Amnestics classes nullify the possibility of removing containment from SCP-ES-260-5, as that would mean total exposure of the Foundation. Given that the investigations conducted on SCP-ES-260 have not offered any new information about the anomaly or a possible solution to the individual's situation, it has been agreed that SCP-ES-260-5, as happened with others affected by SCP-ES-260 under the same circumstances, should be terminated. A period of no more than 7 days is available to take this action.

The Ethics Committee

However, Dr. Gascoigne filed an appeal, arguing that the research he supervised revealed other highly relevant aspects of SCP-ES-260, and that it was critical to keep SCP-ES-260-5 alive since it had different characteristics from SCP-ES-260-1 to 4. In response to the proposal, the Ethics Committee assigned Dr. Borja Dowell to evaluate the situation regarding SCP-ES-260-5.

Addendum ES-260-5: The following is an interview conducted by Dr. Borja Dowell.

Interviewee: SCP-ES-260-5

Interviewer: Dr. Borja Dowell


Dr. Dowell: Good afternoon, Carmen.

SCP-ES-260-5: Carmila.

Dr. Dowell: Sure. How are you feeling?

SCP-ES-260-5: As well as I can be incarcerated and surrounded by monsters. I remember the first day I stepped foot in this place, Andrés told me I would see my mother again after giving me some pain medication. The funny thing is that my ankle still hurts.

Dr. Dowell: I will not make promises, it will be simpler. This interview is of great importance, much more important than you can imagine. It is crucial that you give me the more information the better. I am here to help you. Do you understand?

SCP-ES-260-5: Do I need help?

Dr. Dowell: Yes, and Dr. Gascoigne cannot offer it to you, only me. Now, let's start with the questions. From what I have read, you have something akin to eidetic memory, could you show me that?

SCP-ES-260-5: Yeah, I guess so. Let me think about it. (Pause.) I was born a little early, so I spent 10 days in the hospital incubator. I am afraid I can hardly tell you anything about the moment of my birth, my vision was very blurry. But the day I was ready to go home, I remember my mother lifting me up in her arms and smiling. She had a tear in her left eye, which she wiped away with her shoulder. My father was not there, I did not get to meet him, she was accompanied only by a rather older, bent-legged nurse. I remember that my mother was wearing a long green dress with yellow flowers. She was also wearing open flip-flops and a pendant with a bright blue stone. I had the impulse to take that little stone, but then my mother hid it under her dress and for an instant her smile disappeared. I never saw that pendant again. (Levanta la cabeza y ríe.)

Dr. Dowell: What is happening?

SCP-ES-260-5: It is nothing, sorry.

Dr. Dowell: I repeat that this interview is very important, Carmila. I will not communicate with you again once it is over, so you must not hide anything from me.

SCP-ES-260-5: Okay. That stone in the pendant just reminded me of the stones in the mine where I had the accident I ended up here. Nothing relevant, I was just amused by the fact that I had not noticed it.

Dr. Dowell: From what I have read, that same cave has been thoroughly explored and none of the crystals that you described in the first interview that was conducted with you have been found. In fact, the route you said you followed did not coincide with the one that was found. Curiously, there were no accessible forks in the mine blueprints. All the paths, not counting the main one, have always been obstructed. Could you tell me the whole truth, Carmila?

SCP-ES-260-5: But… (Pause.)

Dr. Gascoigne enters the room.

Dr. Gascoigne: Hello, Dr. Dowell. I do not recall authorizing any interviews with Carmila.

Dr. Dowell: Bureaucracy takes a lot of time, and the Committee needs information as soon as possible. I have the necessary permits to carry out this action and many others.

Dr. Gascoigne: If so, I would like to see them. Until then… (Screaming.) Guards, escort Carmila to her room, please.

Two security guards enter the room.

Dr. Dowell: No, stop. We have not finished yet, I will let you know when you can enter. (The guards leave.). Dr. Gascoigne, I just want to help. You stated that this young woman is much more than a civilian unable to forget the atrocities of this Site. That is what I am trying to prove, but the information from your research is not as promising as you suggested.

Dr. Gascoigne: It is possible that this is the case. That is why I need more time, I am convinced that I will eventually find something. I cannot allow you to take her away, just as I did with… Well, you must know who I mean.

Dr. Dowell: It is a civilian whose existence could jeopardize the veil and all the consequences that this could entail.

Dr. Gascoigne: She is a girl, damn it. The P stands for Protect. You people on the Committee plan to protect everyone, but you are not capable of protecting a poor defenseless little girl. Tell me, what are the ethics of that?

Dr. Dowell: I do not believe that it would be much better to keep SCP-ES-260-5…

Dr. Gascoigne: (Interrumps.) Carmila.

Dr. Dowell: Yes. I do not believe it is better to have her locked up for the rest of her life. The best thing for her is to terminate her.

SCP-ES-260-5: What? Have I done something wrong?

Dr. Dowell: No, you see… (Pause.)

Dr. Gascoigne: Are you going to be able to send this girl to execution?

Dr. Dowell: Dr. Gascoigne, because of the attitude you are presenting, I will be forced to sanction you. In addition, the fact that she is still alive, as you have proven, is not going to provide any new information about the anomaly. And to top it off, the information you have shared about the anomaly from where it was recovered has not turned out to be truthful. (Pause.). I am afraid my work here is done, Dr. Gascoigne. We have already reached a decision. Good afternoon.

Dr. Gascoigne: (Raising his voice.) Wait! You will not find anything if you go alone to the mine. Either she or me must go.

Dr. Dowell: Excuse me?

Dr. Gascoigne: Only the inhabitants of San Lorenzo del Añil have access to what is really hidden in the mine.

SCP-ES-260-5: What do you mean? Are you also from San Lorenzo, Andrés?

Dr. Gascoigne: Yes. In fact, I was a geologist who had been sent to see if everything was going well in the mine, after some strange reports. But, as happened to you, I had an accident along with some miners, and the Foundation confined us.

Dr. Dowell: You do not have permission to disclose that information, Dr. Gascoigne.

Dr. Gascoigne: It matters nothing now, right? I will always be grateful to you for getting me a position as a researcher, of course those miners never had a chance to work here. Still, I never stopped being part of the anomaly. I do not care about losing my entire career anymore, what I care for is losing my daughter.

Dr. Dowell: That's enough! Guards!

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