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Location of SCP-ES-261.

Item #: SCP-ES-261

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The dairy industry will be monitored for potential new SCP-ES-261-1 in related geographic locations.

Description: SCP-ES-261 is a set of facilities located on the cusps of the hills of Deganwy Castle, Wales. SCP-ES-261 look and are equipped similarly to dairy processing plants.

The interior of each SCP-ES-261 contains equipment for unitary chemical processes that convert milk to cream, plus production lines for flavoring, packaging and labeling, with the purpose of being sold to the public as SCP-ES-261-1. None of these processes are anomalous in themselves, except that there are no milk extraction chambers or animal pens to produce milk.

SCP-ES-261-1 are ice creams packaged with images of different interpretations of the painting The Origin of the Milky Way, by Peter Paul Rubens, as well as Tintoretto's painting of the same name1. The brand is displayed as "Cosmic Cream" and "In collaboration with The Factory!" with the image of an elliptical galaxy in the background. SCP-ES-261-1 spontaneously appears in supermarket chains up to 500 km around SCP-ES-261, selling itself as a high-priced, high-quality product. Tests have revealed that SCP-ES-261-1 contains high amounts of B vitamins, minerals and its flavors are described as "a divine experience", as well as facilitating lucid sleep and increasing interest in astronomy. These effects have been determined to be non-anomalous.


The Origin of the Milky Way, by Peter Paul Rubens

Addendum 1: After a raid on SCP-ES-261, its employees were subdued and the extraction chamber was accessed.

SCP-ES-261-2 is a mechanical theurgical ritual that originates the milky substance used in SCP-ES-261-1. This substance is extracted from a focal point inside the hills and carried to the rest of the production line. During this process, it is common to hear vocalizations from a nursing infant. Analyses reveal that this process generates a high load of distress at the origin of these vocalizations. Studies are underway to find a safe way to stop the process.

Addendum 2: Three days before the last neutralization phase of SCP-ES-261-2, the vocalizations decreased in intensity, until they finally ceased. The procedure was performed without incident, except that all traces of the substance rapidly transmuted into molecular clouds of hydrogen and helium in a 9:1 ratio.

Addendum 3: SCP-ES-261-1 ceased to manifest six days after neutralization of SCP-ES-261-2. However, a large number of people within a radius of 500 km were reported to suffer from nightmares, often related to the death of a young relative, in addition to having diminished moods during the day. In the vicinity of SCP-ES-261, vocalizations could be heard, this time from an adult woman, crying inconsolably. After two months, both events ceased. SCP-ES-261 reclassified as Neutralized.

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