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SCP-ES-264 in its habitat.

Item #: SCP-ES-264

Objec Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-264 is contained in a cell that recreates a beach environment with sand, rocks and plants inside, with lighting that simulates sunlight and the cycles of day and night.

Personnel entering the SCP-ES-264 cell must be equipped with a gas mask in case SCP-ES-264 is subjected to significant amounts of stress. Access is currently restricted to Level 2 or higher personnel.

Description: SCP-ES-264 is an entity similar to an instance of the infraorder Brachyura, blue in color with a white spot around its eyes. It has not been possible to identify to which taxonomic classification SCP-ES-264 belongs to. SCP-ES-264 is intelligent and has the ability to vocalize, despite the absence of vocal cords. It is 15 cm wide and in both pincers there are three 5 mm holes.

If a human being approaches SCP-ES-264, it will start moving its claws from left to right repeatedly for one minute. It is believed that, through this "dance", SCP-ES-264 is able to read the thoughts of other intelligent living beings. After SCP-ES-264 gains a certain degree of information about the individual, it will approach the human being, and begin to climb up to its head. SCP-ES-264 will not perform this behavior with other animals.

When it reaches the individual's head, SCP-ES-264 will attempt to befriend the subject, using its appearance and personality information as tools.

After fifteen minutes, SCP-ES-264 will ask the affected subject if it can feed on some of its own hair, dead skin, or fingernails. If the answer is negative, SCP-ES-264 will continue to insist indefinitely.

Upon accepting, SCP-ES-264 will begin to move around the subject's body, using the holes in its forceps to suck out the previously mentioned waste.

SCP-ES-264 never feeds twice on the same person, although it is much more sociable with the subjects it has fed on.

When in a state of stress, SCP-ES-264 will release SCP-ES-264-1 through the holes in its pincers. SCP-ES-264-1 is an anomalous compound that generates a compulsion for sapient organisms to move away from it. In case SCP-ES-264 does not release SCP-ES-264-1, it will release SCP-ES-264-2, a compound similar to SCP-ES-264-1 that causes muscle paralysis.

SCP-ES-264 was found on the beaches of Mar de Tuyu, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 24/██/████ at ██:██.

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