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Item #: SCP-ES-282

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently six pairs of SCP-ES-282-A, classified as Class-E, personnel remain in Cristóbal de la Ribera to study and understand SCP-ES-282. Data pertaining to SCP-ES-282 will be reported annually, except in the event of an abrupt change in the completion of SCP-ES-282, or the SCP-ES-282-A and SCP-ES-282-B instances. Since the anomaly is not yet fully comprehended, no further containment efforts will be made.

Autopsy and disposal of SCP-ES-282-A and SCP-ES-282-B instances is prohibited.

Description: SCP-ES-282 refers to a phenomenon occurring in the town of Cristóbal de la Ribera, Spain, consisting of an automobile-human relationship that is not yet fully understood. This phenomenon begins when a 18-years-old or older human subject (SCP-ES-282-A) observes a car from the Cristóbal de la Ribera car dealership (SCP-ES-282-B), and decides to obtain a driver's license B.1 72% of SCP-ES-282-A instances will obtain their driver's license B on their first attempt, and 24% will obtain it within a range of less than 4 attempts. The remaining 4% will proceed to leave the locality within 1 year. The final destination of this last group is unknown. Previously it was believed that migrant SCP-ES-282-A instances were part of homeless groups in large population centers, but the records in their previous driving schools, the contradictory data in the municipal records checks2 conducted by the INE3 and the unverifiable accounts make it impossible to make any concrete assertion on this matter.

SCP-ES-282-A then purchases SCP-ES-282-B from the car dealership and proceeds to drive it. During the driving,4 the windows, windshield and mirrors will be tinted black by an unknown process. According to information obtained from Class-E driver personnel, the interior of the windows, windshields and rearview mirrors display a landscape described as "psychedelic and dreamlike". The displayed landscape emits a calming effect on SCP-ES-282-A. To reinforce this effect, SCP-ES-282-B will turn on the radio and play a melody in accordance with the preferences of SCP-ES-282-A.

The melody will suggest SCP-ES-282-A to interact with the gearshift lever or the steering wheel5 of SCP-ES-282-B. Interaction with these elements generates oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin in SCP-ES-282-A, and the emission of carbon monoxide6 through the air conditioning of SCP-ES-282-B. The driver's seat in SCP-ES-282-B will begin to vibrate, providing a massage during the event.

The total duration of the event varies from 5 minutes to 1 hour. After its completion, SCP-ES-282-B will expel smog from the air conditioning duct, and SCP-ES-282-B will arrive at the garage of SCP-ES-282-A 10 minutes later. The event will repeat once a month, with the physical condition of SCP-ES-282-A, the interest in cars of SCP-ES-282-A, or the care provided to SCP-ES-282-B being critical factors in the frequency. These events do not disrupt traffic in Cristóbal de la Ribera.

During an interval of 1 to 3 years, SCP-ES-282-A will become detached from its original home and live inside their own SCP-ES-282-B. SCP-ES-282-B will be able to undertake housing modifications by voice commands made by SCP-ES-282-A, producing tables, a kitchen,7 running water, ventilation and a drainage system.

In this time interval, SCP-ES-282-A will become less social with other human beings, and will devote their financial resources to their well-being and that of their SCP-ES-282-B. Activities performed for SCP-ES-282-B include adjustments to its frame, upholstery and the application of perfume to its interior.

After the previously mentioned time interval, SCP-ES-282-A instances will resume standard socialization and begin to pair with each other. This second interval lasts between 5 and 7 years, and ends with both SCP-ES-282-Bs parked in the same garage. SCP-ES-282-A instances will begin to enter and occasionally drive the SCP-ES-282-B instance of their partner. Unlike on other occasions, the previously described driving event does not occur. Instead, this SCP-ES-282-B will intermittently disobey commands from the driving instance until the pregnancy of the female SCP-ES-282-A instance.

The pregnancy is non-anomalous, although the infant will reside in the female SCP-ES-282-B instance until the age of 6 years, when it will start to periodically change instances until reaching adulthood.

Table of Related Buildings and Automobiles: The following are the known relationships between SCP-ES-282-A instances and automobiles with their analogous function. Entries without a designated car indicate a location.

Building Automobilel Notes
Residential building Own SCP-ES-282-B If the number of SCP-ES-282-B instances is greater than 10, the instances will move to a community garage.
Office building Own SCP-ES-282-B SCP-ES-282-B instances had built-in fax and messaging systems, which were replaced by an intranet accessible from SCP-ES-282-B as of 2013.
Grocery store Van No longer in use due to the proliferation of trucks and trailers.
Supermarket Truck This is the vehicle with the largest interior space of SCP-ES-282-B. The cabin is inaccessible.
Shopping mall Trailer In process of assembly. Paralyzed due to protests from several instances of SCP-ES-282-A.
Healthcare center/Hospital Ambulance Available only for SCP-ES-282-A instances.
Repair workshop N/A One of the few remaining buildings for human and vehicular use.
Police station Police car Located off-site and unreachable due to the geographical restrictions present. All explorations have resulted in the loss of Class-E personnel.
Sewers and drains Unknown Attempts to locate it were halted following the disappearance of 14 Class-E personnel.
Graveyard N/A SCP-ES-282-A and their SCP-ES-282-B are moved to the local scrapyard after the death of SCP-ES-282-B. Heavily guarded.
Beauty salon N/A Refer to the repair workshop. There is no equivalent for SCP-ES-282-A.
Cinema N/A An area designated as a drive-in theater brings together SCP-ES-282-A and SCP-ES-282-B instances every night.
Church N/A Refer to the cinema. Used every Sunday morning and on religious holidays.
School campus Bus No SCP-ES-282-A adults have been observed inside it.
City Hall Security convoy Low priority. Approach is not considered possible due to lack of personnel and loss of control over the corresponding SCP-ES-282-B. Reinforcements denied to prevent further hostilities.
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