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Mausoleum of Sarah and Rita Van Soul

Item #: SCP-ES-284

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the impossibility of containing the area comprising the SCP-ES-284 events, because of its cultural value, the Foundation has become directly involved in the municipal charges of the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Civilian access is permitted, except on 24th August of each year. During this period of time, the false announcement that the site is temporarily closed for maintenance will be displayed to the public.

During SCP-ES-284 events, staff will be limited to recording the behavior of SCP-ES-284-A only.

Description: SCP-ES-284 is an anomalous event that occurs on August 24th each year in the Johannes Fijcurf Park, Amsterdam, The Netherlands1 The event consists of the manifestation of SCP-ES-284-A, which will perform a series of prearranged activities (See Addendum ES-284.1 for details).

SCP-ES-284-A is a transparent humanoid entity, with the specific appearance of a caucasian adult male. Beyond his clothing, the subject appears to carry a backpack, from which he obtains materials used during SCP-ES-284 events.

All attempts to establish communication with SCP-ES-284-A have been unsuccessful, whether due to the subject's refusal or inability to respond is unknown.
Similarly, all attempts to interrupt an SCP-ES-284 event have failed due to the nature of SCP-ES-284-A.

Addendum ES-284.1
SCP-ES-284 Events
Through direct observation, a pattern of SCP-ES-284-A behavior during SCP-ES-284 events has been obtained. The information is presented below:

19:47: SCP-ES-284-A demonstrates outside the park. Subsequently, he will enter and sit on the nearest bench.

19:56 SCP-ES-284-A will pull out a pack of cigarettes, and begin smoking. On rare occasions, he may be seen reading a newspaper dated 04/10/1993 or drinking from a bottle with alcoholic content.

20:12: SCP-ES-284-A will get up and start walking towards a mausoleum located in the park's cemetery. Once he/she has arrived, he/she will place a bouquet of flowers at the main entrance.

20:19: SCP-ES-284-A will take out a piece of paper, and look at it carefully for a while. The content of this paper is indiscernible.

20:24: SCP-ES-284-A will drink again from the aforementioned bottle.

20:37: SCP-ES-284-A will light several candles and begin to pray to religious figures of Catholic Christianity. Phrases such as "Forgive me, please…", "I'm so sorry, I really am…", "Holy God…" and "What the fuck did I do?" are audible.

21:24: SCP-ES-284-A will drink again, while sobbing.

21:45: SCP-ES-284-A will burst into tears, and exclaim several sentences. Most of these are incomprehensible and/or incoherent.

23:57: SCP-ES-284-A will drink one last time, before unmanifesting along with all the objects placed by him. The place will return to its pre-event state.

Addendum ES-284.2
Investigations have been carried out concerning the mausoleum with which SCP-ES-284-A interacts. These have revealed that the mausoleum contains the remains of Sarah and Ritta Van Soul, who died on 08/24/1988 at the age of 34 and 7, respectively, during an automobile accident.

The patriarch of the family, Thomas Van Soul, has not been located and the last records concerning him date from 03/29/1990. The subject's current status and whereabouts are completely unknown.

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