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Item #: SCP-ES-288

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-ES-288, physical containment is not possible, therefore, active containment efforts will focus on the extraction of subjects who have come into contact with the entity and send them to the facility closest to the event for interviewing and subsequent application of Class B or C amnestics as appropriate.


SCP-ES-288 (right) guiding 2 civilians (left and photographer) lost at ████ █████.

Description: SCP-ES-288 refers to a humanoid entity of indeterminate gender and ethnicity. It carries a parka, a windbreaker and a mountain backpack. Inside the mountain backpack are supplies and mountaineering equipment.

SCP-ES-288 will manifest in the event multiple conditions are met, among which are included:

1. Being in a mountain or a place with a snowy climate.
2. A person at minimum must be present, the known maximum is 4 individuals.
3. All individuals must have a serious injury and/or suffering from hypothermia.
4. Individuals must be disoriented.

If these conditions remain, SCP-ES-288 will manifest. It will then guide the subjects towards the nearest campsites or any potential safe location. Once this is accomplished, SCP-ES-288 will demanifest.

SCP-ES-288 is a tangible entity, however, its footprints are not recorded in the snow. SCP-ES-288 does not seem to be capable of speech, or at least it has not been sighted doing so, since when mountaineers ask SCP-ES-288 questions it does not answer or makes gestures with its arms.

SCP-ES-288 has not acquired any hostile attitude towards any climber. However, if the climber reacts violently towards SCP-ES-288 it will dematerialize leaving the individual alone. However, this is not very common since individuals don't seem to be surprised by the presence of SCP-ES-288, and treat it naturally.

The first sighting of SCP-ES-288 occurred in 1914, in the South Georgia Islands, when explorer ███ ████ ██████ was in the area.

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