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Threat Level: Black


Log EA-ES/301-LIGWD of an ANACOLOR event on 27/09/2016

Special Containment Procedures: ANACOLOR events are registered by Site-52 via LIGWD1 and in positive cases should be reported to the Site closest to the location. When an ANACOLOR event is reported, a forced radiation device with a range of 60 km2 is authorized to attack the area.2. Areas affected by an ANACOLOR Event should be covered by cover stories involving housing, non-hazardous waste facilities, ecological conservation areas, or as any other applicable cover story.

Description: SCP-ES-301 is the main cause of an ANACOLOR event. SCP-ES-301 cannot be formally described since it does not interact directly with 3 of the 4 fundamental forces of the universe3, only generating a gravitational wave marking the beginning of an ANACOLOR event. This event after the generation of the gravitational wave is described below:

1. +1 second: All cells of organisms within a 50 km2 area will enter some form of programmed cell death, predominantly apoptosis in animals, which causes their subsequent death. SCP-ES-301 creates a 50 km3 spherical area where a microgravity environment similar to that experienced in outer space is generated.

2. +5 minutes: Elements of urban structures will begin to decay radioactively at a highly accelerated rate. Despite this, there is no increase in radioactivity in the area.


Behavior of the material after 8 minutes.

3. +8 minutes: All protons in inorganic matter will undergo a tunneling process4 passing into a liquid state. The liquid maintains the color of the original structures and forms spheres that levitate due to the lack of gravity.

4. +10 minutes: The refractive index of the objects becomes the same as that of the air, making them invisible.

5. +15 minutes: From this point on, it has not been possible to understand the nature of the event. Analyses with infrared equipment have shown that organic matter is still present, but its infrared signals partially diminish until they disappear.

6. No ANACOLOR event longer than 20 minutes has been recorded, since the first time the Global Occult Coalition succeeded in stopping the anomaly with a compressed and focused thermonuclear device. Subsequent collaborations demonstrated that ionizing radiation is the main antagonizing factor of ANACOLOR events. Research is ongoing to eliminate the anomaly permanently.

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