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Item #: SCP-K2-JP-J

Object Class: Keter Apollyon Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: Stomach very hard, and take medicine for diarrhea. IRRELEVANT.I CAN'T ENDURE ANYMORE!! DON'T!! STOP IT!! NO!!DON'T LEAK!! DON'T LEAK!! DON'T LEAK!! I'm in conference now!! DON'T!! STOP!! PLEASE!! AGHH!! LEAKLEAKLEAKLEAKLEA


Specifically, Containment Breech has broken out in local site-81K2ass, and became uncontained. it smells shit.

We must not cause such a fault again. It was VERY embarrassed and postprocessing was VERY troublesome. — O5-█

Also you'll leak again? You have occured k-class-scenario1 second times in this month, give me a break. — O5-██

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