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SCP-F2Y-IT-J while staying without paying rent

Item #: SCP-F2Y-IT-J

Object Class: Super Safe

Special Culling Procedures: Try, try and try: that sadistic being just wants to see you suffer while you give in to the idea that he'll never leave, but that's not what we're going to do. Sooner or later he'll have to give in, sooner or later we'll triumph. Unless you're particularly masochistic, just avoid Room 333 and pretend it doesn't exist.

Description: A fly.

Infiltration: Apparently someone left the window open by 0° 3' 8'' "to change the air a bit" and within █ milliseconds SCP-F2Y-IT-J spotted the glimmer and rushed into it, starting to fly around the room.

Addendum F2Y-01: As a result of the infiltration, several experiments were carried out to expel the anomaly, which are described below.

Addendum F2Y-02: Following a fire at the Site Virtus, it was discovered that two subjects in training had circumvented the security measures in the Foundation's file archive, starting to write about a fly that had entered their room, the management decided to put them on public trial in the Secret Confidence Processing (SCP) Hall of Site Virtus and sentenced them to listen to a flute performance by Dr. Pistillo7.
It remains unexplained how the fly survived the fire.

Room 333 remains uninhabitable due to fire damage and interminable buzzing,
which has been causing many nightmares at the Virtus site for years now.
The option of chasing away the whore by subjecting her to an S5-7 tirade is being considered about why Class-D lives are valuable and need to be protected.8

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