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Item #: SCP-PL-005

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: It is forbidden to install the object outside of a controlled environment. While in a resting state, the anomaly does not require Special Containment Procedures.

Description: SCP-PL-005 is a ceramic toilet bowl. Although it is a typically residential model, it is distinguished by a narrow siphon. None of the object's physical features are anomalous. The characteristic sign is a plate mounted inside the cistern. During research on the anomaly, a heat source was found at the base during the active phase.

The object's anomalous properties manifest when it is correctly installed (water access to cistern and drain to sewage system is ensured, fastening to the ground is not required), and then used for defecation in sitting position by a human being. In an unexplained manner, a pressure differential will appear inside the bowl between the external environment and the internal pressure of the user, which will cause a rapid flow of excrement and urine into the interior of the object. This will happen through the anal canal and the urethra. This manifestation will take place despite the lack of air tightness inside the bowl. The resulting pressure significantly hinders the discontinuation of the use of the object, and requires the use of significant physical force to interrupt anomalous action.

Due to the impetuosity of the event, in a short amount of time from the beginning of manifestation, the stomach contents will be extracted together with the acid via the anal canal, which will cause extensive internal injuries and even death as a result of haemorrhage. The strength of the manifestation varies depending on the user, but the defining factor is not known.

Addendum: Below is the contents of the plate inside the cistern.

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