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Item #: SCP-PL-007

Object Class: If the object existed, it would be classified as Euclid


If SCP-PL-007 existed, it could (but did not have to) look like this. Happily - it does not exist.

Special Containment Procedures: If the object existed, containment procedures applied to it should be a hybrid of results obtained after conducting at least one hundred experiments (which of course would be impossible, because, happily, the object does not exist). If the object existed, it should also be kept as far as possible from larger clusters of people, because it would be proved that it has an anomalous ability to affect living organisms even at a considerable distance from it; happily the object doesn't exist, so we don't need to take any action. Assuming that SCP-PL-007 exists (which is impossible because happily it does not exist), access to it would be granted only to personnel with 3 or higher clearance level and only to those who would had previously undergone meditation session preparing to confront the object.

Description: If SCP-PL-007 existed, it would probably be described as a phenomenon that would make the confronter aware of what they need to achieve happiness, but of course all employees of the Foundation know that these are only fantastic assumptions, because the object — happily — does not exist. The subject would take — depending on the viewer or the person within its range of influence — a different form, shape or state; once it would be an item, once it would create a phenomenon, at other times it would appear as a living organism; in other words, it would adapt to the confronting, inexplicably reading from their subconsciousness their innermost desires whose fulfillment would guarantee them happiness (it would be so if the subject existed, but we know — and we should be really happy about it — that it does not exist). However, if SCP-PL-007 existed, its action would cause in the confronting (at first) discomfort and anger; most testers, realizing what they need, would fall into hysteria caused by the knowledge that they are unable to reach happiness. They would try to persuade the object to fulfill mentioned conditions guaranteeing them happiness, with further failures worsening their mental state and deepening the awareness of them being condemned to lead an unhappy life.

Research would be conducted to determine whether the subject consciously chooses its victims. Shortly thereafter, the relation between object's effect strength and mental temper would be proven; in the experiment it would be proved that the confronters that are mentally more resistant (i.e. life-experienced, often meeting with failures) would be able to reduce the impact of SCP-PL-007 on their mind, trying to convince themselves that the object does not exist (as it, happily, is). For such people, the "fact" of the non-existence of the object would be happy; in other words, they would suppress the awareness that the subject actually exists, and that it can lead them to the state described in Experiments (if they existed), trying to convince their own awareness that the object happily does not exist, and this is the greatest happiness that might have happened to them (Happily, we do not have to pay attention to this confusing description, because — happily — SCP-PL-007 does not exist).

The following is additional documentation that would probably be created if the object existed (happily it does not exist):

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