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Item #: SCP-PL-022

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-022 is secured in Storage Site 55. The object is closed in a steel cabinet (dimensions: 50 [cm] × 50 [cm] × 100 [cm]) which door has been welded. Such contained, the object is closed in a containment chamber which does not allow access inside.
In case a human, animal or another SCP object comes into contact with SCP-PL-022, they are to be instanteously and completely neutralized, and then incinerated and disintegrated through the use of "The Crawfish".

Any attempted containment breach, which is hereby defined as: an attempt to open the containment chamber or the containment cabinet, or to remove the object from the containment, shall be punished by an immediate and indisputable termination.

Description: SCP-PL-022 has been identified to be a miniature version of a Tukuturi statue. The object's dimensions have never been calculated or estimated. SCP-PL-022 reacts anormally to people who establish eye contact with it (not necessarily by looking straight in the artefacts' "eyes").

The moment a person (from now on designated as "X") looks at the object, while standing within a close proximity (about 10 meters' radius), a flash will occur (similarly to a camera flash). This is the moment that "X" has been marked by the SCP-PL-022. Within the next twenty four hours (it could, however, happen the very moment the marking, or the last minute of the twenty-four-hour period), X will rapidly curl up, screaming due to the felt pain, and within the next seconds, the subject will be immobilized, after which it will assume the shape and texture of SCP-PL-022. The process can be identified as "a replication". Replicas "inherit" the anomalous properties of SCP-PL-022.

So far, no method to reverse the transformation or otherwise save "X" has been identified. No other effects potentially associated with the object have been observed.

As of 12.06.2013, 390 living creatures have been made into SCP-PL-022's replicas. In response to a high frequency of multiple containment breaches and information leaks, the O5 Council has disallowed any access to the object and suspended any research thereof. (01.01.2012). An initial theory that assumed blind people are invulnerable to the object's effects has been abandoned after the Experiment PL-22-09-09-11/1.

Acquisition: SCP-PL-022 was acquired in 05.06.2002 from an underwater research facility, "[REDACTED]". The acquisition was performed after reports about missing members of an oceanographic team had been noticed by the Foundation. An initial police investigation led a secretive Foundation Agent to the original place where SCP-PL-022 had been found. The agent managed to acquire the object, however, unaware of its anomalous effects, he was unable to relay it to the Foundation. The Foundation ultimately acquired the object two weeks later, after recollecting information from the Agent's notes.

Author: Samuel BSamuel B
Translated by: Sharha
Source: SCP-PL
Link: SCP-PL-022

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