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SCP-PL-023 in its non-anomalous phase, the object has been opened using a mechanical arm.

Item #: SCP-PL-023

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-023 must be kept in a safe, the access to which is restricted to employees with Clearance Level 3 and above. Furthermore, the object should be tightly wrapped in plastic foil and only be moved using protective gloves.

Description: SCP-PL-023 is a dark red, hardcover book. When it is closed, it measures 25 [cm] in height and 17 [cm] in width; before entering the anomalous phase, it has 250 pages. All of its pages are blank up until it is opened by a human being, which results in the object entering the anomalous phase. The number of its pages is then dependent on the duration of the anomalous phase — it grows in direct proportion to the passing time.

Upon commencing the anomalous phase, SCP-PL-023 induces a trance-like state in the person interacting with it. This happens in less than one second. The person in a trance then turns the pages over to the first one. Just after that, the pages start to fill with contents relating to the tester’s experiences in SCP-PL-023-1. The handwriting and penmanship correspond to those typical for the tester, and the contents are written in first person, in black ink. The person touching SCP-PL-023 then remains in a trance and does not respond to any external stimuli, it is also impossible to stop the anomalous phase by taking the object away from the tester. To date, the only known way to leave SCP-PL-023-1 without any damage caused to the subject's consciousness is by dying inside said location. Within 10 [min] of the termination of the anomalous phase, the contents of SCP-PL-023 disappear. Until then, it is impossible to establish another interaction. Death of the tester’s body in our world stops the interaction.

During the anomalous phase, SCP-PL-023 does not react in any way to the touch of other persons, ceaselessly filling up with descriptions of the tester’s experiences in the same way as it would look if they wrote normally, except the ink shows up directly on the object’s pages. Therefore, it is impossible for two or more persons to stay in SCP-PL-023-1 at the same time. Testers have reported that their subconsciousness arrives in SCP-PL-023-1 in the same state as their bodies are during the interaction. This means that people holding a camera during the object’s anomalous phase arrive in SCP-PL-023-1 with an identical one. Despite this, all electronic devices become almost useless in the created world. This is evidenced by the following facts:

  • All kinds of mobile phones cannot find a signal.
  • Dictaphones and other recording devices only register white noise and cracking sounds.
  • Photographs taken by cameras are distorted and blurred, the attached photo is the clearest photo that has been obtained so far.
  • All recordings show only black and gray blots and TV static.
  • GPS devices cannot define their current location.

One of the SCP-PL-023-3 instances. This photo was taken during the PL-023-2 experiment.

All items brought into SCP-PL-023-1 can be damaged inside it, however this doesn’t affect their real state. A theory has arisen that all equipment and items taken by testers into SCP-PL-023-1 are merely a product of SCP-PL-023’s anomaly and the consciousness of the person interacting with it, being a sort of projection of the original. This theory also suggests that taking photos inside SCP-PL-023-1 is possible due to a weak connection between it and our dimension. Information about the testers' actions is likely to be sent to SCP-PL-023’s pages in an identical manner.

The following descriptions have been prepared based on the testimonies of the testers taking part in the SCP-PL-023 experiments.

SCP-PL-023-1 is a world probably created by SCP-PL-023, based majorly on memories and knowledge of the person touching it. During each anomalous phase of the object, SCP-PL-023-1 looks different, which led to the conclusion that it is always created from scratch and its existence isn’t sustained after entering the non-anomalous phase. The appearance of the created world differs depending on the person touching the object, however all iterations have some common traits, as follows:

  • It is always nighttime in SCP-PL-023-1.
  • SCP-PL-023-1 consists of a town with an area of approximately 300 [km2] (this is an estimate obtained from a tester’s observations from a high vantage point) and a dense forest surrounding it, over which a thick fog forms, which makes it impossible to see its eventual limits.
  • Inside SCP-PL-023-1, there is always SCP-PL-023-2 and multiple instances of SCP-PL-023-3. (This point has been revised after experiment PL-023-8.)
  • SCP-PL-023-1 isn’t inhabited by any humans, and the only human-like entity there is SCP-PL-023-2.

SCP-PL-023-2 is an entity resembling a dark-haired Caucasian man, standing at 180 [cm] of height. It has no distinctive characteristics, and, due to the darkness in SCP-PL-023-1, its eye color is unknown. To date, in all of the SCP-PL-023-1 iterations, the entity was dressed in a black suit, resembling those made in the 1980s. So far, no case has been reported in which the entity would perform vocalization. In the majority of cases, SCP-PL-023-2 observes the tester from around 30 [m] (the distance has been estimated based on the testers’ testimonies), often smiling. There are recorded cases of the entity gesturing towards the probable center of the town with its palm. The purpose and motivation of SCP-PL-023-2's actions remain unknown.
Further information is available in the experiment logs.

SCP-PL-023-3 are unidentified creatures, roaming SCP-PL-023-1 in seemingly random directions, with no clear purpose. All instances have dark brown, sagging skin and unnaturally big, black eyes. None of the instances encountered by the testers so far did possess any other organs for receiving external stimuli, such as ears, nose or mouth. SCP-PL-023-3 can take many forms, from humanoid to [REDACTED], however all of them are compliant with the above-mentioned features. In all of the experiments so far, except the ones designated PL-023-4 and PL-023-8, instances of SCP-PL-023-3 immediately started following the tester upon noticing them, extending their upper limbs in their direction. The creatures do not react in any way to any obstacles or gestures made by the tester, furthermore, they seem to operate in a manner intended to distance them from SCP-PL-023-2 and, eventually, prompt them to commit suicide. SCP-PL-023-3 instances can be both harmed and killed using conventional methods, however their number in subsequent tests seems to remain the same. The origin of SCP-PL-023-3 remains unknown.
Further information is available in the experiment logs.

In the majority of cases, SCP-PL-023-1 iterations do not differ much from each other. Underneath, a list of unusual iterations can be found, alongside descriptions of the differences.
Experiment # Description of the difference
PL-023-4 SCP-PL-023-3 ignored the tester’s presence, instead staring at the sky, where a super blood moon could be seen.
PL-023-7 All street lamps and lights inside buildings were off, and attempts of turning them back on were unsuccessful.
PL-023-8 The tester has not encountered any SCP-PL-023-3 instances on their way.
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