Item #: SCP-PL-030

Object Class: Euclid


Group manifestation of SCP-PL-030 depicted in the painting of agent Ignacy W.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-030 is currently existing in the vault separated in the area of Biological Sector 11 in the Zone 7. The subsoil in the vault is the earth which was sown with grass.Grass have been planted with three (3) sunflowers (Helianthus annuus),two (2) average high oaks (Quercus pubescens), ten (10) blueberry bushes (Vaccinium myrtillus), twenty (20) myosotises (Myosotis palustris) and one (1) rose bush, and has been sown one (1) hectare of wheat. The vault simulates the change of seasons (taking into account random rainfall and snowfall) and changing weather conditions (it is not required to simulate the day and night cycle, as the subject's instinct distinguishes them automatically). Due to reasonable assumptions in favor of the passive nature of the entity, constant supervision is not required, only control, maintenance activities performed (excluding exceptional circumstances) once a month.
Access to the entity is granted to members of the scientific staff with clearance level 3 or higher, familiar with the history of the object's manifestations. Confrontation can only be made at midnight, because then the subject begins a manifestation lasting an average of six hours. Under favorable conditions (usually frost), verbal contact can be made with SCP-PL-030.
As of now, it has been assumed that the protected SCP-PL-030 should not produce SCP-PL-030-1. If this happen, appropriate information should be provided to the research director - Dr. S. K. Landowski - evacuate the entire sector, as well as implement the first series of advanced protective procedures for the facility. If a doctor is unable to do so, notify the sector overseer or a research staff member with level 4 or 5 clearance.

Description: SCP-PL-030 is a mulch approximately two meters high. The subject consists entirely of straw (which cannot be detached from it), and its silhouette is slender and oblong. It has "hands" (visible only when using them) and "legs" (only visible outline when moving). Persons confronting the subject, as well as staff members passing only by its vault, have repeatedly mentioned the feeling of severe anxiety, which, however, even after several hours spent in the vicinity of SCP-PL-030, did not develop into panic or conditions threatening mental health.

General Characteristics: SCP-PL-030 is primarily characterized by its anomalous ability (known as a total impact) to predict (or decide on) the fate of a selected nation (research is still ongoing). The subject has extensive, rudimentary knowledge of the history of all countries, civilizations, and societies in the world, both in the past (including mythical countries) and today. It has been assumed that it also knows the future of individual countries, but does not want to share his prophecies.

After a series of preliminary experiments (carried out one month after acquisition), and thanks to the preparation of an early behavioral profile taking into account the first and second manifestations, Dr. H. T. Wodnicki presented a document that supplemented the description of total impact. It shows that SCP-PL-030 may be responsible for the collapse of smaller structures (so-called local impact), such as a confectionery, bakery, or construction company, but must be present at their fall. To quote the later testimony of the subject himself: The course of events decides for itself. The undefined force within me serves only as an intermediary performer, although it is not always needed. But when it is there is no other powerful enough to stop it.
Further questioning revealed the existence of SCP-PL-030-1. It is, according to the subject's accounts, a rope that crawls out from inside me when I fall and remains on the wreckage, suggesting that its appearance is associated with an active total or - as determined in questioning 030-██ - local impact. It is now believed that the appearance of SCP-PL-030-1 may be synonymous with the creation of a threat that could end the existence of the SCP Foundation. During the monthly maintenance, the object vault should therefore be carefully checked for artifact.
Subsequent observations allowed to distinguish one more type of impact - detailed (described in the characteristics of the manifestation and not resulting in the appearance of SCP-PL-030-1).

The subject was confirmed to participate in at least five hundred important historical events. The following are five selected:

  • Fall of Atlantis (subject pinpointed the geographic coordinates of the site where the Foundation's research team found the ruins of the land to the nearest minute)
  • Fall of the Western Roman Empire (subject identified Attila's burial site; SCP-PL-030-1 found next to the chief's skull);
  • Signing the treaty deciding on the third partition of Poland (the subject indicated the location of the perfectly preserved treaty; the document was wrapped in SCP-PL-030-1);
  • Poland gained independence in 1918 (the subject stated that there was SCP-PL-030-1 in Marshal Piłsudski's coffin, which turned out to be true; at present this event poses problems of interpretation, as it was not tantamount to the fall of the country, but its re-creation) Attempts at explanation were made by the subject himself, stating: The fall may be long-term and it begins in the society itself. It may remain invisible for centuries, and yet last, roll the nation like a disease until it takes absolute control. It has an excellent camouflage; indeed, I dare to say that there is no more perfect and more insidious)
  • Fall of the Third German Reich.

Characteristics of the manifestation: The subject in the resting phase ( from dawn to midnight) stands motionless above the rose bush growing in the vault. At midnight, it enters the active phase. SCP-PL-30 moves towards one of the other plants. When it gets close enough, manifestation begins - the subject manipulates the development of the selected plant, can stimulate its growth, decide to bear fruit, wither or flowering(detailed interaction). The manifestation is always accompanied by music coming from an unknown source. It is described by the confrontators as "the country playing the violin" or more cautiously: "music characteristic of Polish folklore with a clear domination of the violin". Attempts to record the accompanying manifestations of sounds have been unsuccessful (only the sounds of the surroundings are recorded).
After an average of six hours (more precisely: dawn), SCP-PL-030 returns to its resting phase. The exception are situations in which the subject instinctively senses that a frost has occurred outside of its storage area. It then begins to weave among the wheat ears and verbal contact can be made (a parallel simulation of a containment frost is optional as SCP-PL-030 is able to distinguish between an artificial frost and a real frost).
The samples of plants that were affected by the subject were tested twice - in their physical structure and in the microscopic image, no deviations from the norm were found. Noteworthy is also the fact that withered plants growing in SCP-PL-030's containment area have spawned (It is not known whether this is related to its effect).

Acquisition: SCP-PL-030 was obtained on 07/01/1900 after checking reports of the cultivation of the "almighty god of harvest" by the villagers of █████████ (Poland). A group of agents led by agent Ignacy W. The group arrived at the scene at midnight, just as the subject, surrounded by a circle of villagers, was "resurrecting" the rose bush. The acquisition went smoothly. The witnesses of the demonstration were administered class B amnestics. Agent Ignacy W. was entrusted with the task of supervising the entity for the first months after its containment, which soon resulted in Incident PL-030/1.

Incident PL-030/1: Agent Ignacy W., witnessing multiple manifestations of SCP-PL-030, secretly wrote and then published a drama inspired by the confrontations they had made. In the original version of the song, in the final scene, the agent accurately described the manifestation using professional language, focusing primarily on the most faithful depiction of SCP-PL-030's anomalous impact on the environment. A few hours before the performance of the play, the Foundation managed to censor and modify the content of the play, and the harmless issues spoken by the subject were made stiff. The world premiere was postponed and appropriate D-class personnel were assigned to play the main roles.
When asked to justify his actions, agent Ignacy W. replied: It was simply, something amazing. I have never had such deep awareness before. I had to share this feeling.
This is the first and only recorded case of such a strong influence of the fascination with the subject on the actions of the confronting person. Agent Ignacy W. was administered a class A amnestics. He continued his life as an artist. One of his images shows a group manifestation of SCP-PL-030 (although research conducted so far does not confirm the existence of more than one subject; however, SCP-PL-030 itself has not ruled out such a possibility)

SCP-PL-030 is an extremely paradoxical object. On the one hand, one gets the impression that it deserves to be classified as safe, because it basically sits quietly in its contaiment area and plays gardener. On the other hand, however, the appearance of SCP-PL-030-1 heralds the inevitable collapse of the Foundation, and the very fact of it happening cannot possibly be avoided later. It is therefore difficult to say whether SCP-PL-030 should be treated as a guard or an executioner.
- Dr. F. L. Poznowski.

Someday I will have to invite him to a chat with PL-027. They have quite a lot in common.
- Dr. S. K. Landowski

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