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Item #: SCP-PL-037

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-037 must be stopped and neutralized as soon as possible. Security guards and Fundation Agents have permission to use all available tools allowing to catch and/or neutralize the entity while non-trained members of the research staff must report random confrontations or manifestations if they witness one. Any changes in shape or in equipment of any containment chamber which have not been recorded and didn't appear in daily report, should be (under threat of expulsion) reported to O5 Administration assigned to given range of sectors. Description of actions taken during the actual manifestation is posted below.

Description: SCP-PL-037 is a humanoid entity measuring probably no more than a meter and ninety centimeters in height. Subject has a pale face — it is both about complexion and individual parts of the face (ears, lips, eyes[light grey and deeply embedded], eyelids). Entity moves agile, can disappear from observer's field of view (it is not known whether it has the ability to change size, camouflage or become similar to living things/inanimate objects), it is aware and uses it's consciousness with premeditation.

SCP-PL-037 belongs to the group of conspiracy objects. Research about it's connection with SCP-PL-086 is ongoing. The entity was first observed in the year 1900, when in the containment chamber of SCP-PL-███ appeared [REDACTED] interrupting the jamming signal and causing a power failure throughout entire Sector ██, which could result in SCP-PL-███ breaching containment. After that, activity of SCP-PL-037 was recorded at irregular intervals and new introduced security measures proved to be ineffective. It is not known if SCP-PL-037 has ever been confronted by a civilian person, but it is known that after leakage of part of the documentation about it (the doctor responsible for the oversight was expelled), it was considered as an urban legend and — mistakenly described — gained popularity in computer network (this can really be considered a complete catastrophe — if SCP-PL-037 also has advanced intelligence in addition to consciousness, it can use this to its advantage — dr. ███████).

In general, the essence of SCP-PL-037's manifestation is that it hinders the work of the Foundation's personnel by attempting to violate the containment cells of other objects, especially Keter or Euclid class. Based on the conducted interviews and testimonies, it was possible to conclude that the manifestation always begins with a knocking on the door of the project lead's office working on some object. After opening them, he does not notice anything but an object lying on the ground which is somewhat connected with the subject he supervises (details in the manifestation characteristics ). On day 13/05/████ has been introduced Order 037-05 — "from now on, the manager is obligated to immediately inform O5-██ Council about manifestation, who will decide on the composition of the operational unit sent to the place of the incident ". Additionally to the containment chamber of supervised subject must have immediately been sent a team with minimum of three people. That team must have at least one engineer of threatened chamber (number of assigned people can be changed according to the classification of entity endangered by manifestation). Additionally there is also a controlled power cut-off of all routes of possible escape of the entity whose containment chamber has been violated (the effectiveness of such a procedure is questionable, but necessary— dr ███████). Notification about manifestation is received by Foundation Agents group created on ██/██/████ which immediately begins the 037-11 Procedure whose purpose is capture/neutralization of SCP-PL-037.

Characteristic of SCP-PL-037 manifestation

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