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Item #: SCP-PL-052

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the low probability of SCP-PL-052 independently breaching containment, it is located in a standard reinforced containment chamber within Site 13 along with a broadcasting station. Direct access, tests, and research may only be carried out only with permission from two independent researchers of the SCP-PL-052 project.

Under no circumstances should a negative value be input in the object. Security personnel are obliged to open fire at subjects attempting to change the setting to negative, regardless of their clearance level or assignment.

Description: SCP-PL-052 is a device mounted in a leather bracer controlled by a receiver in the space of the central hand of the user. Manipulation of the receiver may be blocked or intercepted by an outside broadcasting station. The values on the receiver have a ten-stage adjustable positive scale and a constant three-stage negative scale.

It is speculated, that the SCP-PL-052's power source is a miniature fusion reactor, however, its specification prevents more accurate analysis. SCP-PL-052 was recovered from a captured ARGUS Inc. site.

Interaction with the receiver results in a creation of a damage-proof sphere encompassing the user. Passing through the sphere will still be possible, however, objects that were already within the confines of the sphere will be impossible to move or damage. The user regulating the receiver determines the period of operation of the sphere; this value cannot be more than [10] years.

The subject using SCP-PL-052 during the functioning time of the sphere will not manifest the needs of living beings, they will also ignore all kinds of external stimuli by maintaining the position in which they activated the object. Sensations after deactivation of the object are contradictory to registered ones since the user states that the entire operation did not last more than [10] seconds and the only anomaly are the changes in the location of supervising personnel and/or other objects not in the area. Later research did not reveal any irregularities in the functioning of the organisms of people using the object.

In some cases, the aging of objects located inside the sphere was registered to accelerate four times. The catalyst of this effect has not been determined and it is assumed that it is a result of a defect in the cell. All attempts to disassemble and repair it have been unsuccessful.

It has been assumed, that it is possible to calculate the formulas that the object uses when projecting the area. Carbon dating of tissues allows a better understanding of the functioning of SCP-PL-052 and, as a result, increasing the safety of experiments is ongoing.

Annotation: All entries regarding operating on negative values of the receiver have been permanently deleted. All tests assuming them were canceled and the personnel were assigned to work on other projects.

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