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Item #: SCP-PL-065

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The object is located in garage C which is designed for tactical vehicles in Containment Site 15 because of not posing a threat. Once in a month the subject must be subjected to technical condition control and the maintenance procedure.

Description: SCP-PL-065 is a medium-sized self-propelled Soviet cannon SU-100. The object doesn't have any military markings or tactical number. Information board of the object contains serial number 7358 and data of factory in ███████ producing military vehicles. Investigation shows that vehicle with this serial number was never produced in this facility.

In technical terms SCP-PL-065 is no different from others vehicles of this type except lack of shell chamber in cannon construction. If someone will try to fire from the cannon the barrel will shoot a projectile in a way of destructing its target reminiscent of demolition shell. The anomalous property of shells is a structure of them — their entirety is made out of different types of Bivalvia (clams). Research of fired shells included observation after shot demonstrated that molluscs are alive during a shot, also heat created during shot didn't affect them. Projectile after hitting the target destroys given object like normal 100 mm calibre demolition shell. Due to the powerful explosion and impact after hitting the object the clams crumble to death. It was discovered that all species included in projectile are from Baltic Sea.

Attempts to investigate inside of SCP-PL-065 cannon barrel doesn't show any anomalous property, the cannon's interior is an empty pipe. Characteristic feature of it is intense smell of sea water coming from inside. It is unknown how the subject acquires molluscs for creates shells. Probably in moment of shot the object immediately transfers clams from bottom of the sea, forms projectile and shoots it.

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