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Item #: SCP-PL-066

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Complete containment of SCP-PL-066 is impossible, though the surrounding are has been secured and remains under constant observation. Since the village of ████████ is located only 10 [km] away from the object, official information regarding the exclusion zone shall claim the cause as contamination by a radioactive landfill. Every person entering SCP-PL-066-1 has to report on its activity, and once returned, must undergo extended therapy for re-adjustment to baseline conditions.

Description: SCP-PL-066-1 is a trapdoor in a storeroom located on an abandoned farm that originally belonged to deceased Mr █████, in ████████ voivodeship. The storeroom itself contains over a dozen sets of agricultural and other types of tools. The trapdoor is made of oak, fastened with iron nails and hinges. Under the trapdoor is a wooden ladder leading to a concrete tunnel measuring 2 x 2,8 [m]. Drilling around the tunnel will reveal it to end after one meter, blocked by a solid layer of bedrock, after which only soil can be found. Subject presumably works on similarly to a portal. The tunnel has a length of 5 [m], at the end of which there is a steel ladder showing signs of corrosion. This ladder leads to SCP-PL-066-2.
SCP-PL-066-2 to be an extradimensional space whose terrestrial content seems limited to a small area in the immediate vicinity of the exit; this is surrounded by a flat empty space.
The place measures 10 x 12 [m], and is delineated by a 2 [m] tall fence, made of steel wires and lit by three lanterns powered by a simple type of battery, which can be charged from outside at any time. One battery lasts for about 2 weeks. In this area, there is, aside from a lantern, only an empty concrete building, in which an exit from the tunnel is located.
SCP-PL-066-2 is shrouded in impenetrable darkness. Dimension probably lacks anything like sky, sun et cetera. The ground is made of powdered concrete and shreds of synthetic textile material. It reaches 1 [m] deep, where it is replaced by indestructible layer of mixed, multi-coloured material. Beneath this is presumably a layer made of stone or some other hard material. Sources of light show no changes in luminosity inside SCP-PL-066-2, yet can illuminate only a specific piece of terrain, which is defined by their luminosity and its range.
Land surveys of SCP-PL-066-2 have revealed an interesting feature: after a distance of 60 [km] from the central area, a void suddenly appears. It has been theorized that SCP-PL-066-2 may in fact be infinite.

Revision: Object is scheduled for neutralization following Incident I-PL-066.


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