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Item #: SCP-PL-078

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-078 does not represent any danger and can be successfully contained in a standard containment locker. In order not to lose the objects, all experiments which require either of the earrings to be outside of the safe site must be approved by at least a Level 2 staff member.

Description: SCP-PL-078-A and SCP-PL-078-B are a pair of silver earrings shaped into a sphere, with a diameter of five millimeters and a pattern of engraved lines. Closer examinations of the patterns reveal that the lines represent contours of Earth's continents and islands. When SCP-PL-078-A or SCP-PL-078-B aren't clipped to anyone's ear, tapping twice on its surface causes the earring to grow into a bigger sphere, with a diameter of 5 cm. In this state, it starts to display the position of both itself and its twin earring. The object accomplishes this via the following changes:

  • The surface representing continents and islands changes color to light green, while the one representing areas of water becomes blue.
  • Two red dots appear on the object's surface, showing the position of both earrings.

Analysis of SCP-PL-078 reveals that size and mass increase proportionally to one another. When the earring grows, atoms from which it consists of multiply in an unknown process. More examinations are scheduled in order to understand the phenomenon. It's also known that the dyes which are used to color the surface of SCP-PL-078 are of natural origin. These are listed below:

  • Continents and islands - type A chlorophyll
  • Waters - dye made of alkanna tinctoria
  • Red location dots - blood of unknown species

Further examination reveals that these dyes are not replacing the silver, only coating its surface. They can also be acquired using a pipette, but the amount of removed dye will be instantly created again.
To reverse the magnification process, it is sufficient to tap twice on its surface again, or clipping it to someone's ear; this will make the object small and silver again.
When two people clip SCP-PL-078-A and SCP-PL-078-B into two "different" ears (for example: A into left ear and B into right one), earrings enter the active phase and start to glow with a dim, gold light.
During its active phase, SCP-PL-078 can teleport its wearer to the whereabouts of the other one. In order to achieve this, one must snap his fingers; he will then disappear and reappear next to the other user, and both the appearance and disappearance are accompanied by a blinding flash of light, with an approximate duration of 2 seconds.
It was made clear that SCP-PL-078 relocates its wearer to the closest space capable of "fitting" his body in position he was when the object was activated. At that time, the user's body switches places with atoms present in the destination space. If the other user (the one being the teleportation process' destination) is submerged in any liquid, then the teleporting one will appear outside of it, in the closest free space, as it would be in any other case.
SCP-PL-078 won't enter its active phase if:

  • Both earrings are being worn by one person, or are on two people's same ears (for example: both users clipped their earrings on their left ears).
  • One or both of the users are not making physical contact with the ground. Standing on the higher floor of a building is considered as touching the ground, however. Test are in progress to determine if SCP-PL-078 is capable of activation in flying vehicles.
  • SCP-PL-078's users are in a distance of 10 meters or smaller.

Anomalous properties of SCP-PL-078 are likely limited to area of Earth. This can be deduced from the fact that in case of taking any of the earrings into space or another planet, locating it would be impossible.

Addendum: Tests have been carried out to determine SCP-PL-078's properties when the second user would snap his fingers before the flash accompanying teleportation fades. Testers were two Foundation agents. They were instructed to activate SCP-PL-078 by method described in this document. Testers activated SCP-PL-078 without problems and both disappeared. After approximately 3 minutes, blinding flash occurred again and both agents appeared in the place they were before activating subject. They took off the earrings and handed them over to researcher in charge of the experiment. In the later interrogation they described the place they teleported into as "a very long room, approximately ten meters in height, which one wall was covered by small, numbered lockers". They also testified that they returned using the same method as teleporting into that room.
Psychological tests carried out on agents showed nothing unusual.

Dr █████'s note: If they told us the truth, we have to send someone there and check what's inside those lockers. If it's some kind of "default" place for the earrings, then there might be more items like them. They can be quite useful.

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