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Item #: SCP-PL-086

Object Class: Euclid


Photo #1; one of the walls on the second floor (when cleaned by D-519)

Special Containment Procedures: Subject was grounded in one of the houses located near ████████ Park (Poland). It is specifically about [CLASSIFIED] house in [CLASSIFIED] forest. Research area covers surface of 50 meters radius around the object and it's constantly patrolled by four (4) or more qualified the Foundation security guards. Every unauthorized person trying to get to inside of house occupied by subject must be anaesthetized and receive (at least) class-B amnestics (depends on the time the civilian observed the object). In situation of exceptional insubordination to security warnings the use of force is allowed. Research with the subject can run only staff with level three (3.) security clearances or selected class D personnel.

Doors and windows of the house can't stay open longer than 10 seconds. Once in week one selected class D personnel (now called cleaned or confronter) has an obligation — with microphone, earphone and camera — to cross the threshold of the house occupied by SCP-PL-086 and rip all stickers, cards or photos which it has left on the walls. At the same time if the subject requests they must keep the conversation going. Visual hallucinations (at least for now not observed) should be described in detail by the confronter when cleaning up the mess that the subject left, even if it would result in interruption of the conversation or death.

Before confrontation member of class D personnel must be treated by measures allowing him to maintain a sober mind and understand weight of taken actions described in detail in Guidelines #1.

Also, it must be remembered, that because of SCP-PL-086 ability to freely manipulate visual values of the environment, it is recommended to make weekly cleaning only assisted by the project lead staying outside of the house who will be checking member of class D personnel state of mental health (by way of questions and answers) regularly. It is also recommended — as far as possible — to create documentation of the inside of the house possessed by the object.

Attic of the building must stay close regardless of research staff curiosity. If one member of the O5 Administration will consider that attic visit is necessary they will issue a statement. This rule applies to a lesser extent in case of the basement which staff can examine but no longer that three (3) minutes a day performing necessary documentation (if the object will allow this).

In case of getting in to area of influence of SCP-PL-086 by unauthorized persons by the O5-██ Administrator order is expected to apply Procedure 086-KL.


Photo #2; green print is probably outline of a thin human figure, presumably visualisation of the SCP-PL-086

Description: SCP-PL-086 belongs to the group of the so-called conspiratorial objects (with which the Foundation has to deal since 17██). Its purpose is to disclose and disseminate materials collected by the Foundation, which can threaten its structure, employees and functioning. It is not known what causes the hatred of the conspiratorial objects, though it possible that their envy applies to events from the past which only they remain aware of.

SCP-PL-086 has the ability to stick stickers, reports and photos of the objects caught or which will be captured by the Foundation on inside of the house. It also can freely manipulate contents made by itself, besides it can appear under any form. Documentation of future subjects is not possible because if SCP-PL-086 wants to, it is [CLASSIFIED]. The object never admitted to wield abilities allowing it to manipulate space-time.

With all firmness it was declared that the object is sentient and is capable to leave the house if it finds any gap. At the same time it was calculated that its reaction time is 20 seconds after noticing a change in external structure of the containment cell. That fact allows members of class D personnel to enter and exit the building.

Primarily the house was inhabited by Mr. and Mrs. C██████████ which after year move out because of "mold threatening the building's structure" (according to an extract from the report of the technician examining the house). After week Mr. C████████ unexpectedly stand on the doorstep of the Foundation flooded with tears and said aloud "I know what you did to that [DATA EXPUNGED]" (If anybody in any report decides to reveal so detailed data consequences will be pulled out — O5-██). That man received a class-B amnestics and Agents started procedures of containing the object.

Prepared at that time Report #1 (Agent ██████):

We haven't been authorized to enter the building's area. Through the window we observed what come: first floor has a hallway (~ 10 meters long), kitchen (~15 squares meters surface), toilet (~6 squares meters surface) and living room (~25 squares meters surface).

Second floor has a bedroom (~17 squares meters surface) and two rooms with unidentified function (~22 and ~19 squares meters surface); also there is empty space which has a function of seating area (~10 squares meters surface).

One window on attic doesn't show anything expect dark interior though the sun's rays falling towards it.

Walls and floors of every mentioned floor (expect attic — in that case we aren't sure) are covered by many densely spaced pages and photos with unknown contents. Almost all construction is cover by mold and mushrooms and there are traces like a residue of burning. It's a mess, falling off plaster, scattered chairs and household items are visible.

Conclusion: It requires intervention from research staff or class D personnel to establish more accurate properties and/or functions of the object.

As a result of desire to further recognition and by following suggestions from Agent ██████ a member of class D personnel was sent. Classification and some of the subject properties have been established with the help of Dr. █████████ who dealt with the conspiratorial objects in the past.

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