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Item #: SCP-PL-121-J

Object class: Injoke

Special Containment Procedures: The subject is under constant observation by Daniel Asheworth. The subject resides in an adapted terrarium in Biological Site-14.


SCP-PL-121-J seeing Director Asheworth.

Description: The subject is a male turtle specimen in excellent physical condition.1 Biologically, it is fully functional and shows no deviation from the norm.

SCP-PL-121-J has real-time knowledge of the exact location of Daniel Asheworth, director of Site-120.2 The subject appears to use this knowledge3 and will continually travel towards Daniel Asheworth4 as much as physically possible logically possible regardless of the physical capabilities of an ordinary turtle and assumed rules of logic.5

Daniel Asheworth, thus designated as SCP-PL-121-1-J,6 makes continuous attempts to escape from SCP-PL-121-J.

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