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Item #: SCP-PL-126

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-126 is to be kept within a closed room which has been adapted to the dimensions of item to cary out testing and maintenance procedures.

The right hand of SCP-PL-126 must be concealed within a container constructed of damage-resistant material. This container may only be opened if permission has been granted by personnel of Level 5 Security Clearance. Unauthorized personnel who access SCP-PL-126 will be strictly reprimanded.

By order of the 16.10.2016 project lead, SCP-PL-126 was transported to Dimensional Containment Area 02, where it currently remains in containment.

Personnel requirements: According to the ordinance of the project lead (Ordinance number 13-05H2 from October 12, 2016) strict requirements have been introduced regarding the access of individual personnel to specific elements of the object. Information gathered from the date of the ordinance and selected data from before the mentioned date are available only to the personnel with level 5 clearance, or if necessary to the selected personnel with level 4 clearance. At the same time, only the above-mentioned personnel are authorized to interfere in SCP-PL-126-1 and conduct research on it. Personnel with level 3 clearance are authorized to access specified part of the following document and may conduct/perform research on the structure and operation of SCP-PL-126.

Description: SCP-PL-126 is a sculpture resembling a well-built human male with a muscular posture, wearing attire similar to a mid-20th century worker. The figure is presented with proportions of 2:1 relative to the usual size of a man. In SCP-PL-126's left hand it holds a massive blacksmith hammer, while the right is placed in a welcoming gesture. Analysis showed no irregularities in the statue's composition. SCP-PL-126 is composed of material characterized by unusual hardness, reaching 7.4 points on the Mohs scale, despite the fact that it physically resembles a gray marble. The statue is placed on a cubic plinth constructed from the same material, with a side length of 90 centimeters [cm]; on the plinth was carved a phrase "Да здравствует Господин!" ("Da zdrawstwujet Gospodin!", eng. "Long live the Mister!").

Touching the right hand of the SCP-PL-126 allows it to teleport the person who touched it to a dimension designated as SCP-PL-126-1 (reality Epsilon-Gamma-11). The teleportation occurs suddenly, and is accompanied by a sound similar to high pressure air being blown out and a short flash of bright white-colored light. Thermal analysis showed no change in object or environment temperature. The flash spreads to maximum of 3 meters, after which the light rapidly loses brightness.

The teleportation destination are empty ruins of a building with an unknown function in which an object identical to SCP-PL-126 is located. Return to our world occurs by the same means as the teleportation to the mentioned alternate reality. The teleportation takes place only in the case of direct physical contact of the human individual with the right hand of the sculpture, teleportation of objects is possible even in the case of bulky objects, the only condition is the direct contact of the person with the teleported object. It should be taken into account that after teleportation, the person and possible object will be in the same position relative to the sculpture as it was in the initial position.

SCP-PL-126-1 is an alternate universe nearly identical to our own reality. Alternate Earth is characterized by the existence of the only one state entity called the "Union of Earth Socialist Republics" in which the main ideology is communist doctrine.

Society characteristics: Society inhabiting SCP-PL-126-1 is characterized by many unusual features. It seems that no person pays any attention to basic relationships and family values, quite the opposite — everyone treats each other with great respect and devotion. People do not have any private goods, the urban infrastructure mainly has open houses where residents can spend any amount of time anywhere. There are no conflicts at the same time, the society itself seems to be very peaceful; law enforcement agencies do not exist, there are never conflicts between individuals. Social stratification does not take place. Main and the most important part of social life is work that everyone does and at the same time everyone is dedicated to their duties, despite the same payment regardless of their profession. It should be mentioned that special vouchers, almost identical to known "ration stamps", are obtained as payment, with which all necessary items and food is purchased. An interesting fact is that citizens apparently do not benefit from having an excessive amount of the goods, in the case of surplus they give them to people with deficiency or to special collection points.

The concept of trade is not used. Trade of goods is based on free delivery to designated points and between different places in the world. Due to the lack of interest in profit and non-use of means of payment, many branches of the economy, transport and technology have developed. It is estimated that Earth in SCP-PL-126-1 is 30 years ahead of our society, although technology is mostly focused around the manufacturing and mining industries. It is worth mentioning that the international language is the form of Russian with slight grammatical and lexical changes.1

The information obtained so far indicates that in 2001 according to the calendar of SCP-PL-126-12 there was the so-called "Great Revolution" which resulted in the complete removal of the capitalist system and social inequality, as well as the initiation of a global dominance of communist ideology. During that time the profanation of the remains of all leaders of communist regimes argued by their "corruption by temptation of personal profit and destruction of the good name of communism" was to be carried out, during the revolution a mysterious event known as the "Western Purge" took place. Interestingly, in the possessed historical sources, apart from describing the positive effects and widespread glorification (often considered comical), the details of the "Great Revolution" were not included, although it can be concluded that it was violent and relatively fast.3

The precursor of the "Great Revolution" and significant person was to be "Gospodin"4 — a man unknown by name who caused the revolution and of which he was an active member, and probably the leader.

"Gospodin" due to his significant role in the Epsilon-Gamma-11 has been designated as SCP-PL-126-2. Physically he is portrayed as a well-built, muscular, short-cut, wearing a worker's outfit. The attributes of this personage are often a sickle and a hammer or a massive red banner, which are the standard symbols of communism.

SCP-PL-126-2 is the personification of an ideal worker, which is to be emphasized by his outfit and presenting him as an active person working together with the people. "Gospodin" is depicted on many posters and monuments, usually in proud positions or showing activities at work, as well as typically propaganda — reaching out to another person, presenting his attributes.

According to propaganda "Gospodin", as mentioned above, works together with society and travels around the world meeting with people and looking after the effects of the revolution he caused. Practically every citizen wants to meet this individual to a large extent. Obtained data does not allow to determine the origin and biography of "Gospodin", most likely these are inaccessible or intentionally hidden. At the same time, the character himself is mysterious by his existence — it is not known if he is an independent leader or has assistants. The propaganda apparatus carried out by the society itself effectively spreads the image of "Gospodin" and constantly builds his legend based on work, perseverance and the desire for the good of the whole society from the point of view of a simple worker. Nevertheless, the citizens themselves are not behind the propaganda campaign and it itself is apparently controlled by unknown entities. The Foundation's position and effective concealment of essential facts in Epsilon-Gamma-11 did not allow establishing the source of propaganda activities and entities responsible for them, their existence is practically not excluded.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that all depictions of "Gospodin" show only simple sketches of his face.

Addendum: According to the project lead's ordinance, it was decided that the Foundation's interference in the Epsilon-Gamma-11 society should be limited to the necessary minimum due to the research value of observing a self-developing society.

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