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Item #: SCP-PL-144

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object SCP-PL-144 is to be isolated from any source of electromagnetic field ranging from 10 to 750 nanometers.1 Minimum size of containment chamber is 1x1x2 meters. Walls of the containment chamber are to be made from at least 10-centimeter layer of concreet and layered with 30-milimeter thin layer of lead. Furthermore, interior of containment chamber should be devoid of items reflecting light, and walls are to be painted with black, dull paint. Entrance to the containment chamber has to be a sluice limiting light not originating from the chamber.

There should also be at least one identical room directly neighbouring with the object's containment cell in the Facility. Room will be used as a spare containment cell in case of contamination of the proper cell by a substance reflecting light, or emitting light from the spectrum of visible and UV light. Both cells are to be connected with an airlock enabling the transportation of the object. Except from the containment cell Facility is also to be geared with a 40x40x190 centimeters case, which walls are to be made from lightproof material, as well as covered in paint on the inside. This case is used to transport object between Sites and containment cells, or containing it in case when both containment cells are damaged.


SCP-PL-144 without a user inside.

Inside the containment cell of SCP-PL-144 it is permissible to use apparatus using electromagnetic waves not within the spectrum of visible, or UV light.

It is forbidden to make any form of contact with instances SCP-PL-144-1 and SCP-PL-144-2, as well as executing experiments with object SCP-PL-144 because of the execution by the order [REDACTED] from the 10.04.2021 until further notice.

Description: Object is an analogue VR suit made by the VPL Research company, "The DataSuit". Suit consists of a helmet with vide VR googles, blue and black foam coverall coating to the whole body, analogue motor sensors and black cables poking through the helm and sensors affixed to the coverall. The suit generates weak, violet coloured light. Object is sensitive to electromagnetic waves in wavelength spectrum from 10 nanometers to 730 nanometers, including these made by the item. Contact with too powerful waves will lead to the material of the object slowly burning out.

After putting on the suit, mind of person being inside is transported to an alternate dimension, designated as SCP-PL-144-1. When user is in the suitup, physic attributes of the object change. Object alongside its user stop interacting with material objects, moving through encountered objects, which prevents anyone to take the suit off the user inside.

When tester is moving inside of the dimension, their organism mimics those moves in the real body, without changing its position. In case when floor is removed, Object will float in the primary location. After abandoing the suit by tester, all its anomalous capabilities fade out.

Every instance of SCP-PL-144-1 is unique. Dimensions vary in structure, time outside of the dimension to time inside of it ratio, as well as potential effects exerted on user. Tester is released from the suit both in the moment of achieving the goal appointed to him in the dimension, as well as losing. Tester located inside the suit can experience physical harm, however those depend strictly on specification of a particular instance of SCP-PL-144-1.

Instance SCP-PL-144-2 is a humanoid existing only inside SCP-PL-144-1. Object has grey, one-colored skin and white, iris and pupil lacking, eyes. Being levitates and wears about 3-meters long gray robes, which due to levitation, don't disturb object in movement. Being's face lacks wrinkles and facial features, it looks like theatrical mask. Object does not have hair. Height of the being is evaluated at about 2 meters. Object seems to show some interest to user. Creatures located inside of dimensions never don't pay attention to SCP-PL-144-2, there occured situations, when they moved through object. The being is not aggresive, it sometimes communicates with the user.

On day 17.03.2021, during the second entry inside SCP-PL-144-1, Research Android R-21-781 registered first citizen of the dimension making interaction with SCP-PL-144-2. This citizen was a little boy, with latino skin colour and black hair. Boy, just as SCP-PL-144-2, was ignored by creatures surrounding him. Boy was talking with the phantom. Both beings ignored R-21-781.

Log of Experiments featuring SCP-PL-144:


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