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Item #: SCP-PL-149

Threat Level: Blue

Object Class: Safe


Photo of SCP-PL-149

Special Containment Procedures: The object due to it being a part of a building cannot be relocated, therefore, the subject is guarded by two guards changing every 6 hours. The object can be available to Foundation personnel for recreational purposes.

Description: SCP-PL-149 is a cinema auditorium and projection room showing anomalous properties. The object is located in the Cinema "Tęcza" in Warsaw, the auditorium is designated with number 7, it has 10 rows 15 seats each. The screen has dimensions of 24x18 m.

The anomaly activates when a jpg, jpeg or png file is launched on the laptop in the projection room. Then the screen activates and starts to display 30-minutes-long commercial block, containing commercials displayed in nearby auditoriums. After the end of the commercial block a movie, which tells about the object in the picture, is displayed, tests showed that film genre and its length is chosen based on the past of the person or object. In about 3/4 of the duration of the film, a voice coming from seat 14 can be heard, interrupting with its opinion about the film, the object seems to be aware of the Foundation's activities and existence. This voice was identified as SCP-PL-149-1, it probably belongs to an older man.

Addendum 149-1:

Experiment supervisor: Prof. Koźmiński
Object on the photo: bathtub
Film genre: documentary
Film's plot: The film was a document about bathtubs manufacturing. The film depicted from the materials reaching the factory until delivery of the bathtub to the store, the film also included interviews with employees.
Comment of SCP-PL-149-1: "You would need a million of such bathtubs to wash your dirts away"
Note: Factory workers don't remember anyone ever being with a camera there.

Experiment supervisor: Prof. Koźmiński
Object on the photo: D-8364, female, 38, Caucasian, sentenced for serial murders
Film genre: horror
Film's plot: The film showed history of D-8364 from the perspective of her victim, Michał █████, 16. The film ends on murder of a victim in the subway, monologue of D-8364 and capture of her by the police.
Comment of SCP-PL-149-1: "You are no better yourself, but you're doing this in white gloves for science"
Note: Practically 100% of the film except things that cannot be confirmed, such as the victim's thoughts corresponded with real events.

Experiment supervisor: Prof. Koźmiński
Object on the photo: D-1103, male, 27, Caucasian, sentenced for murder, pedophilia and rape.
Film genre: pornographic film
Film's plot: The film showed all erotic scenes from the life of D-1103, it ended on act of pedophilia and capture by the police.
Comment of SCP-PL-149-1: "He rapes her just as you rape animal and human rights"
Note: It's the only film that lasted less than an hour.

Experiment supervisor: Prof. Koźmiński
Object on the photo: D-4634, 38, African, sentenced for bank robbery with a weapon and assassination of an officer.
Film genre: action movie
Film's plot: The film starts when the main character D-4634 returns home. After traveling abroad, he is greeted by family and friends. For the first half of the film there are plans and gathering people and materials for the robbery. In the second half of the film there is a robbery and the capture of D-4634 by the police and a trial.
Comment of SCP-PL-149-1: "If he came back a little later he would find a normal job, but time will not go back"
Note: About 25% of the film about the return of the character to home does not correspond with reality, the existence of "Rhodney", a friend of the main character who handed him out to the police at the end of the film is questioned. D-4634 himself denies the existence of a person like that.

Experiment supervisor: Dr. Sosna
Object on the photo: sponge
Film genre: documentary
Film's plot: The film depicted sponge manufacturing from the beginning to the end in one of the factories.
Comment of SCP-PL-149-1: "This sponge soaks up the water just like you soak up the good of this world, and lock it in cages"
Note: Factory workers say that reporters have never been there.

Experiment supervisor: Dr. Sosna
Object on the photo: D-9909, male, 68, Caucasian, sentenced for murder.
Film genre: Episode of a pseudo-documentary
Film's plot: The film showed the investigation of the D-9909's case from the perspective of the police team. The episode ends on the capture of D-9909 and court judgment.
Comment of SCP-PL-149-1: "If not you, he would serve his sentence, rethink his life, perhaps get out due to good behavior and become a good man, but instead, he died by one of your objects."
Note: The first film from SCP-PL-149 which lasted for 30 minutes, and ads were ongoing for 15 minutes, and they are in the middle of the film, not in the beginning.

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