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Item #: SCP-PL-156

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-156 is currently held in Site 91. Inside the containment chamber of the anomaly, sheets of paper of any format and writing utensils are to be held inside SCP-PL-156's containment chamber, the materials are to be restocked when needed. Item's creations can be shared to on site personnel for recreational purposes, after a permission is gained.

Description: SCP-PL-156 is a green, 100 x 50 centimeters [cm] bath towel, made from cotton in 100%. Object has notable traces of being previously used multiple times. For most time, item does not show any anomalous properties.

Around 11:10 PM, every night, object becomes active. During such state, SCP-PL-156 acquires full autonomy; sentience and sapience have yet to be confirmed. While active, the anomaly will start searching for a writing tool and a surface on which it can write (usually paper sheets), after which it will begin writing a literary work. After finishing the writing process, the item will sign itself using the initials "B. █", and will reverse back into it's inactive state.

"Most of anomaly's literary works can be classified as "weird fiction" (subgenre of fantasy) genre. Art pieces made by the item have no anomalous properties.

Addendum PL-156.1: SCP-PL-156 was discovered on 01/22/2019 in house of PoI-PL-432 (Bartłomiej █████, male, age 19), which has been observed by Foundation, due to being a suspected member a couple of anartistic organisations, which has been later confirmed.

After the Field Agent has entered PoI-PL-432's house, He had surrendered and gave the anomaly away out of free will. After transportation of SCP-PL-156 to Site 91, Interrogation PL-156-1 has been held

Addendum PL-156.2:

Addendum PL-156.3: On 02/01/2019, SCP-PL-156 has written the work below, designated Document PL-156-12. Transcript of the document remains below.

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