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Item #: SCP-PL-160

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: Object should be contained away from sunlight in an appropriately cool place. Usage of SCP-PL-160 by personnel other than indicated is forbidden.


SCP-PL-160 in unoriginal containment.

Description: SCP-PL-160 are blue/colourless gelatin pills, containing granulated substance of colour similar to coating. Composition of granulatem substance isn't yet fully known, but the presence of hydroxycitric acid and high dose of capsaicin was shown.

Consumption of single capsule leads to metabolic changes inside consumer's body. These changes are not permament and last no more than 20 hours since consumption. Measured temperature of consumer's organism is raised in an unnaturally fast pace to about 41 deegrees Celsius. Energy needed to heat generation is drained directly from adipose tissue, causing it to degradate mass relative to calories required by mitochondria to carry out biochemical reactions. Since the thermal effect is abrupt and unnatural, organism quickly succumbs to exhaustion due to insufficient nutrition of inner organs — metabolism is directed almost to total production of heat, just like sustained temperature is causing life threat via overheating.

Consumption of two or more capsules leads to rapid generation of heat causing inner burns, occurrence of self-ignition is not a rare, however, it affects only corpses, since before that, due to impact of extreme temperatures, death caused by truncation of brain's proteins occurs. Consumption of dose less than one capsule is not causing significant effects.

Addendum 160-1: Foundation had contained two containers of SCP-PL-160 in the flat of Wiesław ██████ in Warsaw. Object's contaiment was the aftermath of a fire that took place in the area and which had begun in the denat's living room, where his burned corpse was also found. Third container of capsules was lost due to fire's impact. According to preliminary investigation, Mr. Wiesław had suffered Class II obesity.

Addendum 160-2: Leaflet found within packages with SCP-PL-160.


Special Recipe of Jarosław Zimorodek

Are you fed up with your weight? People are pointing fingers at you, children comparing to a beach ball? The easiest activities are not easy anymore?

You were trying different diets, with none goving satisfying result? Sport is unnecessary for the healthy, and not recommended for the ill? Lettuce is for rabbits? This is the remedy made especially for you!

FAT BURNER are carefully matched natural elements, allowing you to obtain the look you haven't even dreamed of! Recipe prepared by Jarosław Zimorodek himself will literally burn your fat in no time!

Dosage: No more than one capsule once for two days. Application of refrigerants and consuming a lot of liquids during consumption is recommended.

Jarosław Zimorodek and manufactory do not take responsibility for unwanted results from usage of preparation.

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