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Special Containment Procedures: The space around the entrance to SCP-PL-167 has been purchased by a Foundation cover company and the entrance to the facility is to be guarded by an assigned security guard.

Description: SCP-PL-167 is a 62.5 m long, 2 m high and 1 m wide underground corridor located in Egypt.

SCP-PL-167 is accessible via a staircase leading 3 m below the ground surface. At the end of this staircase is a thick metal door, which is impossible to open as the mechanisms to do so have been removed in the past and the door itself welded shut.

On this door there is a peephole, which is the only way to see into SCP-PL-167. It has a flap that allows it to be opened and closed. Under it there is a metal badge with two inscriptions reading "Department of Abnormalities", the first in Greek and the second in Egyptian.

The interior of SCP-PL-167 is illuminated by an unknown light source embedded in its walls, presumed to be candles due to the nature of the light. A small chair is visible at the end of SCP-PL-167.

SCP-PL-167 exhibits two anomalous properties:

  • looking inside SCP-PL-167 through the peephole causes a weak desire in the observers to verbally describe its contents, in each case when a person creates this description they mention the presence of a humanoid shadow near the chair in SCP-PL-167;
  • SCP-PL-167's walls seem to slowly crumble every time someone looks inside.

Addendum: A security guard stationed at SCP-PL-167 reported the occurrence of an unnaturally prolonged sound of wood breaking, combined with wheezing and most likely breathing, all emanating from SCP-PL-167.

Upon inspection of the interior of SCP-PL-167 by a security guard, it appeared that the chair located there had disappeared. On the floor where the chair had been, there was now an unidentified object, roughly resembling a small square sheet of paper.

After these events, the anomalous properties of SCP-PL-167 disappeared.

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