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Item #: SCP-PL-173

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: The control cultivation of SCP-PL-173 was created in research purposes and is run by the Biologic Site PL-31. Aside from the system, which provides the optimal conditions for the subject growth, the main room must also be equipped with Class II soundproof security, including an entry floodgate. The staff assigned to collect samples from the cultivation and taking care of it must wear earmuffs which construction completely muffles all sounds.

Three natural areas of SCP-PL-173 living were ordered to stay under the Foundation control in bound intact state. Securities against access of unauthorized persons were used. These securities consisted of fences and monitoring systems. All specimens of SCP-PL-173-1 have been covered by AUD-60 type container. In case of damages to the container structure, the container must be replaced by a new one. Similarly like in case of the control cultivation, the staff entering area must use a hearing protection — this action having the preventive purpose of protecting the staff against possible SCP-PL-173-1 influence.

Any other habitat of SCP-PL-173 must be destroyed, while making sure that the subject won't take up this area again.

Persons who were accidentally exposed on SCP-PL-173-1 influence must be immediately brought under medical observation combined with an appropriate antifungal therapy.


Part of SCP-PL-173.

Description: SCP-PL-173 is before unknown genus of multicellular organism showing features of belonging to the Fungi kingdom.

SCP-PL-173 has a body in form of underground thallus which is typical for a fungus. This organism eats by mycorrhizae with any species of tree growing in place of that fungus growth. Mature thalli create the pour characterized by big occupied areas reaching up to more that 100 m2.

On a soil surface, SCP-PL-173 produces the characteristic biological structure named SCP-PL-173-1. These subjects are anatomically adapted to catching air blasts and transforming them into sound waves of specific tone and intensity. That specification depends on an actual wind power which make their functioning similar to simple aerophonic instruments. From that reason SCP-PL-173 is mostly found in places where are regular, and frequent winds blows such as mountain slopes, and sea quays.

Action of SCP-PL-173 was classified as example of the audiochoria.1

Hearing sound waves coming from SCP-PL-173-1 outlets causes the fungal infection of ear canal soft tissue called SCP-PL-173-2. Researches confirmed that the infection appear irrespective of the anomaly acoustic wave sound tone or sound intensity. The anomaly doesn't manifest on recordings, similarly the sound transformed into a vibration didn't cause infection.

The growing fungal organism causes: strong inflammation, burdensome pain, hearing impairment, and dizziness. Symptoms become stronger with further fungus growth. Autopsy was conducted on the dead tester body. The autopsy showed that fungus grows into outer ear tissue on 12 mm depth into the body. The mycelium of that fungus created characteristic pale grey fuzz on the ear canal surface.

The fungal organism will start producing spores when it achieves an appropriate stage of growth (after 3-5 days). After turning mature (it's taking about 2 days), spores leave the sporangium and the body of infected subject. SCP-PL-173-2 infection will continue existing and producing new spores.

Taking appropriate antifungal drugs will stop the spreading of the infection, while after approximately 3 weeks of properly conducted treatment (describe in 173-MED document) fungal cells will gets completely destroyed. Medical treatment also consisting physical removal the hyphae of the fungus is helpful in advanced state of infection, and it doesn't allow spores to grow back. In order to cure effects of inflammation and avoid non-anomalous complications, the recovery period should last no longer that 2 weeks. Going through this infection doesn't give any immunity on SCP-PL-173-1 effect.

The psychoactive effect of SCP-PL-173 (see Addendum 173-A) was confirmed. The subject mycelium, and SCP-PL-173-1 structure contains █████████, █████, and few unrecognized substances. The highest concentration of these substances is in the mycelium, SCP-PL-173-1 tissue contain only trace amounts. In the body of SCP-PL-173-2, these substances weren't found. When this substance has entered the body, after 10 minutes, it will trigger visual, and auditory hallucination which can last up to 1 hour. After the hallucinations end, persons who took extract with psychoactive substance of SCP-PL-173 reported symptoms characteristic of synaesthesia state. Testers claimed that the music cause individual smell, and chromestetic experience to them. What incentives, negative or positive depend on person individual musical preferences — for example, at one of the testers, it induces nice breeze, fresh air, and softer colours of surroundings, while in other cases on the contrary: music makes an impression of heaviness, boring, and making nausea.

All symptoms of synaesthesia disappear after substances (metabolic products) are excreted from the body.

Notes: The Foundation attempts to neutralize SCP-PL-173-1 subject in early process of containing, that cause wither of ██% SCP-PL-173 possessed by the Foundation. Was discovered cause of fast withering, it's caused by separation SCP-PL-173-1 from the mycelium. This occurrence was used during neutralization of the organism wild habitats, but simultaneously it forced the Foundation personnel to use special protecting measures from the subject activity, which are connected with SCP-PL-173-1 protection.

Addendum 173-A

Foreword: SCP-PL-173 is a subject of interest for at least two Groups of Interest which are aware of the organism's existence and properties independently from the Foundation. Both groups motives are apparently different, it was concluded by discovery interesting on different subject properties characteristic for each GoI activity.

Short characteristics of confrontation with GoI-571-20
(''Polish Anomalous Mushroom Picking Association'')

The confrontation was occurring in 2016 July. At that time the unknown, unauthorized men manage to get through security of SCP-PL-173 habitat. That intruder had the protection against SCP-PL-173-1 negative effects. He had been digging in ground and collected the mycelia to the before prepared container. The staff had been sent to capture the intruder, he was detected by the staff. This action caused him to attempt escape. The unauthorized men was captured and identified as Włodzimierza T. living in ███████, West Pomeranian voivodeship. During pursuit the men lost his hearing protection and was exposed on SCP-PL-173-1 effects. The test showed that he had SCP-PL-173-2 infection. After that, the intruder was put in supervision in order to heal the infection, and make interrogation; connection with GoI-571-20 was discovered.

During capturing of Włodzimierz T., aside from common personal things, were found following stuff:

  • Shear scissors for cutting metal
  • Pincers
  • Plastic earplugs
  • Industrial earmuffs (Notes: mentioned hearing protections won't give full mute separately, that's why both type of protection were used)
  • The metal entrenching tool/shovel
  • The tactical knife, obviously from army surplus
  • The plastic container containing about 200 grams of local soil with SCP-PL-173 thallus
  • The area map in 1:1000 scale with own notes

Also in the intruder pocket was found letter and leaflet, both folded several times:

The interrogation didn't show others reasons of intrusion that gathering specified SCP-PL-173 amount. After the Włodzimierz T. interrogation, he had taken F class amnestic agents, and was released. The operation which goal was to detect PZGA facility, in which the men was assigned and where he planned to deliver stole subject, started.

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