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Item#: SCP-PL-183
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation-operated bot is searching the Internet for mentions of SCP-PL-183, occurrences of such are to be catalogued, and their authors tracked down, interrogated, and treated with class 6G amnestics. Deletion of said materials is not necessary as Cover Story Beta-44 ("Urban Legend") is in effect. Materials associated with SCP-PL-183 recovered this way are available from Site-154's Archive with permission.

Any car accidents that may have been caused by a manifestation of SCP-PL-183, while uncommon, are to be examined. If anomalous association is confirmed Cover Story Epsilon-7 ("Vehicle Skid") is to be put in effect, and associated people are to be treated with class A6 amnestics.

Members of Mobile Task Force Chi-11 "Autostrada do nieba" (Highway To Heaven) in law enforcement in areas with SCP-PL-183 manifestation chances are to contain SCP-PL-183 as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-PL-183 is a black sports car, thought to be fully autonomous. The object does not have any marking that could be used to identify it, such as a number plate, or a brand logo. The object is capable of accelerating to speeds of approximately 200 kilometers per hour [km/h] in a short amount of time, usually less than a few seconds.

SCP-PL-183 manifests at random intervals on unfrequented roads, mostly ones passing through forests, in podkarpackie and świętokrzyskie voivoideships, Poland. Manifestation and demanifestation is accompanied by a short burst of lightblue light.

Manifestations usually take place at night, during heavy rain, often with accompanying lighting strikes. It is currently unknown whether the manifestation of the object is the cause of these weather conditions, or sipmly its manifestation chances are increased by them.

During manifestations SCP-PL-183 will beat a short distance, after which it will demanifest. Pale, bright blue light streaks appear behind the subject as it drives.

Addendum PL-183.1: SCP-PL-183 was discovered because images and videos of it began appearing on the Internet, and the object itself quickly gained a status of a urban legend, although not a popular one. In order to mislead the public knowledge of the object these recordings have been left untouched and effort are made to maintain this status of the object.

Addendum PL-183.2: On 06.08.2013 a user of the polish version of the Parawatch Wiki (GoI-1119) published a video recording portraying an incident with SCP-PL-183. Transcript follows.

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