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3/PL-186 LEVEL 3/PL-186
Item #: SCP-PL-186

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-186 must be covered with a synthetic sheet and be located in a steel box, cushioned with protective materials in order to protect the object from mechanical damage. The object must be secured in a safeguarded containment cell, which can only be opened by an access code and biometric scan of a qualified employee.1

Entry to space Extra-5 is only permitted after receiving permission from the O5 Council. All personnel entering the space must first undergo training in comprehension and tolerance of multidimensional space.

Once every 15 days, the selected staff member2 must inspect the current contents of the space Extra-5 and compare it to the information recorded in the Foundation database, determining any changes that might have occurred. Once the process is complete, Class B amnestics are to be applied to the selected staff member. In case of full or partial failure of the process, the memory erasure procedure is to be repeated using memetic means.

The creation of new visual copies of "Object #8" is prohibited. All existing visual copies of "Object #8" and uncensored photographs of them must be immediately destroyed.

The dissemination of information originating from space Extra-5 is prohibited.

Description: SCP-PL-186 is a statue made of an unidentified material of crystalline structure, visually resembling a stonelike substance. The object was originally discovered in ████ in the Louvre Museum, France. The object was then moved to the nearest available Research Facility and replaced with a visual copy.



Physical contact with the object results in the transfer of the interacting person into a
space designated as Extra-5. In the case that two individuals initiate the manifestation of this anomalous effect simultaneously or in quick succession, they are transferred to separate spaces, suggesting the existence of multiple instances of Extra-5 or the incompatibility of the location with the temporal or spatial functioning relative to our universe.


Predicted Extra-5 structure model with marked vertices.

Extra-5 is a space located within a pocket dimension, isolated from other realities and dimensional constructs. The space possess the structure of a regular five-dimensional orthoplex with the Cartesian coordinates (±, (0.±, (0.0.±1.0.0), (0.0.0.±1.0), (±1).

Attempts to transfer objects to space Extra-5 have not been successful; the current hypothesis is that it is only possible to transfer objects that are subconsciously considered as clothes. In the case of prostheses, earrings or other objects attached to the body, individuals are relocated without them; nevertheless, upon beginning SCP-PL-186 manifestation, these objects disappear and return to their original locations after the manifestation is complete.

While exploring Extra-5 space, regardless of the direction of travel, the traveller will encounter 10 items in random order, along with a placard containing written word in the form of poetry next to the items. The locations of the items (designated with the numbers #1-#10 in random order) appear to be located in the vertices of the orthoplex. The geometric structure of the location may explain the randomness of encountering the objects and exploration as a whole, because the five-dimensional nature of the space allows for movement through many complex and difficult to comprehend paths, resulting in an apparent randomness of travel. Encountering all items results in a return of the person to the place and state before coming into contact with SCP-PL-186.

Due to the inability of taking photographs inside space Extra-5, recreations of the items have been included below, along with the text located on the placards.


Access to the following information is restricted to the O5 Council and chosen personnel.

Due to potential danger and level of classification, unlocking the data is possible only after receiving prior authorization from the O5 Council or while in possession of Level 5 Clearance.

All personnel that are going to come into contact with the data must beforehand conduct a meeting with a qualified employee tasked with establishing rules of contact with the presented information.

The data is secured by a ND-3 Memetic Security Measure. Unauthorized contact will result in immediate death.

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